86 makers are building in public today

Handpicked jobs by the #buildinpublic guru 👀

I was a nobody in 2018 & was scrambling to search for the right opportunity to break into startup… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Day #41/42: Busy week but I've managed to work for at least one pomodoro 🍅 everyday during this week.
Still stuck working on backoffice tools to manage job data.

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Posted a new video about a big decision I just made

Just posted a video a big decision I just made

Builders make your services faster and cheaper to run. So you can server more people.

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It's been two weeks since #ODNC2 started and I shipped my first tiny "dumb" app launch day!

Built ProblemHunt using @softr_io and @airtable.


Who's your favourite #startup #founder that you wish would mentor you - and why? #buildinpublic
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Hey everyone! Just posting the VOD for the last stream.

We started looking at the basics of Database Design, messed around with the design of the To Do app I'm making and talked a bit about Networking.

Submitted my feedbin-blocker extension to the Chrome Web Store since I realized it is really easy to port extensions from one browser to the other. No async (callbacks instead), a couple of APIs need to change.
I did submit a Firefox screenshot to for Chrome 😁
Hey ux/ui folks,

roast our mobile view. A place to turn how to articles into actionable checklists.

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Started the integration with Google Jobs to have the job posts appear directly on Google.

Let's see in a few weeks if it can become a good acquisition channel 🤔.

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👀 Day 21/100 #100DaysOfNoCode

🚀 V1 (nearly) ready for user 1
✅ How funny it is when you start with one stack and end up with another 😅
🛠 @parsehub @parabolahq @airtable @softr_io & a few more along the way

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Been discussing with @hanketmao on the direction for @getpalindrome and @tadaimaoco since morning & gotta say - I'm excited to announce our upcoming redesign and release of both sites and their products.

Look out for #tadaimaotalks today as we #buildinpublic
Today’s #buildinpublic progress:


💡When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

📖 learned about DAO’s from @TheTiltNews

💰Invested by building new relationships on social via DM and comments

➡️❤️ #FollowYourHeart
🧰💌 Coming Soon!
Started filling in the empty Status Tracker project dashboard today. Not too sure what to put here, for now just some simple counters and a donut chart. Thinking of adding some on boarding tips if there’s no data yet.

What do you like to see in a Sass dashboard?
here for anti #buildinpublic energy 👏
I got an idea for my next book, but, for once, I’m not gonna share it here.
I managed to hijack the navigation within a frame and replace the url of the whole tab with the search result that is clicked!

Side-by-side Search (for lack of a better name) is almost ready 😁

In the Marine Corps, we used to joke that you could do something the easy way or the Marine Corps way.
But sometimes doing things the hard way is best.

Ship my unfinished product in the next weeks with a massive discount for early birds


Wait and ship it once it is finished.

What do you choose and why?
I'm going to start streaming 🔴. Today 🎙️:
- Deploy a #graphql API to Vercel
- Migrate some parts of the chooseyourplant.com to the new API
- If there's is time I will add more features to the API

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Stats at the end of day #271, building GtA #buildInPublic:

- 6 paying users, 12 trialing, 46 trials expired, 40 cancelled
- 303 audiences
- 1132197(+20460) tweets imported
- 535678(+7398) tweeps imported
- 837 twitter followers
This was Day #271 of the project, building GtA #buildInPublic:

- Continued to work on the new searching and filtering of conversations in an audience.
- Found out how to display the search hits correctly and systematically.
Continuing my #buildinpublic with #NoCode tools today on my Day 6, I worked on entering the data/exercises from @kelpapp to @airtable.

The whole process went smooth as I had already learned the part of how the form submissions work.

Picture of how my form looks on the app.
Building in public Fridays - starting with a dumb little hobby product for my overcomplicated productivity system.

Automating sending projects from Omnifocus to an Airtable base for a higher level view of all my projects:


#buildinpublic #omnifocus
Don't wait for that new feature to be done.

Gather pre-sales now.

Then, use the final development time to co-design with interested customers. This will grow trust and lead to a stronger product. #buildinpublic
✨ NEW PR ✨: Feature/minimum booking notice #buildinpublic

* Applies a 120 minute (2 hour) minimum booking notice to all Calendso users.

heuels This implements your advance book...

