@BirdeskHQ - Auto DMs is now available for:

✅ Welcome message when you get a new follower
✅ Quick reply when you get a new message

Quick tutorial attached, let me know what you think.

Just finished writing the last line of code for @BirdeskHQ Autk DMs feature.

It's a journey I want to continue.

Building tools is what I love to do.

I've experienced GPT-3 AI and found that is not suitable for content creation, you personally or marketing representative must deal with that.

Having a tool generating content will become redundant at a point.

Auto DMs are now available in beta version, feel free to give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

A tutorial will come in the next days.

What's missing from @BirdeskHQ that holds you up from trying vs any other solutions ?

What @BirdeskHQ offers:

✅ Analysis
✅ Inspiration
✅ Automate tweets & threads
✅ Track followers
✔️ New feature: Auto DMs (coming up next week)

It's coffee money, $3.60

If building a single side project is a journey then what should we name an entire career of building products for others?

Building a business is quite a hustle.

At least I'm building something useful. 🤔😏

Twitter is way too simple to use and very complex at the same time.

And they intended to be this way.

📢 Next week @BirdeskHQ will receive a new feature: Auto DMs.

📃 What is it?

👉 Auto-welcome message for new followers
eg. Thank you for the follow!

👉 Auto-quick reply for new messages received
eg. Thanks, I'll get back to you soon.

Amazed of all programmers experts out there that wanna teach others.

Ask yourself why a real guy has no time to teach others?

I've built solutions that runs across Americas, Europe and Asia.

LOTS to share for anyone interested.

Will tell soon where to learn.

Building a product that gets you revenue is not going to be no code 🤣

I've climbed one step at a time in my career and been through all positions from developer to project manager.

Guess what I love to do most?

Do we have here a fellow maker that is also a Youtuber ?

How did you got started ? Any tools you'd recommend to use ?

Thinking about building a YouTube channel with lessons learned. Hands on experiences.

Any taught?

Consistency is essential to growth, how do you treat followers outside of your time zone?

I've build a tool that does that and more.

Check out @BirdeskHQ

Planning is not everything when building a SaaS business.

Things that should be done first :
1. Competition analysis
2. Research & what you can deliver
3. MVP landing page

... Tell me what's next?

Getting a product closer to market means audience. Grow your audience means grow your business.

Try out @BirdeskHQ for Twitter.
✅ Measure
✅ Inspire
✅ Automate tweets & threads

Probably the most affordable cloud based solution.

The continue with the plan I used for Birdesk..

👉 Set realistic milestones or checkpoints
👉 Set start date & calculate estimated end date
👉 Add time buffer for + 25% to end date

...gues what's next ?

Most people say building needs a plan. Ok.

I'm going to give a similar plan I've used for Birdesk for free. 👇

SaaS planning needs at least:

👉 Clear Requirements
👉 Work breakdown
👉 Estimate time & period
👉 Create tasks & Prioritize tasks

What comes next?