Hey all, Curaclout is live!
Here are some first stats:
16 Submissions
20 Visits
5 Playlists
I'm working on the email-capture widget. where would you like to save the emails?

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😱 The response of the @polywork community is just amazing, and their #opportunity tab feature rocks!🎸

@aimful_io got so many great ideas and feedback on beta version. 💯

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We're excited to announce our partnership with @AfriGuild - a leading African #Web3 guild 🌍

We're looking forward to working together to accelerate #blockchain adoption and educate users about the possibilities in this space ✨

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If you want to learn more about how a picture and a quote can inspire your journey, send me your email, and I will share my best photos and insights to help you find meaning in your life. Thanks.

Your journal prompt today on mindfulness - from the original quote and photograph below:

In what ways are you viewing the landscape of your world with wonder and possibility?

1 more follower and we'll reach 200 🚀🔥

#buildinpublic community is awesome 👌

comes from all walks of people -

saints and sinners,

both are just people.

Who inspires your daily commitment to spiritual growth?

I'm keeping an eye on n8n's videos! Here's the latest!

Who else should I be watching on @youtube?

@n8n_io #automation #buildinpublic…
As a founder, the biggest learning for me has been the importance of marketing. The importance of distribution is immense.

I now feel bad for missing all those marketing classes and electives during the MBA 😞

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Current position on @producthunt #2
💪 Let's show them the Snackeet community still has it!

Go go Snackers 🔥🚀
Discover us now and share some love!
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Ya vendimos dos planes anuales de en la semana. Lo que parece ser más fácil en Argentina vender así que con planes mensuales. Será gracias a las especulaciones con el valor del dólar? #buildinpublic #startups
Happy Friday folks!

Wins so far this morning:
•5 hours working on client deliverables.
•Planned/Posted on IG + TikTok
•Prepped for a #buildinpublic Notion session this afternoon.

What's one win you’re proud of today?
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gm and Happy Friday!

Already back to work on Batch 2 of

Yesterday was light on, but I did make some changes. Heavy focus is here for Day 3

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If you #buildinpublic, a good screenshot app 📸 is one of your best investments.

I use @CleanShot and can't be happier!
Perfectly happy with the reception to the 1st email of 'Toolbox Weekly' at @theprotoolbox For the next few weeks, the focus will be on gathering more subscribers, and then 1st clean up of inactive subs will begin to bump up the open rate (targetting 40%+ for now). #buildinpublic

#buildinpublic #notion #productivity #adhd

To try and keep on top of basic things ive been using these for three weeks now. Trying to maintain daily habits and keep on top of to do lists.

Quite like having the time/weather on these :)

Anyone want them?
@rrmdp Share your general process? Ex: how you plan, how you approach problems, favorite tools, things you want to try, etc.

I think #buildinpublic includes discussing *how* we approach problems too (not just how we're getting through specific projects).
Slowly getting into useful territory here haha.

Happy to take this #buildinpublic guide for a spin ⭕️
Almost done with my Build in Public Definitive Guide 2022 upgrade.

Looking for about 10 people to take it on a spin and share feedback with me.

Anyone? 🙃
Shipped this in five hours thanks to @HainingMax

You know how on a Sunday afternoon we all get bored. Why not play the games that @jimmyfallon plays on his fantastic show @FallonTonight on @NBC? 

Introducing a prototype:

#BuildInPublic #100DaysOfCode
Rockd Air

About: Portable AR glasses with voice control AI

Topic(s): [smart glasses, lens, AR, AI, voice control]


Tags: #products #saas #tech #producthunt #kickstarter #software #buildinpublic
I've made a discovery by analysing my habits:

Every month I pass through one week at a very slow pace, then suddenly I get very productive… until another slowly-week next month.

Anyone there experiences the same?

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
Any recommends for SaaS sign-up tracking software? #buildinpublic
I am really proud of what we achieved so far during our adventure in
Building digital product is not easy but on the other hand it is extremly satisfying!

