I started to implement @pedromdias dockerode into Very nice utility, it will definitely improve the whole stability. OSS is awesome!

Youtube highlights tool now integrated with @supabase to allow users to store, delete and share highlights and likes in a personalized dashboard.

Video in demo: Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Turning Products into Companies

Day 74 of #100DaysOfCode & #buildinpublic

Today I refactored a bit recent changes and did more testing

I also started looking into connecting user and group devices. So when session expires, same user device will be used for same device in group
For founders building startups on top of GPT3, how do you think about data, differentiation, improvement, and defensibility?

#buildinpublic #gpt #gpt3 #gpt4 #indiehacker #startup #founder
I remember much better if I connect what I learn with where and how I can use it.

For example, I try to imagine the use cases if I am studying HTML attributes.

#HTML #CSS #HTML5 #webdevelopment #Webdesign
Adding a redemption page to underworldpics. Users will be able to redeem their UWP tokens for various items. Builders build!! #BUIDL #buildinpublic #BUIDLing #Web3 #DEVCommunity
@rrmdp Yep. Great question. Might #buildwithcustomers here. (I’m trying to hijack #buildinpublic on the fly… haha)

Ask them if it’s something they NEED. And if they do, what’s the job they’re really hiring this Resume Builder to do? Is it just to sit there and look pretty? Or maybe..
The more I make, the more I see how fun it is to do it. I also realize that it takes discipline to succeed. What do you put failure to? You learn from your mistakes and move on.

#saas #buildinpublic
Are any intrepid developers ready to construct a product-swapping platform? What if I admire your product and you feel the same about mine? Let's take a chance, and get the best of both worlds without going over budget!😊 #buildinpublic
text-davinci-003 is now the default model on @NexBotAI 🔥 #buildinpublic
Day 4:

I am on Day 4 of my journey Blog Project and building my Twitter Theme Blog for learning web design and development.

#HTML #CSS #HTML5 #webdevelopment #Webdesign
If you are wondering whether or not the clips made from are any good here is proof that some of them are great! #buildinpublic…
Time to re-do this purchase screen

Lmk if I can blatantly copy some1.

Will post progress as I go 👌

If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late. @reidhoffman

I'd like to extend this to landing pages too!

+ 12 signups
+ Received +ive and +ive feedback on design, pricing, copy, demo 🤯

Gold dust @ prelaunch

#BuildInPublic ♥️
+ Build weekend is almost here

+ Building an MVP for Fleeting Note, a side project born from my pain

+ Link:

+ Early feedback from the raw demo is encouraging ♥

+ Opening up to Alpha users soon! Sign up if you want to try it out!

All this effort for nice infographics on my blog post, and the picture people cared about was this competitor cat 🤨…
#cat #Marketing #startups #buildinpublic
🔔 Today’s update.

Lots of long pair programming sessions recently to get finished. Down to just last few major bugs (for now)🐞🐛🪲🪳🐜

We’re pooped but excited! 😜

#buildinpublic #startups @OrdalocaHQ
Day 3: #buildinpublic

I did "research on the battlefield" by:

• watching YouTube videos

• looking through notes that I took from different books

• Googling

• reading different forums like
• Quora
• Reddit

• posted a poll on my Twitter account
Today I published my 955th article since launching in March 2021. 🤯

Shooting for 1000 by the end of the year - what #ecommerce marketplace topics should I tackle next?

Let me know 👇

#eBay #Amazon #Etsy #Shopify #Poshmark #smallbusiness #buildinpublic
When you are so eager to deliver a feature you accidentally take PROD down, ups. #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic day 7: took a one day rest from my project work and catches up on school work and college apps. Had a nice interview with Rice university and wrote supplements for Cornell.
A cool color feature for @typogramco

Users can choose greyscale and accent colors based on their designs and chosen brand colors.

