Had few moments of self doubt today.

Questioned everything I was doing.

But then I just started doing cold outreach without thinking of consequences.

All self doubts are gone now.

Action is the greatest killer of self-doubt.

Finished week 1 of Bootcamp with @paralect team

Leap Room beta app is now in the works

Working with the @paralect team has been nothing sort of exceptional

Gonna go Podcast shopping next week with @Yashtribe

What should I call my Podcast with early stage founders?

What I did today?
- set up outreach campaigns to get more users
- discussed crazy product ideas with @shivambhatia42
- teamed up with @CompetencyPass for a project
- finalized beta app with @paralect 's amazing team
- gave feedback to a founder on his idea

It's 2 AM and I am noting down Leap Room's USPs and product vision.

If this was a job, I'd be cursing myself.

But when you do what you love, it's exhilarating everyday.

Cherish every moment in your entrepreneurial journey folks, even the late night ones.

Going to start a new daily ritual - supporting Product Hunt makers with upvotes and comments

Share your Product Hunt links below and I'll upvote and comment

Let's help makers win

Side-effect of entrepreneurship -

You can never sit still.

You're always doing or thinking.

Never still.

Goals for June -

- get 50 founder waitlist sign ups
- build Leap Room MVP
- work on Leap Room podcast
- get more internships for students

At first I thought Apple’s $3499 is just another fancy toy with joke pricing.

But then I read up more about it and realised it’s going to be a game-changer for the Future of Work.

Exciting times ahead for every remote team worldwide.

How would you cold outreach a billion dollar+ founder ?

Or is that something beyond cold outreach?


Spent some time today brainstorming and playing around with Figma to build Leap Room MVP UX flows.

Must admit that whoever conceptualised @figma is an absolute genius.

Absolute gem of a product.

There’s a lot to learn from Kunal Shah, founder of $6.4 billion startup CRED.

Watched one of his podcasts and summarised three key tips he gives for founders.

Watch to find out how these tips can help you build a great business and avoid some key mistakes

Realising that it’s super important to have a 1 sentence pitch for your startup.

Helps to create excitement when you talk to new people.

What’s the 1 sentence pitch for your startup?

Back in action.

Calls, calls and more ….. calls.

Talking about everything this week - product, business model, AI, Dubai

Going to experiment with a new ICP next week.

If it works it would be amazing.

Excited as well as nervous at the same time for this 🙃

Back to video creation today after a 10-day hiatus.

There's just something magical about making videos, even if it's Reels.

Kinda brings out the artist in you when you plan every frame in your head.

Nano's over, so figuring out what goals to work on for June.

What is everybody working on for June?

What's your North Star?

Joined @callmehouck 's community. Have learnt a lot from Michael's tweets and newsletters.

Very excited to learn and help other like-minded founders in their journey.

Do check it out here -

Excited to be a part of the Bootcamp by @paralect .

Look forward to building a killer feature for Leap Room in the next 30 days and building on current traction.

The grind goes on.

Recently interviewed Apurv Bansal, founder of Zenskar (@ZenskarHQ ).

Zenskar have raised $3.5 million from Bessemer and are building flexible billing software for SaaS.

If you're a SaaS founder, you should definitely check them out -