RT @idonotwritecode: Software we use to run @onetap

- Bubble io
- WordPress
- SendGrid
- OpenAI

Started in Feb, signed LOI on @microacquire @agazdecki #buildinpublic

No excuses @BuildSell30
Learn how to #write a solid outline.

Has helped me as I only write for 15 minutes per day.
Ian Roth is going to be 35 when he writes his first book.#amwriting #writerslife #writers #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersoftwitter #writerslift #buildinpublic
Compassion is a muscle that gets stronger with use. — Mahatma Gandhi

Suuuuuper exciting stuff rolling out in the next 48 hours. Stay tuned.



Big announcements.
Day 6 off #100DaysOfCode
I have discover my new dev stack <3

@railway for any backend stuff
@nestframework best framework for javascript backend
@MongoDB best database in the cloud
@LogSnag better slack alternative (notifications)

#buildinpublic #yoloo
✅ App runs off of Core Data
✅ Core Data syncs with web server
✅ Detect network connectivity and block features that need internet
🔲 Loading existing users' data into Core Data

It's been grueling, but the hard work is making the idea a reality.

@greglim81 This is the reason why #buildinpublic works, IMO.

And I bet many people take CBC just to take a peek at what happens behind the scene of a successful CBC.
The main lesson I've learned while working on #saas is to give away as much as you can for free

Ian Fleming was 43 when he wrote the first James Bond novel "Casino Royale."

Ian Roth is going to be 35 when he writes his first book.
#amwriting #writerslife #writers #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersoftwitter #writerslift #buildinpublic
📘 Been working on the book cover for my UI design book 👇

If you look closely, you can see that I created a background texture from UI examples in the book 🔎

#design #uidesign #uxdesign #uiux #landingpage #book #buildinpublic
The team successfully completed 58 tasks in the last 24 hours.

See details at #buildinpublic
I've built in public for 🔥14 consecutive days on @getmakerlog! 💪
2 weeks already!?
Time fries 🐦 Keep it up!

As part of #buildinpublic, I'm recording videos about everything I do to build my new startup idea. Here's me putting up a quick WP site in 30 minutes.…
How often do you check analytics (website, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

I feel like I've been checking them a little too much recently...

Following new #buildinpublic projects is my guilty pleasure
3/6 @djejaquino details our approach to UI and end-to-end testing, including how we think about accessibility, use tools, like @cypress_io, and much much more.…

#buildinpublic #qa #UI
New feature alert: Flash planning ⚡️! Double click on the timeline to quickly create activities and sketch plans in minutes. Draw it up first and you can add additional details later 💪
#Productivity #planner #buildinpublic
I started to work on a new dashboard to present all the different components within @SpiroKit.

This is far from finished, but I wanted to share the ugly v1.

Ugly v1 is always better than a blank canvas. Now I need to iterate and improve.

@Deftify_ this is amazing by growing our community 🔥with a great innovative design.

Check out our latest post for the full summary 👇

#Buildinpublic #DeFi #NFT #ICO #Launchpad #IDO #Gaming #Metaverse…
Only one month in and we've decided to pivot lol
Hard to take too much risk when bootstrapping in a segment where you have basically 0 knowledge about it.
Better stick to what I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That feeling of receiving the first payments for your #SaaS - just indescribable! 🎉🎊🎉

When did you make your scalable dollar?!?
Con tanto #BuildInPublic tengo ganas de jubilarme y criticaros lo que hacéis. Ese lead magnet no te engancha bien, el servidor ese no lo va a soportar, el CMS no es adecuado…

*Tweet inspirado en un chiste de @josek_net a @polrodriguezriu en el último episodio de @getmumbler*
That feeling of receiving the first payments for your #SaaS - just indescribable! 🎉🎊🎉

When did you make your scalable dollar?!?
And a nice little animation showing light and dark mode support

📐 16px, 24px, 32px Grids
🎨 Translucent Gradients
☀️ Light Mode
🌙 Dark Mode

👀 Live:


#icon #design #ui #ux #custom #buildinpublic #portfolio #graphicdesign
If you want soulful conversations

to happen organically,

be a nun.

If you want soulful conversations

to happen in your life today,

be intentional.

