I devote 1-2 hours a day learning about #web3. It's so early in this space that there is always something new to learn. #buildinpublic #web3community #diversityandInclusion
My now usual weekend away from the laptop.

Sure I still have pangs of missed time & opportunity but I reckon I benefit from it during the week.

I might even go back to working weekends if it suits but I'll keep a closer eye on my energy levels.

At school: Study this

At work: Work on this project

Financial independence: It's up to you to learn and choose

We are not prepared for this, but when we manage to make the turn. Life takes on a different flavor

#growthhacking #buildinpublic #financialindependence
How to tell your product story to everyone?

Often we try answer every question someone might have while #marketing our products.


❌ Great positioning isn’t about telling

✅ It’s about intriging people to ask questions.

A few design updates this morning 🎨
Take a look 👉
🚨 Update on ChirpTag! #buildinpublic

✅ User Journey
✅ Potential Pages
✅ Functional Flow
✅ Database Design

⚡️ Time for the fun part! Design ;)
Lanzamiento Doble! 🚀 🍕

Ayer, después de un porrón de meses, vieron la luz 2 cosas que me hacían una ilusión tremenda.

Ya está aquí, ✨ mi casita en internet ✨

Y la acompaño de un poco de #buildinpublic para explicar todo 👇
Did a real-life #buildinpublic stint with this silly sand fort on my beach day out as people around me looked on my making journey. Also, #nocode was involved in making this 😜
Just bought the domain TweetCounty .com !

What do you think this is going to be? 😄

Your best work happens when you’re happy, having fun, and ideally laughing a lot. Surround yourself with positive people in life, business, startups, everything.

#startup #buildinpublic
Folks, need your help. A designer just finished designing logos for Which is better: with .com or without?
#domains #buildinpublic #development
Day 4 of #buildinpublic so far 1pm

crating logo for @spinwheelpopups

this is what i made what do you think?
Day 3 of #buildinpublic: Started working on the web app from where the user can create these widgets and get the code to be added to the website

I am so rough will improve

Ps: Also went to play football after many years so was a fun Saturday
Day 2 of #buildinpublic: - Build backend to fetch data from the database to personalize the widget for the user and design how the app will look and database structure
Day 1 of #buildinpublic: - Build a demo of the widget, build frontend

this also took some work from the previous day.

Twitter account: @spinwheelpopups
This probably will be "tagged" as over-engineering. 😂
But it is real for me.

When I imagine my ideal users who use SparkLand.
Hopefully, he or she will sense that energy.

What you build reflects what you believe.

Burn this post or Save it?

#buildinpublic #web3
This summer we will launch Stori. Can’t wait to meet you all on web3 social finally! #buildinpublic #Token #WomenInNFTs #nf
@iAbheejit Also, we have internships/job opportunities for EVERYONE. We will be announcing the process for that in the coming week!

#SDG4 #opensource #buildinpublic #AI4Good
@iAbheejit Not just that, we're expanding the prize pool and announcing 4 special prizes. There were some phenomenal projects and we want to ensure them get the recognition they deserve!

#SDG4 #opensource #buildinpublic #ai4good
@iAbheejit So glad to share that we're finally announcing the winners of the competition today!

#SDG4 #opensource #buildinpublic #ai4good
What job boards you use to search jobs?

I am currently working on curating job boards for different job roles/countries for one of my Ph.D project, so looking for recommendations.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
New feature on #LinkedIn 👀

You can now add a CTA button that redirects to your website at the top of your profile.

1. Click on edit profile
2. Add your URL and conversion text
3. Done ✅

How to get GDPR complaint?

want to add it to the website landing page for better conversions

I got the feedback from the customer who churned recently.

And the reason was what I’ve guessed: it’s about newsletters & RSS feature.

I offered him to keep the pro plan until he’s happy to pay. Meanwhile I’m giving my full focus on those 2 features 💪

Bringing good news for #SpacesHost now supports both MP4A and MP3 format for downloading Twitter Spaces Recording.