Pretty happy with how it is turning out

Update we are still training. Hopefully monetizing goes well so I can afford to continue training and improving on these ML models 🤣 #buildinpublic
What things should a perfect nft roadmap include? 🤨

#nft #project #buildinpublic
Well November has finally ended. My first #buildinpublic attempt was IMO a massive success. I was able to go from a letteral nobody on any social media, to a YT channel with nearly 1000 subscribers.

Day5: Planning to buy a domain for expense tracker.

Any name suggestions for budget tracker / expense tracker / personal finances?

Day 43. Finally, the API reference docs are live!! 🙌 Feel free to take a look at… and let me know what you think. Now I'll concentrate on finalizing the general docs at located at @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #buildinpublic
Is Customization and Personalization always a good selling-point for a product?

@_ZoZo_App website visits are way down...

The reason?

I've been focusing on App Store Search Optimization & redesigning our Website to drive up conversions.

I will get these number back up next week 🚀

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
What tools are best for building an app to scale across browser/android/ios?

#buildinpublic #android #iPhone #tech #coding
A quick overview of my hassle-free internet radio player 📻 side project. Preparing to launch soon! 🚀

#sideproject #development #macos #musicplayer #buildinpublic
Bootstrapped VybeSkins over 4 years ago.
Built it relentlessly and it now runs on auto-pilot.

My new venture @valuetime_co aims to prevent aspiring entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes that cost me thousands of £'s & 100's of wasted hours.
Next steps:

Start building the MVP with a data scheme adapted to a real-world e-commerce data source.

Find the best way to integrate and transform data (@AirbyteHQ and @getdbt ?)

Deal with prompt tuning limitations.


Conclusions after 2 days of testing GPT-3 for Text to SQL purposes:

1) The model can learn concepts and generate syntactically correct SQL if you define them with enough examples.

2) Fine-tuning works with DaVinci from 2020 and is very expensive.

@steve_tronix Totally!

Maybe we should change this from #buildinpublic (which has certain connotations) to #buildwithcustomers 😁
AI is poised to disrupt all areas of human existence. How can your business benefit?
-Find the right AI solutions.
-Perform cost/benefit analysis of AI implementation
-Train and test AI
-Make sure you stay up to date and ahead of the curve
#buildinpublic, #nocode #100daysofnocode
Twitter has decided to embrace #buildinpublic on Twitter!
Twitter 2.0:

Same mission.
Faster innovation.
More transparency.…
We've had a great webinar, thanks to everyone who took the time to attend!

I hope it was useful 😊

If you couldn't make it, don't worry! We've recorded it and will be posting it on Youtube very soon 🕺
#buildinpublic #producthunt #launch
🎨 We are moving forward, now the grid is done. Starting to adjust responsive!

November #buildinpublic report for @senjahq💜

💰 $1,179 total revenue! (+130%)
💸 $832 MRR (+75%)
👀 8.4K visits (+105%)
👋 263 signups (+93%)
🤵 18 new customers (+80%)
💔 0 churns (YES!!!!)

That was a WILD month.
Get your Online Dating Game On with AI Generated Opener Lines is almost here!

This was by far the quickest MVP I have ever delivered, with about 3 days of development time

Launching soon!

#indiehackers #bootstrap #buildinpublic #startup #android #app
Decentralized teams are more flexible and cost effective than traditional teams or agencies, as they require less overhead.

#freelancers #hiring #developers #talent
#web3 #blockchain #DAOs
#founders #saas #business #project #product
#nocode #buildinpublic #buildwithbubble
@steve_tronix I wholeheartedly disagree with this.

The fastest way to get better at marketing is to talk to your customers. #buildinpublic twitter may not be your customers. Don't get distracted.
Edging closer to bringing a new release of “Add, Remind, Repeat” to the AppStore.

- add images, point of interest and annotations
- better UX for scrolling thru your entries

#slowandsteady #buildinpublic
Set alerts for your #trades 📈,
Put the phone down and
Enjoy your #WorldCup2022 games in peace!

