@nchartiot That has been my main complaint about threads.

I use Twitter mostly for the #buildinpublic.
@danielcranney And no tags! I was trying to look for #buildinpublic people there. So far not a big fan of it.
@JoeDuncko @ken_wheeler @IkigaiMail Hi! Ask as many questions as you wish! This is very motivating! I have learned from the #buildinpublic community that you need to talk to your customers.

I do not have a snooze function yet, but as you are interested, I am gonna add it to the roadmap.

For due dates: That is a……
Working on SEO this week for G2:
☑️ indexed by Google.
☑️ sitemap.xml
☑️ robots.txt
☑️ Each page has an H1
☑️ Each page has an H2
☑️ Redirect to https

#buildinpublic #seo #solopreneur
I just learned that React pages do not get indexed by Google (or any other crawler).

This is because the crawlers do not support javascript.

First rule of SEO: make sure your site is indexed...

#buildinpublic #indiedev #solopreneur #seo
My laptop dual boots @RHEL 9.2 and @openSUSE tumbleweed.

It has been a while since I have booted up openSUSE and I had forgotten how nice SUSE is!

#buildinpublic #indiedev #linux
The AWS go sdk does not have a function for multipart download from S3 unless you had uploaded the files to S3 using multipart upload.

#buildinpublic #cloud #golang #aws
My new SaaS ( is blocked in some places because the domain is too new. (2 weeks old)

Shipping fast has its drawbacks...

#buildinpublic #IndieDevs
Working on SEO and performance for! How it started vs. how it is going.

Excellent feedback by @yewwwdev. The new version of is up, incorporating his feedback.

I launched a side project of my side project!
A URL shortener!

I am looking for a portable 4k monitor. Any suggestions from the #buildinpublic and #digitalnomad communities?
AWS Cognito does not provide refresh tokens for third-party authentication. This weekend's project is swapping cognito by Auth0 to authenticate my app.

#buildinpublic @auth0 #infosec
I needed python3-dialog, but RHEL9 does not provide it. The F34 version is only compatible with Python 3.10.
Option A: Wait for RHEL 9.2
Option B: Build my own package

#linux #rhel #buildinpublic
Cognito, when you add signing up with Google does not give you a refresh token. Auth0 does!

#buildinpublic #AWS @auth0
@SaidAitmbarek I think this is the feeling of everyone in the #buildinpublic community!
Questions for the React Engineers: Don't you think using reducers adds too much complexity to the code?

#react #FrontEndDeveloper #buildinpublic
Even for my side projects I always use three identical environments: Prod, QA and Dev. All managed by #terraform. One single code base and three different config files.

@danielcranney When you #buildinpublic you just need to worry about DesDevSecOpsMktSup!