Use seamless backup with Dropbox integration feature.

@contentdrips "Tweet to carousel post" feature in action!

I turned @thejustinwelsh recent tweet into a carousel post for LinkedIn & IG by just pasting URL.

Currently it brings just text content.

Will be bringing media & quoted tweets too.

#SaaS #buildinpublic #contentcreation
🚨 Update on ChirpTag! #buildinpublic

⚡️I start with the planning phase which includes:

✅ Creating time chunks of each process
✅ If process time exceeds 30 mins, divide it into chunks

🎁Next Step: The User Journey!

Want to see my build process? Simply follow! :D
I was researching on Internet... how to run focus group?
And... I discovered this commercial from @Toyota

Wow! Your new product needs to earn attention first, not features. 😂

So should you #BuildInPublic?

Not if you're only looking for marketing and get some early users.

Nathan says its not worth the effort if its not for a mission

The ROI is just not there.

A good read on the topic is a post by @arvidkahl -
You can find numbers of very young companies as they use #BuildInPublic as a marketing strategy.

You can also find numbers of very large companies, as they are publicly traded.

But there's a huge gap in the middle - from $1M ARR to IPO.

CK fills the gap
He does it because he wants to help fellow founders

He actively blogs about the wins and losses at his company

In fact, CK started as a "Web app challenge - 0 to $5k MRR"

Back in 2012

Long before #BuildInPublic trend

Read the origin story…
None of ConvertKit's competitors share these numbers publicly.

Most companies that #BuildInPublic stop sharing numbers after reaching the $1M revenue mark.

At that stage, sharing is more harmful than beneficial.

Nathan Barry knows this.

Still he does it.

Do you #BuildInPublic?

Why do you do it?

To build an audience? to market your product?

Nathan Barry (@nathanbarry) does it as a mission💪

He wants to leave a trail behind for future founders to learn from.

Here's how Nathan does it,

(and why you probably shouldn't )

It took me 3 minutes to design the logo and 15 min to design the website.

No dark mode!

Worked on the logo and the homepage of the Somali business directory. It did not go well! I couldn’t upload the banner for the homepage and logo size were off. Will try again tomorrow inshallah.

#buildinpublic #somalibusiness
6 steps to becoming an indie hacker

A thread🧵

#NoCode #buildinpublic #indiehacker
Thankfully, Twitter has an sdk in Typescript to use for quickly getting OAuth 2.0 with PKCE up and running.…
There is a basket of fresh bread on your head, yet you go door to door asking for crusts. — Rumi

🚨 Sunday Build: ChirpTag

⚡️ Twitter search isn't cool to find people in a certain domain! ChirpTag fixes it!

👑 Want people to find you easily?! Simply "Like" to get early access! :D

#buildinpublic #NoCode
Nothing excites me more than working on my own creations.

#buildinpublic #solopreneur
5 things indie startups do different than traditional startups.

A thread 🧵

#buildinpublic #NoCode
So... Sunday...

Time to #buildinpublic in next 24 hours 💪

Building something for the Twitter community 🔥
What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant? — Elizabeth Gilbert

Day 13 of #BuildInPublic
🛠 I’d like to share the tools I’m using for building my @NotionHQ Consultancy as part of my #BuildInPublicMastery challenge…

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my pinned 📌 tweet over the next 1-2 weeks to follow along With this adventure 👇🏻
In the early stage of validating an idea, here's what I've learned...

-I knew where potential users would 'hang out'

-I had a simple value prop that anyone could understand

-Well, not so fast

You don't know until you actually try and put your thoughts to work #buildinpublic
I love to read biographies of leaders

to see how they overcame obstacles

leveraged timing and circumstances in their favor

took risks to emerge who they became

this pushes me to do better!

🛠 Day 303 - Dark/Light Mode

Created a small test bed to run the plugin UI outside of figma.