Join waitlist now! 📣

product - #trading #journal

process - #buildinpublic #ReactJS #python #AI
I look now what is capable of

Generated this in 10 minutes

@victor_bigfield We are building a #Notion SaaS that enables users to password protect their links. #buildinpublic The comingsoon page went live today.
First use for custom feeds: a typelog updates feed…

More coming soon:
- RSS feeds
- Private feeds
@suanyeo I agree, I think it's pretty valuable for everyone but especially for those who struggle they are not alone.
We all have the impression that people in #buildinpublic space are all doing very well, and their projects are only successful but - as I can see now - it's not true.
Since I don't have a lot of time to work on coding right now, I got on and found a name for this new service. Say hello to Engagem! Maybe it's good, maybe it's not, but it'll work for now. Next step is to document functionality. #buildinpublic
@AntoineMinoux #buildinpublic is a gold mine of those
Also for some reason Twitter always suggests me screen recordings "basing on my likes"
And in general there are many people posting some screen recording every day randomly here and there

We decide to extend deadline because think we should add more tool. And there is a lot of great AI tools on the world 🤖

Now, categories are ready.

Add logos
Add tags 🏷️
Add Analytics
Add SMTP plugin

It’ll be one-page.

Page 🚀

AI to Grow is coming!

Domain ✅
Wordpress ✅
Theme ✅
Tools List ✅
Contents are almost ready 🔜

What do you think about our logo? And domain name?…
I look now what is capable of

Generated this in 10 minutes

Done with the MVP for @readthis2me twitter bot.
Going to spend the next few days on marketing and getting users.

Now you know that I wasn't kidding.

I am building it.

Will make it public very soon and we will use it and build it together.

Hello to all the marketers.

I'm learning how to build my illustration system on @figma!
This is me testing my first components and figuring out how to make them work together.
Stay tuned if you want to follow my journey 👀

#buildinpublic #illustrationsystem #productillustration
In an attempt to start documenting decisions, I take a deeper dive into the reasoning behind the decision to choose @nextjs for @ochowealth and what made it a clear choice for us 👇…

#startups #nextjs #react #buildinpublic
New app sign-ups for @speakai_co compounding.

Most of this is from organic search!

Thank you to the team for some great work.

In Sept 2020, we were seeing 50 sign-ups per month.

We are now seeing 50 sign-ups per day 🔥

#speechrecognition #nlp #buildinpublic #seo #saasgrowth
#buildinpublic Day: 11
Yesterday I didn't accomplish my goal. So I'm going to do it today. Plus I'm going to completely finish the code done > perfect
@victor_bigfield We're developing, here's our latest #buildinpublic post. 👇…
As we get closer and closer to's launch, we're ready to unveil more features that will be available to users. 👀

Linguana will allow you to change images to go with the SEO-friendly translation of your website to achieve a full-scale localization.
Customer Interview Mistakes that #soloprenuer makes:

- Seek for approval
- Stay desperate
- Ask for compliment
- Seek for promise
- Too wordy not assertive
- Afraid of rejection
- Afraid of silence

What's more?

@BansalRahul14 @heyAI2sql Thanks! Some of the things I've tried include:
-Using Twitter more often (#buildinpublic)
-Creating blog posts more frequently
-Posting on Reddit more often
Do you prefer twitter accounts that focuses on a particular topic? Like #buildinpublic, or accounts with more variety of content but not related to a particular one? 🤔

Just asking for a friend 🙄
I have a very good idea for a feature it has the purpose of doing a quick summary of how people perceive a tweet the I can re use my codebase I just have to get tricky with an API but things are happening #buildinpublic
It's like I see someone drowning, I lend a hand, and the person refuses and says they can swim, they just enjoy drowning very much😂. I'm tired man.

Anyway. Here's a link to listen… or you listen on Spotify-- The Touchpoint Podcast

The Trading Journal You've been waiting for,

Join waitlist now! 📣

product - #trading #journal @IoCuanto
process - #buildinpublic #ReactJS #python #AI
5/ That’s why I’m building My Health Receipts. With My Health Receipts, I want you to feel in control of your receipt collection. Because don't you have better things to do besides organizing your receipts?