#buildinpublic #startup…
Day 7 of #buildinpublic

Designing in progress, gearing up for the release

Goals ahead:

1. Logo design, readme & copywriting
2. Push the code to GitHub
3. Make #twinimal LIVE 🚀✨

Your freedom from algorithm, ads and noise is just a few days away 😃

#saas #uiux #100daysofcode
I've arrived at the part of the password reset flow where I learning about expiring cryptographically signed tokens for the first time.

Hey #DEVCommunity 👋 Are there any best practices (or templates) when setting up CSS variables at the start of a new project?

Extracted the data fetching/posting logic into hooks and parsing logic into utility files (that are easy to unit test). Still complex but much easier to maintain, understand, debug and test:

#ReactJS #js #buildinpublic #developer
Startup day 28 - Building. Finetuning.
Last few UI improvements until I will run the next marketing campaign to get back into the feedback loop. Goal is to reach 100 sign ups.

#buildinpublic #startup
I took a 6 days break and thought "I am going to keep tweeting" while travelling. 🤔

But nothing came to my mind 🚫💡

It was impossible to tweet #buildinpublic stuff when I wasn't actually coding/making/building/shipping 👨‍💻

Is the same for you? How do you do it?
👂🏻Some real facts and figures as we continue to build rightcoverage and cut through the LinkedIn BS. Pointless graph for attention. #buildinpublic.

🔮 It took us 343 days to turn our first revenue into regular, predictable revenue. Yep, nearly a ful…
New subscription plans added 22 new use cases to handle, which I am hustling to implement today 😃

And I have my brother's wedding this weekend! 👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏼🤩

But I am not sure if we can Release 🍍 this week 😭 will you forgive me?! 😃

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Need to generate icebreakers having email addresses only?

We automated that at Norns AI.

#sales #coldemail #personalization #buildinpublic
Weekend project for is albums!
Fun fact it's the first feature in 2 years I've designed before building, all thanks to @sketch and top-notch iOS components library
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Let's rock it, take the roaad to Snackeeeet! 🚀🚀🔥
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Ps: Nothing personal, we support you too @nanonets 🧡
What is the biggest thing you can do now, that will change your life for the better?

Building your product 🛠️

Your turn👇

#startups #NoCode #buildinpublic
I'd appreciate your honest feedback.

I just posted my first blog post about the importance of regular market research:…

#buildinpublic #startup #marketresearch
I've done important feature in the #Koduj platform.

Added loop guards, so I don't need to worry about creating an infinite loop by accident while writing code.

The feature was inspired by @CodePen…

#JavaScript #parser #AST #OpenSource #BuildInPublic
Have no idea how to build it yet. But learning React every day and launching this app on September 1st. #buildinpublic
When you rush things, you overlook things.

@Copylime now has Pricing and Sign up links in the top menu.

No, it didn't have them in top menu before and my friend @ph_bernard pointed out: "How do I sign up?" 😅

Well, now it's all there 💫

Onwards to the next phrase after MVP launch - Growth Marketing AKA
❄️ The Cold Start 🏔️
🏒 Hockey Stick Growth 🏑
⚰️ Long, Slow, SaaS Ramp of Death🪦

Initial results:
CTR 2%, Conversion rate 6%

Will work on improving the landing page, SEO and a blog next week.
There’s so much more learning
by doing,
by experimenting,
by playing around with the variables,
than just reading about something.

#buildinpublic #tweet100
This phishing email is one of the best I've ever received. It's also sent from my very own domain name. 😱

Turned out I didn't setup SPF, DKIM, and DMARC correctly.

Don't let your guard down like me!
La transparence et le #buildinpublic vous intéresse ? Je viens de mettre à jour les données publiques de Code-Garage pour 2022.

Au menu :
- Audience
- Référencement
- Revenus
- Dépenses

About: A little canvas for any idea

Topic(s): [Design Tools, Productivity, GitHub, Tech]


Tags: #products #saas #tech #producthunt #kickstarter #software #buildinpublic
✨ Our next Space Series is today!

