If you're worried about what people will say,

you're probably doing the right thing.

1 - Start your own company;

2 - Create a unique product;

3 - Utilize the power of community;

4 - Build a strong Identity

any thing else? 🤔

Let's Go! Finally reached my first 100! 🥳🎉

Incredible journey on twitter,

I have learnt a lot in this journey,
met new people, Launched 2 products building in public

The #buildinpublic community was the most
supportive all along this journey😃🎉

GIF made by @audiencon!
Hey Dev's 👋,

Here are 4 NoCode API Builders to us now..

So that you can save a ton of time!
Do read the thread 🧵👇

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Here are 5 Chrome web extensions tools for boosting your web design development and being productive✨

Do read the thread 🧵enhance your coding experience!

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What's the best investment you've ever made?

I'll start,

I learnt web development, fundamentals of AI during covid lockdown.

I went from being 13 y/o at that time who did not know anything. Now I am building AI products.

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Get ready to level up your UI/UX skills with these YouTube Channels⚡️

Here is a thread 🧵of 𝟓 YouTube Channels,

Don't miss out! 👇

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1. **Create a hypothesis**

2. **Test that hypothesis**

3. **Establish a metric***

4. **Repeat**

5. **Make changes**

6. **Repeat**

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Get ready for some mind blowing CSS tricks that will revolutionize your web development! 💫

Here are the Top 3 CSS Tricks,
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Woohoo, very close for a 100 followers milestone on twitter,

Lets connect! 🤝

Hi I'm Suhas,
I give tips on Frontend & Web development,
I build AI Products on the web, also daily AI updates

hop on this adventure with me!

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A lot of folks struggle with whether they should pursue their dream job or if they'll be happy working at their current job

My Take:

1. If you love what you do, you'll do good work
2. You'll have more opportunity
3. If you can do what you love, you'll be happier

Boost your web development workflow with these top 𝟰 VS Code extensions! 💻✨

Supercharge your coding experience,

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💡 CSS Tips for Web Development! 💻🎨

Here are the Top 3 CSS Tricks to make stunning web designs and responsive websites

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Stability AI launches SDXL 0.9

➙ It claims to produce massively improved images and compositions detail over its predecessor

➙ SDXL0.9 has one of the largest parameter count of any open-source image model

➙ It introduces a novel framework

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Frontend devs: Being able to write clean, understandable,
efficient code is one of the most valuable skills you can have.

This is not limited to just designing and coding from scratch,
it's also about being able to read, debug, and improve existing code.

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If you want to be a better frontend developer, practice these 3 things:

1) Learn how to create simple, beautiful interfaces.

2) Understand the logic behind code structures and design patterns.

3) Make your code fast, maintainable, and portable.

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Starting a startup can be intimidating,

but remember that an MVP can help you test the waters & increase your productivity!

Keep it simple & focus on satisfying your target customers - you'll be off to a great start!

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Hey Frontend Devs out there 👋,

Here are Top 5 sites to get 3D images to make aesthetic UI Designs,

Get ready to elevate your UI designs Now,

Thread 🧵👇

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People are pushing boundaries of #AI

This E-Bike [Urtopia Fusion] which now has a built in ChatGPT,

▶️The chatbot can respond to control their e-bike/GPS
▶️It can analyze data, speed, HP, cadence
▶️Can be connected to Apple Health & Strava

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Everyone's a maker now

Everyone's a creator

[The Competition is On 🔥🚀]

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