Morgen geht es weiter mit der Landingpage und ich erzähle Euch noch ein bisschen mehr über meine Idee. Folgt mir also am besten um nichts zu verpassen. Oder mögt Ihre lieber Newsletter per Email? #buildinpublic
Wrapping up an intense week...

And the team just mentioned, "we pushed updates to the staging environment." EEEEK!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Here's a preview of it, what do you think so far of the task screen w/ services?

#buildinpublic #design
It’s now available on TestFlight for public beta. 🎉🚀

❤️ 14 metrics including steps and heart rate.
📈 Line graphs and bar charts.
🕙 Filter data by multiple time periods.
📱 Dark mode.

Link ⬇️

🔄 Pls RT

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Time to learn figma basics and throw together wireframes this weekend. #buildinpublic #designinpublic
Hmm. 🤔What do you think? 👇💭

Planning to rebuild my blog this weekend and then really make an effort to writing about my journey building @sotentapp

HomeGame Poker off-site this weekend! We got the swag ready! #BuildInPublic
Join us on Tuesday at 12:30 PM EST when we will discuss how to create user groups in ReAccess.

#nocode #buildinpublic #CitizenDeveloper #citizendev
Do you guys #indiehackers use google ads? Any tips? 🧐#buildinpublic
#BuildInPublic tip:🏗️

A #startup wanted to fix their logo and crowdsourced marketing.

Result: A second logo without their name that resembles a big brand and may be a legal issue.

👉 Do ask customers for product feedback.
👉 Don't ask them to brand your #startup.
Hate is a waste of energy.
Grudges are a waste of energy.

The sooner you learn that,
The sooner you start winning.

#mindset #buildinpublic
New UI updates coming along for @startaudience 📨

You can view your RSS feed and add posts as links to the email.

Going to work on the card view next that will let you add the links as cards using the og information on the link.

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A big moment for @trycoffeechats : just bought the 5-year SSL cert plan!

When I started in 2020, I bought the 1 year cert b/c I wasn't sure if CC would gain traction.

Now, CC is profitable, done >800 chats, paid out >$1k, and a few people on annual plans! #buildinpublic
I tweet this for those of you #buildinpublic who aren't sure about how to start.

1) Descope.
2) Build the minimum.
3) Pay the minimum to get started (I'm still on Heroku @ $7/mo)

Then go to market, get traction, get paying customers. If it works, then you can go bigger!
Mike just did: fix account #Groouply #buildinpublic
If reviewing code with more than 100 lines changed I'm now testing to first call the submitter to get a quick walkthrough.

Initial results: Many times more efficient and effective code reviews.

Day 3: building tailwindmasterkit.com

👉 Revamped Hero section, integrated moving images (inspired by pro - @chakra_ui). Took some time for this

Still trying to beautify the admin panel, can use some help. 😇

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #webdev #saas
Mike just did: add locale ù #Leadhall #buildinpublic
Wrapping up another week! Halfway to my goal of 30 #followers. Busy and very productive week, a lot of new things being planned out then executed. Excited for the next 5 weeks before my internship is over! #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic #intern #recap
Mike just did: onboard new client #Leadhall #buildinpublic
#nocode #buildinpublic Lesson #5:
When things are difficult rather than closing yourself, open-up and expose your vulnerability without second thoughts.
Note to myself: stop thinking that the rest of the world is good and you’re not. Show your pains and ask for help.
Update Friday is on air. I mostly talked about the first week of @jotternaut with beta users. A quiet week so far, but full of thoughts for the next weeks.

Keeping users engaged during this stage will be a big challenge!

#podcast #buildinpublic
NoCodeForm Analytics 🚀

Some minor changes are left though! 👀

Analytics data pugged with charts and tables to give businesses owner overall metrics in one place!

Feedbacks are always welcomed! 🙏🏻


The analytics backend is done!
Styling it to look good!
Using recharts recharts.org/en-US/, for graphs. It gives out of box Area, Bar, Pie, Line graphs.

Dropping link soon 🚀