Join us and CryptoChris from @ZenFarmOfficial to discuss the core functionalities of #DeFi and #NFTs 🔥

🔔 Set A Reminder:…

See you all at 18:00 UTC! ⏰
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Stilform AEON Pencil

About: An everlasting pencil with magnetic tips

Topic(s): [Pencil, magnet, metal, stationary]


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It's a start to Twitter, but I have to be a bit more consistent! 🎯 #buildinpublic
gitlapp is now listed as a product on @IndieHackers (! 🚀 Make sure to leave a follow there for more updates on the development process of gitlapp. 📢

#GitLab #DevOps #BuildInPublic
In cloning #wechat designing this page was not easy for me. Finally did it #buildinpublic
✅ Freelance work done.
✅ Income taxes 2021 done.
🚧Now it's time for some work on OpenMRR.
I'm going to do some work on the UI/UX since alpha users said its too complicated 🙃

What are you working on today?

Hey from 👋

Copylime is an early stage startup on a mission to unleash smart AI to create any written content for you 🚀

No more Writer's Block
No more Blinking Cursor Syndrome

What smart AI writing tool do you need?

Tell us below 👇

Made some great progress on @useautometrics.

✅ So far:
- authentication via Twitter, saving tokens to post on user's behalf
- connecting to ChartMogul API
- basic UI

🔜 Up next:
- job queue for pushing updates
- analysing the data inside ChartMogul

✨ Version 1.0 of Baby Sleep Cycle Tracker has been submitted to App Store

— If all goes to plan I will launch on the App Store Monday (holding off a weekend launch for obvious reasons)

I was watching the Stripe pricing table demo and saw they have a feature that we were missing....
10 minutes later...
We now have that feature
#changelog Choose the promoted plan.

It's now possible to choose which plan you promote on your pricing page. Promoting a plan acts as an anchor and helps the customer decide which plan to choose.
✨ Added emoji avatars to

Each user will have a unique emoji avatar 🎉

🔸Founder Beats: See How Hundreds of Founders are Building Profitable Businesses

🖊️Founder Interview : @rishabh_grg

Rishabh Garg Made $6k in Two Months from Affiliate Corner After Launching in 2022

Interview ➡️…
Just a textbox for time value or time picker?

Can't decide 😮‍💨
Maybe because it's Friday 🤭

I'll be fixing a boxtales bug that I have been avoiding for weeks because I thought I needed a complex solution.

issue: error when calculating an impossible route
between waypoints.

solution: no path? ignore everthing.
@boxtalesio #boxtalesio #buildinpublic #indiedeveloper
6 months ago:

I didn't know what to write in my Twitter bio...

I didn't know what to tweet about

I had <100 followers


I don't have enough space in my Twitter bio...

I love to share what I'm making #buildinpublic

I crossed 1000 followers🙏

♥️ No-Code empowered me.
After almost two years, the deal on AppSumo just ended. Super happy with the results and great feedback (81 reviews with 5🌮's). Next step is building my own marketing channels and get to a solid MRR (currently $111 😅)
#buildinpublic #makersneakpeek
It is Friday and I'm on vacation 🏝

What did you accomplish this week for your startup?

[3/3] To-Do App COMPLETED!! 😃

💡Changed the theme and styling of the website.
💡Number of completed tasks are counted.
💡Tasks can also be deleted.

#100Devs #buildinpublic #javascript #webdevelopment
From 1 to 10, how would you rate your productivity in a day's work? I personally rate myself a 5/10, and I'm trying my best to get a 10/10 in the next 6 months #buildinpublic
@OddsMatter Good luck mate.

That's actually pretty easy.

- Pick your niche e.g. #buildinpublic
- Follow top 20 accounts with (e.g. 5000+ followers)
- Comment and interact daily with them
- Fill up your day with tweets about #buildinpublic
@OddsMatter Good luck mate.

That's actually pretty easy.

