#buildinpublic with @payrequest_io you can already send payment links via email, SMS, QR code, and soon also via #whatsappdown
(note: just a fast preview, no final preview)

Also checking if we can add prices, products, images,..
#buildinpublic We will add more Product types, you can sell (almost) everything with PayRequest like #ebooks #onlinecourses #audio

But we also make it possible to resell products like domain names, google workspace & Microsoft 365 at the lowest prices thanks to @Hostingwalk
#buildinpublic created a #discord server for PayRequest.

Still adding channels, considering if a server boost if needed.
#buildinpublic Giving users the ability to sort their menu, so they can show their shop first, and maybe even disable the shop or payment page.โ€ฆ
#buildinpublic added Account Balances to our roadmap, later we go add #binance #wise #bunq #payoneer #revolut so you can see your total cash flow of your business(es)โ€ฆ
#buildinpublic #buildininpublic created a scrollable title with 3 Zapier zap examples, for our new website.
#buildinpublic testimonials/reviews box for our new site, with reviews from different sources #capterra #producthunt #twitter #trustpilotโ€ฆ

#buildinpublic created Reports idea, love to give @payrequest_io more insights about their business.

I have 15+ years of experience in customer retention, and will later add rich reports to keep your business healthy & your customers happy!
#buildinpublic I am full of ideas let's start a #Thread

1. Make #paymentlink even more simple, with more options to share your link.

Now you need to fill in a receiver and options, we go make it simple like a one-page checkout.
A feature many SaaS are missing: Activity Log.

to track every activity, and even more necessary if you use an API or have sub-accounts. #buildinpublicโ€ฆ
A feature many SaaS are missing: an activity log for their users, to track every activity, and even more necessary if you use an API or having sub-accounts. #buildinpublicโ€ฆ
Password Protection for payment links & @payrequest page, is still just a feature request. #buildinpublicโ€ฆโ€ฆ

This will make it easier to add products, add you do not always have an image for example a course, and still nice to add an icon to make it look nicer. #buildinpublic #ideasinpublic
@levelsio Best #buildinpublic I ever seen, i'm scared do things like this, you also not think what if I spend this time on @RemoteOK and @NomadList instead of a new project?
#buildinpublic Go show Zapier Templates in the @payrequest_io dashboard, any ideas on what apps we can add? Already go to add Intercom, Google Sheets, Notion, etc.