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“In the spirit of #buildinpublic and to get some content on this extremely new twitter account, this is the current tech stack for @HelpDeckHQ
- Website built on @carrd
- Email powered by @MailerLite
And currently exploring #nocode solutions for an online directory.”
Woody Guthrie “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.”

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This is how the inventory system looks like now.
So happy this worked out 😃


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📸 Photographers, what is annoying you the most when communicating with clients?

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I am on a mission to build a project in public that will reduce trial and error in Startupers by providing relevant knowledge.

I will post the full journey details daily, from idea generation to actual launch.

#startup #Entrepreneur #buildinpublic
Work in progress. In order to make scheduling easy using AI, I divided the users into internal and external. So external users will be able to sync their calendars but won't have any priority based rearranging like Atomic users. #buildinpublic #serverless #productivity #indiedev
What!🤯 I've just found out that @lilbite_ai was featured on App Store category pages in Palau 🇵🇼.

This is our 100th tweet! Our business is 12 days old. Cheers to building SaaS products for startups 🍻

Indie founders, SaaS founders, freelancers, new business owners - we don’t want “followers” we want connections.

Let’s connect.

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Es muy bonito crear publicaciones sobre el lanzamiento de un nuevo proyecto. Normalmente son posts cargados de optimismo, de buenas vibraciones, de buenos propósitos, de esperanzas... 🎉

⬇️ Sigue...

Pero, ¿qué pasa cuando un proyecto no funciona? ¿Lo publicamos igual? ❌ La respuesta suele ser no.

Esta semana estoy a punto de tomar la decisión de darle carpetazo a dos de mis proyectos. Más bien cambiar radicalmente la estrategia o como se dice ahora: pivotar.

Uno no ha funcionado como esperaba. El otro creo que puede funcionar mucho mejor con otro enfoque.

Me parece muy importante compartir estas experiencias con todos y todas por dos razones:

1️⃣ Puede servir de aprendizaje para otras personas.
2️⃣ Me sirve para recapitular y ser realmente consciente de lo aprendido.

🚀 Megatext is now available to download for Chrome.

Onto the next project... 😆

Feedback much appreciated!…

I have the first prototype for outpainting/inpainting editor for Still, a lot of work to do.

#buildinpublic #stablediffusion
Our users deleted their pages 😱😭

Yup, our UX wasn't great, so they did it by accident 🤷🏼‍♂️

This is why you have to talk to your customers, as we wouldn't guess that was the case.

Here is more explanation 👇🏻…

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Restlessness is when you want to start building your product for real, but you still have much to learn about #bubbleio to make it sustainable and effective.

#nocode #buildinpublic
Need your help — what's your dog's favourite toy. Currently working on some toys for the goodogz.

Suggestion something's Bellow and I'll try get made.


#HederaNFT #buildinpublic
Designed these today. I love it.

Tell me what do you think?

#SaaS #UIdesign #buildinpublic
Improved the mobile version of my crypto calendar

Do I have to build a tech product to #buildinpublic?

I don't think so.

My product is my newsletter and I'll build it in public.

Do you know any examples of "non-tech" product builders who share their journeys?

#buildinpublic #solopreneur #ContentCreator
Do I have to build a tech product to #buildinpublic?

I don't think so.

My product is my newsletter and I'll build it in public.

Do you know any examples of "non-tech" product builders who share their journeys?

#buildinpublic #solopreneur #ContentCreator
Observe some economic metrics

▶️ added charts for unemployment, interest rate, and balance sheet
▶️ added charts for Germany

Forget the #buildinpublic!
We are taking a different approach: Build With The Public 🤩

We want to build with you, so what do you think:

How shall we rate the submitted projects?
Alternate reality sales rep: 'That feeling when even small companies can afford your product on a yearly subscription because you have partnered up with Comfi.'

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Job Board Search 🔎 newsletter issue 7 has been sent 😀

This week includes a curated list (4️⃣0️⃣) of job offers 25% of them in the Web3 space.

Also a link to this week's blog post: Everything you need to know about Web 3.0 jobs 🔮

Link in comment 👇

#buildinpublic W2W #buildinpublic recap:

Impressions: +78%
Clicks: +91.6%
Pages: 479 (+23.2%)

Registered users: 8 (+60%)
Job listings: 283 (+20%)
Companies: 58 (+20%)

Payment integration:
@lmsqueezy 🎉
Nr. 1 question I got asked about hiring Ukrainians:

Do they speak English?

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: We do not recommend those who do not speak fluent English.

Here's our latest open and click rate for The Purpose - #buildinpublic - up around 5% over last month
Your journal prompt today on mindfulness - from the original quote and photograph below:
Try 10 minutes or less journaling on the following:

How are you practicing self-love and compassion today?

If you want to learn more about how a picture and a quote can inspire your journey, send me your email, and I will share my best photos and insights to help you find meaning in your life.

Over the next 15 days I’m going to build and launch a digital product. I plan to follow these steps:

- Frame the idea
- Study the competition
- Create a brand
- Build my product
- Build a Landing Page
- Pay ads to get traffic

Let’s go 🚀!