Day 65 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI. Now time to build the app. Still don’t like the old API calls. They definitely need an update! #Swift #SwiftUI #iosdev #buildinpublic
Which #nocode tools do you use to automate marketing processes for your #SaaS?

@MSPowerAutomate is doing a great job for us.

Hey SaaS #buildinpublic #startup founder friends 👋 … do you measure your DAU/MAU as a proportion of signups?
This week's FontDiscovery is here! ✨
New this week on FontDiscovery! ☕️
A revisit to Langer, one of my favorite script fonts!
Also, we talk about variable icons:

👇 Check it out here!…
.@LinkedIn isn’t the typical place to #BuildinPublic, but that’s where Jean-Baptiste Giambarresi has been sharing his Bubble build — and getting amazing feedback. We interviewed him to learn more about why he chooses to #BuildwithBubble:

Buchhaltungs-Shit-Abend= DONE!!!
I Hate it!
It is through weakness and vulnerability that most of us learn empathy and compassion and discover our soul. — Desmond Tutu

New startup idea 💡 so now I can’t stop brainstorming features #buildinpublic
✅Day 4 #buildinpublic
- fixed up bugs for displaying profile pic + name
- learned more about how javascript async works using call stack + web API + task queue

next up -> convert events to ICS calendar
Should I use #buildinpublic to promote my app or apps? If yes, what are the advantages?
The point I want to make here is: if you put yourself out there and show you really do want to help people will often help back, you just gotta let them.

Forever grateful to Carol.

Thank you.

@AntDesignUI @tailwindcss @codex_team Today, I finished post settings and next task is about managing publications 🚀

#buildinpublic #SaaS
On that note, this weekend I'm putting together a quick n chill playlist sharing site where anyone can broadcast their Spotify playlist, invite collaborators, get song requests, find playlists in the area, and meet others!! Anyone have a feature they'd like to see? #buildinpublic
Made great progress with the API planning for @ServerAuth. For the initial set of endpoints though, we are done! 💪
Time to help @rickmillsuk with the firewall rollout, then I'll be back to my connection test functionality during server creation 😎
Just finished the first iteration of the @awaitlisthq Customize Waitlist Feature.

Day 1/n
I have solved 5 interviewBit Math problems. 2 were hard out of them . Revised fermat's little theorem and a good dp problem to make my struggle worth it.
Currently on Nth Fibonacci problem which requires both space and time optimised solution
#coding #buildinpublic
Creating a multi-project #solution with #visualstudio might be tedious. Here is a small script that creates one for you.

#microsoft #dotnet #cleancode #code #100daysofcodechallenge #100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic #developer
Creative market is a huge time saver. Check out these super slick modals in record time ⏱ #startups #buildinpublic
My new project @NodeRemotely is almost ready to go. But I'm still waiting for moderation in the @PaddleHQ . Once that happens, I will be able to make post-launch edits.
Updated my blog from Bulma to TailwindCSS

I've waited for dark mode support in Bulma but it's not coming so I decided to switch to nicer css framework.

Also leant a tons of utility classes and I'm confidence to make landing pages. #buildinpublic
The more you create, the more powerful you become.

Writing is a legacy that we can leave to future generations.

#amwriting #writerslife #writers #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersoftwitter #writerslift #buildinpublic
✨Updates ✨

Design is never done, just shipped. Pleased with how the gradients are looking - working well in both light and dark mode.

Peep the live thing:

#ui #ux #icondesign #pixels #icons #portfolio #buildinpublic #productdesign #freelancers
I like the concept of #buildinpublic. Do I rebuild my fitness coaching app ( which is over 5 years old or create something new? Asking for myself. #startupidea #tech #bootstrap
Before 1940 hardly anyone worried about buying diamond engagement rings…

Before 1964 Ali was just a good heavyweight boxer…

What these stories share is a lesson to all who struggle with telling people what they need to know. 👇
Shipped a small bug fix to the “cant train” today functionality that left it not being removed from a couple lists that are used for other functionality! 🐛💥
#buildinpublic #shipeverydaysteak48
🆕 Public monitoring

Your application performances and exceptions can be public.

