Two #legends in a single frame. @BhosalePratim citing @Haezurath as an example of how one can grow by #buildinpublic . Awesome stuff going on at @web3conf_india .
Thank you @BhosalePratim for introducing us to opportunities via #buildinpublic . Really loved and enjoyed the talk!
Very simple win, but now when I scroll to the side on mobile it only scrolls the mural and not the whole page #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #css
We all heard the golden advice: “never get high on your own supply…”

This seems to be quite the opposite in the maker world isn’t it?! 😂

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Marketing site: officially in progress 🎨 #buildinpublic
.351 #ship30for30 #buildinpublic
I once made a math error about the shape of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Turned out it was a rather fascinating error--most of my colleagues made the same one!

Spent a fascinating YouTube hour on math & bridges:

Day 32 of #buildinpublic and lately I've been debating whether to stop actively working on @soli_team and to pivot to a new product.

DAU has dropped to ~15 users, ~5 total paying users, and beginning to doubt myself whether it really solves a problem or not.
Meme Saturdays:

The story of every "1st-time startup founder" 🧑‍💻🤭

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Day 5 of #buildinpublic - making a Forbes 30 under 30 inspired magazine highlighting freelancers & agencies

getting logistics all prepped for the cover photoshoot! will share who's going to be on it on photo shoot day (8/18)! so stay tuned...
Day 3 of #buildinpublic

Started building the app's UI with React and fetched some dummy emails to confirm that it works properly. I still need to make some slight tweaks to make it more usuable and responsive.
I just completed the #ml software development onramp from @FourthBrain, solved #whodunit mystery!
Ready to take my #ml career to the next level w/industry-standard tool stack, Unix Command Line, Git, Conda, Pip, JupyterNotebooks!
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🤔 Quería tener todos los links de mis proyectos y perfiles agrupados en un solo link.

🎉 Pero no encontré una plataforma con un enfoque para devs, así que la construí:

🚀 Por ahora es básica pero pronto mas features!

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The stealth startup is when you work on it on vacation while your family has a midday nap 😅
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Soon going to present draft of my semi social project

Speed is a priority with Everything is fast from sqlite if you go one record at a time. But trying to read dozens of email subjects and previews at a time was slow. #buildinpublic 1/?
Last year, same time, I learned the importance of building-in-public. Giving early adopters access to your Minimum Viable Product rapidly. Seek feedback, reiterate, test..repeat.

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Progress 3 / 10.

In the previous tweets I mentioned, I'm working on a custom form builder tool. As a 3rd progress out of 10, I would like to share that I've completed My Forms page and added some features like toast messages.

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My entrepreneur ADHD... Doubting my main offer that we're doing cold outreach for right now... Just looked at the calendar and it's only been 3 weeks. I need to chill 😂😬

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