This way I can quickly try new design ideas and see the results without opening/closing the plugin.

HMR I missed you! ♻️

@conceptual_so #buildinpublic
Want to see the inner workings of a successful venture studio?

Here is a playbook on how to build a digital venture agency which reduces risk of failure while replacing the need for funding.…

#buildinpublic #startups #playbook
☕ Cawfee Reborn update:

All the old features, minus streaks, are now added and working (streaks are being replaced maybe)

Tomorrow I add a new fancier feature, clean up code and *hopefully* deploy this to production 🎉

Desktop vs Mobile views of the dashboard

Ok #buildinpublic friends I need some help. Our platform @getpeple doesn't generate revenue and we need more scale before that really kicks in. I'm thinking of putting non intrusive ads on the platform. Even though it won't generate alot of $, ever $0.25 is a new user. Thoughts?
#opensource is the ultimate form of #buildinpublic while #NFT is the future of #Web3 🔥🔥

To grab the opportunity⤵️
⏩Follow @TukTekNFT
⏩Retweet + ❤️

💎Mint TukCars➡️

#NFTCommunity #NFTs #NFTGiveaways #NFT #NFTCollection #weekendvibes
There’s no day like ship day! Drop #6 just hit TestFlight. Very excited about this one! #buildinpublic
Drop #6 (June 25): A day overdue, but a day to remember. Lots of focus on our differentiators this week! Read more:…
The team successfully completed 4 tasks in the last 24 hours.

See details at #buildinpublic
Currently building this free Chrome extension to free up 95% memory and quickly share multiple tabs:

Stack is #vite #React and #tailwindcss

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
Just launched @SpaceBarApp

I recently started hosting Twitter Spaces events and needed to download a few recorded sessions, I found a service, but was not able to use it and out of frustration decided to solve my problem.

🧵 1/5

Download recorded Twitter Spaces.
I have found that @rocketsim_app is by far one of the easiest methods to taking simulator screenshots, videos and gifs. It's nice not to have to add any additional dependencies to my projects. #ios #indiedev #buildinpublic
#opensource is the ultimate form of #buildinpublic while #NFT is the future of #Web3 🔥🔥

To grab the opportunity⤵️
⏩Follow @TukTekNFT
⏩Retweet + ❤️

💎Mint TukCars➡️

#NFTCommunity #NFTs #NFTGiveaways #NFT #NFTCollection #weekendvibes
@BlackDave @jarrodT123 @EricSpivak @NatalieCrue @NFTland @Ezincr @sirsuhayb @frankynines @songadaymann @EclecticMethod #TYMED =teaching young minds every day @LADYDAYDAO @Byrd_Life4L @MacyGraysLife @MetaFam @opolis @Unchainfund @DevInTheLab #buildinpublic #LADYDAYDAO THERE ARE PROJECTS THAT HAVE YET TO COME OUT & there is so much that is going on2 distract you so recognize it & add anonymously
So I was meant to be building tonight as the kids seem to be sleeping OK...

But then I got sucked in by Twitter chit-chatting with lots of interesting people!

Twitter is such a wonderful and engaging platform 💫

I love Twitter.
Me when someone follows or mentions me on Twitter

The more you "pitch" your product the more ways that it can help people solve their problem(s), you'll discover

Always take up the opportunity to pitch your product.
Make sure you are doing this to its closest target market - or you will just be 'shooting blanks'
#BuildinPublic Update about my new #BuildinPublic Journal. So, meta, I know.

All the Notion builds and tweaks and updates and design projects.

Check it out! 👇🏼
#BuildinPublic Update about my new #BuildinPublic Journal. So, meta, I know.

All the Notion builds and tweaks and updates and design projects.

Check it out! 👇🏼
So, which one are you? Be honest.

Meme made after talking to @robertodigital_ 🙌

How was your friends/acquaintances reaction when you moved from job to starting something on your own ?

