I have 2 kids at home, 1 at uni and a disabled dog. Being able to focus is so important but also being present for the family.

How do you balance your side hustle and normal life?

Have you had to say no to a feature that was requested a lot by customers? #buildinpublic
How many projects are you working on at once? #buildinpublic
It's time to get up and take a break, going to take Benji for a walk and stop thinking about work for a while. You should make sure you take a break too, burn out is real! #buildinpublic
Do we really need CSS frameworks like TailwindCSS, are they that helpful or do they just add complications to long term projects over pure CSS?

#buildinpublic #css #html
Aside from Twitter, do you #buildinpublic on any other social platforms or forums?
Happy Tuesday! What are you working on today?

As a developer, what's your go to image making app(s) for social media content? #dev #buildinpublic
Laravel Developer support is available by the hour from @coderstudios if you need any PHP developer help on your project #buildinpublic
Q/A Time for Designers 🎨

Do you keep a set style to define you and your work or are you open to many different styles?

What will you measure and track to prove impact of your product and iterate or increase successes over time when starting a side project? #buildinpublic #kpis #goals
Moving one step closer to giving beta access to @status__screen so close now #buildinpublic
When in the early phases of launching your Saas, do you worry about keeping costs down? What do you spend the most on?

Let's have a coffee break, tell me what you've been up to today? #buildinpublic
How long did it take you to decide on your logo and are you happy with it? How many times have you changed it?

What would you spend £15 on right now to help you with a problem? #buildinpublic
This is a reminder that what you're doing is probably hard, is going to take some time, and you won't be able to do it all as quickly as you would like to. You're doing great, keep going step by step and you'll get there.