Moving EnaLog back to containers was the best move I made

I was living in a serverless delusion for far too long 🤣

In light of this tweet I’m going to try and sell what I’m building to those in the replies 😏

If you’re looking for a product analytics alternative to Mixpanel, checkout and try out our free plan. No CC required

I used to think learning to code was hard, I was wrong

Sales is so much harder
EnaLog PHP SDK is coming along nicely. Hoping to have it out by the end of the week

Lambo lads get ready #buildinpublic
18 days left in July

18 days left to hit 1K followers

Writing jQuery at my 9-5

It's actually not that bad

#buildinpublic community!

Let’s show Martin & Duckist some love on ProductHunt 💪🏻🚀…

Don't forget to upvote pretty pretty please

#buildinpublic #indiedev
Working on improving the resilience of the EnaLog API by adding Kafka to our tech stack

Working on moving the EnaLog events ingestion to a queue tonight

#buildinpublic what are you working on?
To all my new followers

If you're building a SaaS and looking for an alternative to Mixpanel that doesn't break that bank then have a look at

Thank you for attending my sales pitch

I think there is something to celebrate here 😏

Anyone using Upstash Kafka? Would love to hear some experiences

EnaLog has now processed 18K+ events 🤯

Well on our way to 20K

What milestones are you celebrating #buildinpublic?
EnaLog is now at 46 users!

Getting close to that 50 users milestone 👀

It's always gutting to lose enterprise leads due to VC backed competitors offering loss leading free tiers

Happy Monday #buildinpublic community!

What are your goals for this week?
I’ve never used Firebase or Supabase in my projects

I’ve never used Firebase or Supabase in one of my projects

Working on a PHP SDK for

When Lambo? 👀

Broke the EnaLog web API in production for a while last night after I shipped user profiles 🤦🏻‍♂️

DB migration went wrong and a column ended up missing. Celebrate the failures right? 👀