🚅 From model to dynamic physics objects in ~5 seconds* with V-HACD for web ⚡

*Results may vary 😜

Model used: Zombie Car from…

#buildinpublic #rapier #r3f #physics
👀 Bio changed

All will be revealed on Monday...

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #Webdesign sketch for later when we launch or app to easily login with QR Code.
So this is amazing!

@meetkevon is doing 2 FREE #buildinpublic workshops next week.

If you've every had any questions about building in public, make sure to register.

I'll be there as well learning from the master😅

Link below 👇
Which one should I go ahead with?

It's for a micro-saas tool for creators & teams to share resources.

#microsaas #buildinpublic
¿Qué proyectos/startups que están empezando te gustaría que triunfaran en un futuro?

#startup #buildinpublic
One of the super powers that a founder has is the decision to #buildinpublic

Thanks so much Mallory Erickson for this super inspiring conversation on the WhatTheFundraising podcast!


Full podcast:…
🥳Passed @airdevco Milestone 2 with 100% score.

💪Ready for Milestone 3.

👇Here is the Product Hunt Clone that I built on @bubble as part of Milestone 2 Task.

#bubble #NoCode #buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode @100daysnocode
A new feature is coming up for @ReceiptsC . Photo extension is in play and users does not need to open the app to create the receipt.
I'm just starting my blog. Modestly for now, but I plan to write once a week. What will you find there? Mainly my experiences and thoughts on the topic of building a startup. I aim for uncensored content. #buildinpublic
Writing lesson 3 of learn to code. This is a megasode. Trying to compress into under 90 minutes.

So pleased to hear that @Copylime helped Luca write an article for his startup in ~10 minutes 🥰

Thank you Luca, many more to come 🚀

How I used an AI copy assistant to write an article in ~10 minutes.

Starting a blog from a blank page? We've all been there.

No more blank pages with @Copylime ✍️🚀

@HivoeHQ How

Starting from a blank page is the worst experience ever, especially for a non-writer like me.

So I tried to use an AI assistant, and I selected @Copylime by @ThePeterMick
Less threads, more engaging with builders, more #buildinpublic on @AlpeAudio and

It's been a fun twitter month.
Today's one of those happy days with lots of trials! (Even if they fail later with billing errors 😅), So thankful! 🙏🏼

#buildinpublic #indiedev #iosdev #flutter #flutterdev #appstore
"The people come first, then the product."

It is applicable to both the team and the users. When you achieve this, success will always follow.

Well, that didn't take long. 400.000 images generated!

#buildinpublic #stablediffusion
Landing page update #2,204. Always iterating & improving. Lot's of new things coming soon👀 #buildinpublic
Just what I needed after a long week and right before I am about to head to bed ☺️ #buildinpublic #happyuser #nocode #saas #productivity #software #technology
On a mission to #buildinpublic a project (with under $1k budget) that helps entrepreneurs.

1⃣Step 1: Idea

As a business consultant, I had to spend dozen research hours to find knowledge I needed. Resources are indeed out there, but why should it take so much time to find them?
Hi guys! Did you get a chance to read the 'setup' thread? What are your thoughts?

I'll be glad to get your feedback about it.

#codinglife #setup #buildinpublic
Before starting to code, you need to set up your environment.

From @github to Visual Studio @code, here are a few steps to get ready to start coding.

N.B. this setup applies to macOS machines. Comment "Hi!" to this thread and I'll send you details for Windows machines too.
“I need to follow more people on Twitter.

Who are some #buildinpublic people you recommend?”
Durante las últimas 3 semanas ha sido un constante esfuerzo para dar a conocer y debo decir que diseñar y llevar acabo el producto es un reto, pero el verdadero trabajo comienza en el momento que sales al mercado.
#NoCode #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
List of metrics that can make or break a SaaS

I've compiled this list as these are the ones that'll be available in @ProductPottery initially.


Greg McKeown's book, Essentialism, highlights the sacred act of showing up every day to focus on what matters most in your life.

Here are 3 things to consider, no matter how chaotic life becomes.

Earlier this year, I ran a Google Ads campaign for Birdspotter.

Here is...

🛠️ What I did
🍿 What happened
🤔 What I learned


Influencer outreach is showing success. Getting a few old ones restarted + already have a couple new ones looking to partner. #buildinpublic
Putting the final touches on a new productized offer.

Heuristic Audits for SaaS-enabled businesses in Healthtech and Life Sciences.

Stay tuned!

#buildinpublic #uxdesign #healthtech
Tweetsmash update!

Now you can see the bookmarked replies for discussions in a single place! 🤩

Soon to be in live! 🔥

When do we vote for #buildinpublic for anyone in a political position?
Creators, what is the best app development tool you have so far used?

#indiehackers #buildinpublic #creator #startup
Should that be, above the profile photos:

"Makers that recently joined"
"Join other makers building the future"
"Join other kick-ass makers"
"Legends that just signed up"

Which one do you think is better?

My mindset is that I know I won't be the best at it in the beginning but I know I can get good at anything if I put in enough time. 🙌

Did a quick check: generating the test files works pretty well!

