We’re closing in on 600 events pushed to EnaLog by our customers 🤯

Feels like yesterday we crossed 100

What milestones are you celebrating this week? #buildinpublic
Weekend is nearly here!

Achieved a couple of things this week

Hit 475 followers 🥳
Shipped a UX improvement for viewing event data in EnaLog 📊
Finished the first open source template to show EnaLog’s extra use cases 👀

What have you shipped this week #buildinpublic friends?
Over the 450 followers bump now and on my way to 500!

6 weeks consistent tweeting has really paid off. Wonder what the number will be in another 6 weeks 🤔

I see so many indie hackers saying they don’t commit regularly and push to a remote 🤯

If you do this, how do you deal with the anxiety of not having your code stored remotely?!

How many ideas on your idea list have you built and shipped #buildinpublic friends?

For me it’s only 3 😅
Okay so that didn't take too long to hit 10 clicks 🤯

#buildinpublic #seo
Shipped a little UX improvement for viewing additional data about events in EnaLog

I still think the UI needs some polishing but happy with the initial iteration

Started using Upstash to implement a cache for EnaLog

Mind blow by how easy they've made the process of setting up Redis

What other products have you found have simplified something 10x?

What are you working on tonight #buildinpublic friends?

I'm going to finish some templates we've been working on to demonstrate EnaLog's flexibility
Hoping to share some of the other use cases for EnaLog this week along with some templates showing how to create these use cases

Busy week ahead 🐝

Pushed a change over the weekend and it broke 2 pages in production

Didn't realise until this morning

Closing in on 450 followers 🥳

Make sure you’re following for the end of April weekend challenge. I’ll be building and shipping a product in one weekend!

Started working on some customisation features for EnaLog tonight

Features like this just polish the UX

Starting to see some progress in SEO!

This weekend I’ve discovered how EnaLog can actually be used for so much more than event tracking

Some of the use cases won’t be as good as other SaaS products but they could definitely serve a purpose for solo founders and small teams

Can’t wait to share them 🥳#buildinpublic
In around one months time I’m going to take on a weekend build challenge where I build and launch a product called EnaPlan all in one weekend

At this point I’m all in on the gamble of indie hacking

Busy weekend with not a lot of time to work on EnaLog

What did you do this weekend apart from working on your side project? #buildinpublic
To any of my friends in the #buildinpublic community

How did you get started freelancing as a software developer? I’m interested in all the details 🧐
#buildinpublic friends, what directory website have you got the most visitors from?
Working on a nice little open source project to help people build projects with EnaLog and how it can be used for so much more than event tracking