- Pick your niche e.g. #buildinpublic
- Follow top 20 accounts with (e.g. 5000+ followers)
- Comment and interact daily with them
- Fill up your day with tweets about #buildinpublic
Also replaced the native html color picker with for a better integration and easier color selection on mobile devices. This way experience from all devices is the same and not depending from the implementation of the html color tag.
Big news!!!

Thanks to @marckohlbrugge, I am able to call @StartupJobs' API from Hop now ⚡️

Hop calls the API via @supabase's Edge Function (only on my local for now)🔥

Thanks again Marc!…

@taishik_ Sending you an email in the next 10 minutes 🙌
Always the same annoying problems when updating iOS dependencies in a Flutter project!

Spoiler: Simply running 'pod repo update' doesn't fix it. It has to be a weird combination of every pod command ever and randomly deleting the .lock file...

#flutterdev #buildinpublic
Added more control over gradients as it is now possible to select the orientation of the gradient and have it vertical or horizontal.

#buildinpublic #indiehacker #twitterbanners
@DoleeYang Thank you for nagging me, that was quite the intention of #buildinpublic idea so I wanted to share bug moments as well 😅

Have to look into this.
You have lists on twitter right?
I'm ready to start school.
 I haven't finished my homework yet.
 What should I do? 
#BibleBuild #BuildJakapan
#buildinpublic update:

For our startup, One Day Design, we got this kind email from our newest client.

It's amazing how this formula works so well:

Speed (24 hours) + Quality (stunning websites) = Delighted Customers
Does your SaaS provide a white label option?

✅ If yes, what is your service and how does it work out for you?
❌ If not, why not and what are the concerns?

👇 Feel free to share your white label SaaS model here.

#indiehackers #buildinpublic
As Indie-preneurs our most important resource is time.

Use it wisely.

#buildinpublic #100daysofcodechallenge #NoCode
Dropping our landing page

One simple idea can change the future, and our vision is to make learning effortless

#startup #buildinpublic #zapp
You don't have to have a great memory to write code. Focus more on having an overall understanding of what you're doing and why it works or why it doesn't.

#softwaredevelopment #buildinpublic #coding #100daysofcode #webdevelopment #javascript #css #reactJS #php #SQL
Day 23 of #100DaysOfCode:

Today we got our product working and looking the best it ever has. Lots of work still to do, but it feels like a milestone has been reached.

Daily life provides countless occasions for adapting to change and impermanence. Yet we squander these precious opportunities, assuming that we have all the time in the world. — Yongey Mingyur

That's why it's important to proofread.
We learn as we go. #buildinpublic
⭐Day 5⭐
- Structed how the API is going to work
- Worked on the API for user sign up

Join the waitlist @

Read on IndieHackers:➡️…

#indiehackers #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #saas #100DaysOfCode #indiehacker
This is what I love about #buildinpublic buddies. They go above and beyond when fellow makers need help. One such super nice guy is @thisissukh_ 💯
@0xshrini Programmatic SEO is something you should try. SEO in general is a good strategy - cheaper and people find you vs. the other way around.

I bet your customers are looking for examples of what good cold DMs look like.
⭐Day 5⭐
- Structed how the API is going to work
- Worked on the API for user sign up

Join the waitlist @

Read on IndieHackers:➡️…

#indiehackers #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #saas #100DaysOfCode #indiehacker
Just nailed a new feature for @Liso_Vault! Importing exported CSV passwords from Chrome is working AF! Bitwarden, LastPass, and 1Password, you're next 😎🔥 #saas #buildinpublic #indiedev #indiehacker #passwordmanager
made n-queen maze a progressive web app (PWA) now it install able from chrome.

future update:
1. Offline Support.
2. Storage Maze progress.

Hey 👋
¿Creando tu propia #SaaS o #app con #NoCode ?

Comparte tu proyecto debajo y conversemos ✌🏻

El mio 👉🏼 @coinappuy

#buildinpublic #app #sidehustle
Main business logic finished, just need to code up the form then the MVP is ready!