Happy Backup day! Make sure that your backups are working! #buildinpublic
I am starting a marketing week. Gonna be focusing on SEO.

Does anyone in the #buildinpublic community have any suggestions for a SEO beginner?
If you have issues with rerendering while using chakra UI, ensure that the hook you use has a default value!

I have been battling with a re-rendering for a while! #buildinpublic

Sunday project update: Successfully access and display data.
Next step: add icons. I am gonna try a UTF-8-compatible font to display emojis as icons. #buildinpublic
Sunday project: Build a watch face for a @garmin watch. Sometimes you need to give the #buildinpublic a rest.
Coding session in Boston with the amazing latte art of @OgawaCoffeeUSA #buildinpublic
@ryandaviddev I had made that mistake many times before! I was the wrong #buildinginpublic tag until two days ago. Engagement went up (obviously) after switching to #buildinpublic.
Interesting: AWS Amplify captures all the Oauth2 callbacks to your app, not only the ones destined to Cognito. Took me a day to find this out. #buildinpublic
Coding session in Boston with the amazing latte art of @OgawaCoffeeUSA #buildinpublic
@IkigaiMail landing page is now in English, Spanish, and Japanese. Being called Ikigai, I figured it was a must to have a Japanese version. Let’s see what the effect on SEO is. #buildinpublic
Excellent article about databases for anyone building its own SaaS. #buildinpublic…