⚡️The importance of good page performance!⚡️
The effects of these improvements are kicking in:
🧵More data and images in the thread below 👇

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When optimizing a site with an older codebase, even small improvements feel good #buildinpublic

🧵 Explaining a little bit of the hustle 👇…
Cheaper alternatives to @ahrefs or @sistrix ?

Both are 99€/month which is quite a lot for just getting off the ground quick.

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The #buildinpublic journey continues, today I soft launched the marketing site and betalist. Now to start expanding the #SEO of the marketing site.

How's everyone's weeks been?

If you missed it @ConntinApp is live!
🚀 Daily update – @4BioHQ
⏳ 20 days to launch

Slow return after a day off. Two sitemap scripts created (picture). I've also worked on planning and schedules. I'm thinking it can turn into something more like a soft launch, I'm not sure yet.

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Day 69 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-More SEO research and analysis for &

For any bootstrapped startup, SEO is not an option for growth - it's a must-have marketing channel for your growth. Invest in SEO from early on!
I love to work on longterm #marketing initiatives despite the lead time sometimes makes me sad, not seeing some remarkable results. Like this one. This year, my goal is to get 16K a month.

#SEO #organic #growth #buildinpublic

Thanks for the team effort, @localazy!
Google searches are increasing, which is exciting for . As we add more blogs, I expect this will generate more traffic.🚀🚀

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A little sneak preview of what you may expect from the #get2learnthis
project. This is a commented #SEO meta tag template. Please let me know, what you think. Not sure in which form we will provide it finally. Thanks for your feedback 👊 #buildinpublic…
Internal link building is a crucial part of SEO.
So, I'm working on it now.

💡 Tip #1: To grab the user's attention use power words like fast, extra, value, and now to encourage clicks and conversions.

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💡 Twitter caches websites links with Open Graph tags.

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SEO is slow and takes a lot of effort but the benefits are 🚀...

With the upcoming product updates on @typestack_ai now you can create AMP-enabled blog pages automatically and most of the TECH SEO is taken care of.

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SEO contributes >50% to our $3 million startup.

Finding hidden gems in KEYWORDS is a very critical part of the game.

Here's my secret 8-step actionable playbook, so you can replicate the success!

Thread 🧵
If you wrote a book about how to succeed in SaaS, what are some of the common growth channels you'd include🤔?

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🚀 Daily update – @4BioHQ
⏳ 28 (and 27) days to launch
(Yep, I missed a day)

#Blog available at Still need to fix some issues. New post every week. It's mainly for #SEO, so there is a lot to improve. Sitemap and #RSS feed soon.

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Impressions have been doubled twice in the last two days.
Yet I have not added more pages.
Guess Google finally caught up??

Is this pattern normal?

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Have you ever wanted to get a team management and monitoring tool but always felt that the existing options are just a bit overkill?

Well fear not because your life just got easier.

Signup now at

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#buildinpublic (Week #3) -
Fixed several #SEO issues on the site; few more to go. I'm not focusing on content strategy yet; but it'd be the biggest crowd-puller.

Question for #SaaS folks - What is one thing that led to significant improvement in your landing page conversion?
🚀 Daily update (late) – @4BioHQ
⏳ 29 days to launch

The #blog is ready to release, I'm in love with its minimalist design and how easy it is to publish new articles: I just need to write markdown (I am using "ghostwriter" app, which is awesome 💜).

#buildinpublic #SEO #SaaS
I haven't been tweeting much lately because I am currently sick. I have loads of blogs posts to write.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. just crossed the bar of 20 active users.

Most of them coming through via Google. #seo #buildinpublic
🚀 Daily update (late) – @4BioHQ
⏳ 30 days to launch

I am finishing the last details to release the blog this weekend 🤞

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Have you ever wanted to get a team management and monitoring tool but always felt that the existing options are just a bit overkill?

Well fear not because your life just got easier.

Signup now at

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Today is a blogging day - for roast my speech.

The slow SEO struggle.

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I started using Ahrefs for website owners, it's a free version (simplified?) as far as I understand.

Not sure what to do next though.
Who has experience with it?

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Time to start working on the #saas idea again now that the #seo plan is kicking in for

What are everyones thoughts on these logos? What is your favourite? #buildinpublic

Idea for generating more search traffic:

figure out what free tools your customers are always looking for and then build it for them. (e.g. PayPal fees calculator, profit margin calculator, etc)

#buildinpublic, #nocode, #SEO, #Entrepreneurship
Can’t wait to get back from holidays to start my real indiemaker #SaaS project 💪

Hint: #nocode + programmatic #seo + #ai

I’m building it for myself in the first place this time. It’s gonna be more a « eat your own food » #buildinpublic 😆

Starting next week!
Programmatic #seo is such a powerful technique, just love the concept. Coming into this field is teaching me so many new things. Anyone new in this should go give… a read.

