The WeTransfer for selling digital files. #brainstorm #idea #buildinpublic #maybecomingsoon (we already have payrequest,cloud domain)
#buildinpublic we have #passwordless login and google login, but sometimes you want to share a login with an employee, with SMS login we add a third option to log in. #ComingSoon
#buildinpublic trying to reach #inboxzero before we reach 100K mails πŸ˜…
Removes text from the header buttons, as it costs too much space.

Long-term vision Payment Pages are drag&drop builder + widgets! #Webdesign #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic create sub-pages for every industry, but first, make a list of all industries on one page.
#buildinpublic Make it possible that dynamic payment links also have custom fields, and show it on the custom field edit page.

It's just a sketch/idea so maybe it will not be like this, but love to show how an idea become reality.
#buildinpublic submitted our Module to the @whmcs marketplace, hope they approve us :-)

Bringing payment links to WHMCS!
#buildinpublic restyled the company menu dropdown, next is to build a Features page & page for @whmcs module.

We creators never run out of work :-)
#buildinpublic payment page will have soon 300+ social media icons to choose from like Yelp, Discord, and even @ycombinator (who refused us btw :-) )
#buildinpublic Show a notification if a dynamic payment link was already paid within 24 hours.
You now receive a notification if you try to access a page for logged-in users. #buildinpublic #payrequest
No matter where you are, or what time it is, you know that I'm working. #buildinpublic

Soon you can create beautiful payment forms, + integrated with products & payment links or your payment page. #workinprogress
Gumroad is very basic, what do you think PayRequest can do better then them?

Of course we have backgrounds, social icons, brand colors and more. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
Registered the domain payrequest,app to replace

Guess why we rename it to the PayRequest App ;) #comingsoon #buildinpublic
Multi-currency on Payment Pages. #buildinpublic #SaaS

When you click on a currency, it changes the 6 payment options below, or does someone have a better idea?