#RubyOnRails #buildinpublic

Example public dashboard:…
Flotion builders can now submit to Showcase... which is also just went live today.

If you're a Flotion member, you'll now see a 'Showcase' tab in your member dashboard on

Looking forward to sharing your creations 💡

@IndieHackers @patio11 You can check out the new pricing page here:

I am curious to hear what you think?


So I wanted to start using Twitter again as I try to document my journey through creating a @Shopify theme for sale on their theme store, as a solo designer/developer by building in public. I'll be sharing the process as openly as I can as I go #themeaccelerator #buildinpublic
#BuildInPublic 👇👇👇🎉
Hoy la cosa va de #BuildInPublic sobre #TOP (The Open Projects), la newsletter que lancé hace algunas semanas con @marioarmentaart y con la que vamos muy a tope.

Te cuento cómo va el proyecto a nivel de producto, negocio, crecimiento y más 🧵 👇
Instead of contact form, we are using twitter DM direct link.…

Day 1⃣7⃣ of 1⃣0⃣0⃣day marketing marathon.
Contacted several companies about listing in my catalog for SaaS founders. Got several immediate responses, and also got a couple of new submissions.
For the rest of the day (a very slow day) worked on app performance.
Hello, my geek friends!
Have you recently created a new app or SaaS or whatever you are very proud of?
Me too! ☺️
And now, are you struggling to show it to the world, find users, and sell your product?
Me too... 😳
That's why I want to run a 100-day marketing marathon.

I guess this is what is called build in public #buildinpublic ...wonder how @GaryGensler @SECGov feel about this...
Do I have this timeline right?
- huge influencer buye up stock in a company he often mocks
- announces plans to buy company
- bid accepted
- starts publicly heckling employees & biz practices
- stock drops (w/mkt)
- pulls out over questions that due dilligence would have covered
Okay so we just had our second video go live today. Kudos to everyone who made it possible.
#businesstips #Entrepreneurship #buildinpublic #entrepreneurs
Anyone here thinking: "How do I clarify my financial vision?"

I'm asking because I spoke with a friend after giving him to test my online course. And this is the outcome that he got. I wonder if this is the right direction to go with this course marketing.

Day 2 of #ebook #aspnetcore #webapi

- Spent some time planning the project that will be taught in the ebook.
- Wrote some sample code snippets
- Used #ardalis #specification, #mapster, and #caching

#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode #dotnet #microsoft
📢 Day 272 - Learning about Market Research

Applied to @beondeck.

Learned about Sales Safari by @amyhoy.

Looking forward to seeing those money tree-eating Giraffes I've heard about.

@conceptual_so #buildinpublic
Great startup tool alert. 🚨

I really don’t have stacks of time to build out @OrdalocaHQ social stories on top of everything else but then last week I found @mojo_video_app!

Definitely recommending this after just a an hour of playing. 👏

Currently I'm working on 7 active projects. To help me get organized and balance my workload, I'm using @NotionHQ to visually represent the percentage of my effort I'm putting into them. I review this daily and plan detailed tasks accordingly.

#buildinpublic #timemanagement
Figma and Canva would not exist if their founders would listen to "you can do it with Photoshop".

It's OK to build something that you could achieve with an existing tool, so long as you make the life of the user easier or provide some other type of value.

To all SaaS startup founders who implemented subscriptions:

I salute you! 🫡🎖️

Day 27 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

👷‍♂️🛠️ Built a working MVP of my 'Lunchtime Talks' events app for @MinderaUK!

Definitely needs some polish 😅 but I've requested feedback from colleagues so I know what will be most valuable.

#NoCode #BuildInPublic
👋 Hi there,

⌨ I just added some social meta tags to the #chess demo.

😀 Take care and have a nice day!

#buildinpublic #startup
An other day with #buildinpublic !

Remember to spend time with your family and friends. And just keep chipping away bit by bit dayly!

#twitterdaily #techtwitter #thecheat
Off to a flying start this week.

✅ New products tested and ordered
✅ Website nearing completion
✅ Legal docs all ready to go!

This #buildinpublic thing seems oddly satisfying.
👋 Hi there,

⌨ I just added some social meta tags to the #chess demo.

😀 Have a nice day!