#buildinpublic #Growth
I have not been putting in the effort I should but this is SEO progress from the past few months. #buildinpublic #seo #ecommerce
SEO isn't easy

it takes time to build your reputation online with marketing, backlinks, etc.

but what about the lower hanging fruit?

here's a short thread on an easy way to improve SEO for all you devs and designers 👇

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What is the best way to find an SEO partner?

Meaning a person who is an SEO expert and wants to trade their time and effort for shares in a joint project.

This is for Humbo (, where we are building the IMDb of travel.

#buildinpublic #seo
Been really enjoying setting up how I'm tracking on google and the #SEO plan

Not a bad start when I literally only made changes yesterday #buildinpublic

Moved up 59 places in 24 hours! SEO used to be a long play, but seeing value instantly too! #saas #startups
Any ideas on how I can make this section look better? It doesn't look so great, and I can't pinpoint the reason (besides the center alignment between the pictures)

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@PlausibleHQ disagrees with @Google though.
Not sure which one to trust. I guess it doesn't matter.

The point is #seo pays dividend! #buildinpublic
#SEO - Link Building (3/3) 🧵

How to create more Backlinks for a higher Google ranking as a Blogger or for your Startup? ⬇️

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I just had a job board @remotefront without a blog.

I added a blog in @remotefront using my own @docswrite_blog

Check these astonishing results once I added a blog and started producing content.

#seo #blogging #buildinpublic
Anyone that can provide me a good tutorial for SEO?

#buildinpublic #SEO
Landing page time for #nopeus 🔥

Any recommendations on your content writing flow for a landing page?

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I'm glad about statistics on PH.
The launch is very important to your product, not only because of the traffic, but because of all the side benefits such as articles, backlinks, and social media free publishing :)

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Twitter is great!

Pieter is developing a successful job board website out in the open.

Then SEO expert and Founder of Yoast, @jdevalk joins the chat to talk strategy.

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Added [ 🦴 Sort by ] ordering now:

🆕 Latest jobs:
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SEO - Link Building (1/3) 🧵

Link Building is the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your website. These Hyperlinks are called BACKLINKS.

How backlinks can help to get a higher rank on Google and more Users ⬇️

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One page dedicated to @Stripe on my site took me from not ranking at all to 2 & 7 for UK & US respectively in about 1 week 🙌…

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Hi friends 👋 Hope you have a great day today. If any of you are good at #SEO I would appreciate if you could have a look at my planned website structure. Would be happy to know if that structure makes sense or not. Thanks in advance. My DM's are open at any time. #buildinpublic
Tonight has been a good one for the #buildinpublic journey.

I mentioned I switched to create a quick site for the Camper Van Wedding Car. It's pretty much complete, just using #AI to help generate some #SEO content as we speak.

May even soft launch it tonight!
🚀 Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 46 days to launch

Still writing blog posts. I finished 5 out of 10 planned. I still need to translate them because the site is going to be multilingual (en/pt).

#buildinpublic #programming #seo #marketing
It's amazing to see real, organic conversions picking up...veeery slowly, but a clear trend

#buildinpublic #seo
Started using textbroker to get some #SEO content going. So far I'm pretty happy with the articles. Have you used that service before and how was your experience with it? #buildinpublic
Got inspired by @Jamie_IF @NicheDown @FatStacksBlog @NicheSiteLady @TheWebsiteFlip and ready explore the world of Niche Sites!

#SEO #blogging are completely new to me so hoping by #buildinpublic it can help me connect with people that know a lot more than me to learn from!
🚀 Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 47 days to launch

Today, I'm going to write SEO optimized blog posts (I'll try 😂) to promote the business. I'll make them public as soon as possible.

#buildinpublic #programming #seo #marketing
How do you auto-generate SEO images for your pages? 🤔

I am doing it by hand and want to automate it. Any ideas or nice templates?

#buildinpublic #nocode #seo
SEO is a big part of my marketing strategy for watchlimits and I'm making steady progress! The site has been up since mid April.

I am just scratching the surface, I still have lots of great content ideas and haven't really written or shared that much.

#SEO #buildinpublic
“Blog stats 👇
- 13 blog posts get 0 traffic (no / low keyword research)
- 2 blog posts gets ~150 clicks / day (keyword research)

Plan before you write 💪

#SEO #buildinpublic

I signed up to @katlinks_ today. So far it's a bit confusing.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do but I am going to spend some time this weekend to read the knowledge base.

Also I need to finish writing a new blog post.

#seo #buildinpublic
Would love some feedback about #nopeus messaging

“Nopeus is an end-to-end tool for managing your applications at scale in the cloud with a single command”

#devops #Kubernetes #cloud #marketing #seo #buildinpublic #opensource #Sales…
@maximehugodupre That’s interesting! Technically, you define your application in a YAML and run nopeus liftoff 🚀 and you’re done

How about - #nopeus is an end-to-end tool for managing your applications at scale in the cloud with a single command