Follow along as I #buildinpublic…
Everyone out there tweeting about new jobs and promotions 😍

I just quit my job to build a personal project 😅

#FOMO #buildinpublic
Small details 👀
Docking (sticky) headers for chapters & speakers✨

I know this is not exactly MVP but sometimes, I find it so relaxing to do a bit of CSS tweaking

Hello new Twitter #writer friends! A bit about me - I'm a writer/filmmaker. I'm working on a historical documentary right now.

I'm also a dev - I built an extremely restrictive #freewriting app via #buildinpublic called Smashkey.

I look forward to reading your stuff 👋
RT @JustinFerriman I moved from SiteGround to @RocketDotNet and 🤯!!!

1. support was incredible. Hands-on helpful and friendly! They took care of the entire migration.

2. Instant page speed gains worldwide!⚡️

I’m super excited about the upcoming journey and to continue working on @upto_app - a shared calendar and social network for upcoming plans and events. Onwards! #entrepreneurs #startup #buildinpublic
Big fan of these productized, one-off services. Especially for indie creators, it's this nice little economy being created 🤑

@philostar 's tips and insights were very helpful for an SEO noob like me to get started growing the audience for @parttimetech_io

Stats for SEOindie·com after 3 days 👇

Visitors: 254 (55% via Twitter)
Prelaunch signups: 37
Number of Sales: 4

Revenue: $746 🥳

And a big thanks to @joemasilotti, @mathildeferroli and @eipark for being early adopters 🤜🤛

Sprint 2

#Quinz can now render questions and calculate overall scores for players who have successfully completed a quiz.

#buildwithChiConnect #buildinpublic
Sprint 1

Cooking this app "Quinz", an auto-rewarding 🤑 platform for organizers and players of quizzes.

Will be using this project to play around the @chimoney_io API.

Follow me on this exciting journey.
Seeing this after hours of trial and error makes me so happy!! My project is finally coming along. 🔥🔥

@agazdecki Yeah but you are going to need more focus than just connecting your github commits to twitter and appending #buildinpublic to them.

Build in public but do so by leveraging a specific strategy that works
I've gathered enough courage to finally share the thing I'm working on. #buildinpublic feels intimidating, so follow my journey as this introvert conquers his worst fears.
#buildinpublic holy smokes, my #freewriting app Smashkey sold one copy - thank you writer person! Today I eat ramen!!
Ways to re-charge your energy:

• Reflection
• Journaling
• Gratitude
• Meaningful conversations

Here are 4 journal prompts to help you focus your energy and unlock your day with purpose.

@pacosainzw More eyes --> more downloads!
One of the amazing byproducts of #buildinpublic!
Way to go Paco!
@TwitterBusiness “What has changed, however, is our approach to experimentation” #Twitter has clearly embraced the #buildinpublic movement and after all the backlash that has happened in the past couple of years, it looks like the transparent approach is what the people want and NEED.
Do you know of any open source web3 projects that are in need of help? Do you have time to help? We’re creating list of projects that need help from contributors. Notion and discord coming soon!
#web3 #web3community #Crypto #opensource #buildinpublic
Feels like an inflection point for @TheyGotAcquired.

We're in a good place with:
+ Team
+ Content engine
+ Audience growth

Turning my attention now to our products & revenue-drivers.

What they are & how we're prioritizing 🧵

Hello indiehackers and techie's, please does anyone have any link to a video tutorial or article that explains how to integrate @PaddleHQ as a payment gateway with @nextjs and @Firebase.

Micro SaaS are cool, but do they have the potential to grow into big SaaS? 🤔

#startups #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Si te ha gustado este hilo con un poco de #buildinpublic 🧵 agradezco RT al primer tweet para que llegue a más gente.

Y, por supuesto, si gestionas varias webs de WordPress y quieres probar la herramienta puedes empezar completamente GRATIS 💜 en