#startups #indiehacker #buildinpublic
🏁 It's over!

I managed to finish the development of the v0 of my landing page in 48 hours ✅

Almost 24h of active coding in the last 2 days🤘

Now I just have to create the images and illustrations and everything will be perfect!

#Developer #React #buildinpublic
Question: Do tech companies (startup, saas, bootstrapped, funded etc.) 👉 invest in #paidads?

Growth marketing - is that a thing for tech companies or mainly #socialmedia marketing and #buildinpublic?
Experimenting with some layout options for @FilmNoirApp on iPad! I like the sidebar + secondary view compared to the 3 column split view.

What do you think?

#iosdev #indiedev #ipad #buildinpublic
Working on a new file browser for so that long file paths are easier to browse.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #codereview
Great 5 ⭐ review today! Keep talking to users every day and you'll build an app your community loves #buildinpublic
If you already have a logo and a domain name, your startup is like 50% complete, right?

Make a draft of the blog post

Going to share the experience of deploying a simple Go application to the AWS cloud using terraform to check if it is valuable.

#buildinpublic #DevOps #Golang #AWS
Guests/user management functionalities added today - almost ready for beta testers! #buildinpublic #amazonadvertising #PPC
Do customers care on HOW we solve their problems? Or just the end result/solution?

#digitalmarketing #digitalagency #buildinpublic #nocode
There are essentially two things that will make you wise -- the books you read and the people you meet. — Jack Canfield

Yesterday I coded 15 hours and today I didn’t open my laptop. #buildinpublic #indiedeveloper
🙋🏻‍♀️Should kids trust parents as career advisors?

85% of workers worldwide are unhappy or downright miserable at their jobs.

A study in the International Journal of Advanced Research in 2019 found parents might be at fault...

(ongoing🧵305 #ship30for30 #math #buildinpublic )
It's better to make a mistake in choosing a framework or library and have customers.

Than choosing the right framework and having no clients. #buildinpublic
After almost one year since launch, I'm finally about to add a landing page to 😅
Main goal is to improve customer experience, with better support, FAQ & tutorials, but I'm curious to see if it will also influence conversions rate. #buildinpublic
After almost one year since launch, I'm finally about to add a landing page to 😅
Main goal is to improve customer experience, with better support, FAQ & tutorials, but I'm curious to see if it will influence conversation rate as well. #buildinpublic
Thinking about repositioning as “a method to take total control of your money”, rather than “a well designed personal finance app”. One is a pain killer, the other is a vitamin.

Apple updated Keynote w/these dynamic backgrounds, so I updated the SPACE header!

PowerPoint has to support this feature before I include it in the cards, but I'm using for marketing anyway, because it looks awesome.🔥

Come see ⏬…

#buildinpublic #space
After almost a year after I've become a @bubble developer, it's time to lay the first stone of my #buildinpublic journey! 😁

Here's the 1st iteration of Genleads' dashboard, a sales automation platform that I work on as a side project.

More to come! Let's goo! 🚀
[#buildinpublic #codinglife #Developer]

I've been struggling with APIs in Nextjs

Not the protocol itself, but to have a meaningful, extendable system where I can quickly add new endpoints fetching and modifying data.

Tried pure REST, GraphQL ...etc

Until I found @trpcio
After almost a year after I've become a @bubble developer, it's time to lay the first stone of my #buildinpublic journey.

Here's the 1st iteration of Genleads' dashboard, a sales automation platform that I work on as a side project.

More to come. Let's goo!
The best $5 a month ever spent.

For the price of a done up bagel, I got unlimited access to Focusmate sessions.

Never been more productive and giddy about my work and creative projects!
#ship30for30 #focusmate #buildinpublic #productivity
I'll fix the duplication listing and add the images in for the vehicles, I may need to add a fallback image, but may not be needed as the upload field is required. I'll have to triple-check that.

#Laravel #PHP #buildinpublic