But the beta tester’s app uses drag and drop behaviour so I need to add events for that 🤦‍♂️

Laravel comes with a variety of global "helper" PHP functions that make your life easy.
What is your favorite laravel helper method? 🤔
#Laravel #buildinpublic
Successful Startups Do's and Don'ts

Do: Have a clear vision and strategy
Do: Distinguish your startup from the competition
Do: Empathize with your target market
Do: Be persistent
Do: Be open to feedback

What Do's would you add to it?

Ready for the Don'ts? 👇

I'm building a Chrome Extension to help indie hackers show their projects in a beautiful way 👀

• Preview websites on different devices
• Custom backgrounds
• Nice-looking screen recordings (coming soon)

Reply with 👋 for free and early access!

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Are there any communities out there for freelance developers?

(Support, troubleshooting code etc)

#freelance #maker #buildinpublic #SoftwareEngineer
Cool perspective giving Quora answer on how hiring and managing vendors efficiently is a more important skill set to learn for entrepreneurs than what traditionally was thought to be around hiring and managing people.…

#business #buildinpublic #startups
What do we think about building in public and sharing our product roadmap? 🗺

Companies like @buffer and @github openly share their product plans.

I think doing so let’s people know the product is alive and improving.

What will generate for you? 🤖

Remember to add your own touch to the inspiration for the ultimate best results ✨

@MandarinWtZeng @tweetai_com Wow AI is generating some good content 😅
#buildinpublic update:

Have onboarded 6 beta customers from 3 different industries so far

Handful of demos booked the coming week

From reaching out to 400 leads

Marketing is a 😅 race for founders
MMR, ARR, whatever... I admit $ is motivating 🤑

But when I received this DM was a terrible productivity boost for me 🚀🚀🚀

We makers love that our products are helpful / useful 🤩

(I hope Job Board Seach 🔎@jobboardsrch helps you to find a job 😀)


FOUNDERS IN LONDON: we are planning to go do some VR games at this Sunday at 12:00pm and we got a few vacant spots to fill! Is anybody down to join us?🦄🤗🤖

#entrepreneurship #london #vr #tech #startups #founders #buildinpublic
“Living in the Metaverse will be stress free”

The Metaverse:
To wrap up; I experienced the power of being present transparently on social media and the importance of getting feedback.

Dear @jspector, thanks a lot again for your time and valuable feedback!

#buildinpublic #newsletter #onlinewriting #solopreneurship
Please roast my @nexsnap's banner for the google play store 😂 #buildinpublic
Everyone talks about the first-mover advantage but not enough people talk about the second-mover advantage. What is it?

#indiehackers #appsumo #appsumodeals #buildinpublic #makerbox #freelancer #saas #startup
There are two things first you try to copy and learn how they did it and then you create with that knowledge and also with your creativity = Final Product.

But first, you have to know how to COPY.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
I think this is the most useful library. Checkout once.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
@webflow Looking a lot fuller already, thank you! Grab it here if you'd like a copy:…
Finally converted my @bubble app into a chrome extension! 🎉

I called it SimpleTask, a no-fluff to-do list app!

Thanks to @Shankar_19 for helping me edit the error I had on the JSON file. 🤝

#buildinpublic #NoCode #builtonBubble
I am still yet to understand when some #devs say "After using TypeScript , I am not writing JavaScript anymore". Is not JS inside TS with some added 'sugar' ? #typescript #javascript #tech #100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic #coding
What is something that you have always wanted to do in software? It could be something you've already achieved, or on your to-do list.

Mine was to create software that millions of people use in their day-to-day life.

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
Took a break yesterday 💤

Now I'm back to work on my next #Notion resource

Stay tuned for updates!

#notiontwt #buildinpublic
I used react-beautiful-dnd for this feature. Done in 1 hour 🤩

You can now reorder your habits 🔃

💡Tip: Organize them in the order you want to complete them.
Going to the basics is the best way to overcome creative blocks.

Here’s my set of actions:

✏️ Draw something random
🗣 Talk with a stranger
🚶🏼 Take a long walk
🔥 Read a story

What’s your approach to this? #buildinpublic #nocode #bubble
An important part of the launch on @ProductHunt - profile changes 🔥

Quick tip: there's never too much content on the launch day 🚀

P.S. I'll appreciate your support, link in the 1st comment

Thinking of adding ads to @flipclockweb should I go for google ads or partner with other for promotions?
To fetch an API in @Android app I decided to use retrofit instead of volley because in @github retrofit has 40.6k stars and 7.2k forks. Where volley has 3.2k stars and 750 forks. 😛 #buildinpublic
What exciting changes do you think #web3 will bring to creators and entrepreneurs?

#entrepreneurlife #twitterdaily #tweet100 #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic means taking feedback to improve.

@patmillershow is my weekly chat for #smallbusiness and #entrepreneurs. I wonder what you think?

Would you mind sharing your thoughts?:
Follow be as I #buildinpublic a competitor to ProductHunt 😬

Here is the first mock up 🤩

What do you like and dislike about it?