How many of you joined Threads?
To build in public??

Your thoughts?

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3 weeks since last tweet

Updates are-

1. I moved to the silicon valley of India. To work & build network. Let me know, If you're in Bangalore.
2. Built a new site. Check out-

Lot of development in our product.
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In the world of #BuildInPublic, failure is not the end;

It's a stepping stone to success. Today's setback is tomorrow's breakthrough.

So grateful for the opportunity to learn, iterate & grow. Keep pushing forward, fellow builders! 🌟

(One of my replies hit 10k impressions 🚀)
What do you guys do to keep yourself creative??
I'm feeling like, 9-5 routine work hampers our creativity a lot.

Any thoughts?

Is office politics one of the reasons to start your startup?
What are the distribution channels you use to distribute your saas products?
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The biggest insecurity of 1st-time entrepreneurs, what if my idea gets stolen?
A lot of things are there behind the idea to get success.

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There is a boom in AI SaaS🚀 tools. Most of them are powered by ChatGPT and fall under LLM. I felt kind of redundancy.

Some tools are brilliant(no doubt) & some are just with a new UI to the ChatGPT.

Are you working on SaaS powered by ChatGPT?
Share the link.
As I said earlier, I'll be posting impressions & engagement on 100 tweets I did in the last 10 days.

Total imp - 3.4K
Highest Imp was yesterday - 1.6K
Per Day Imp - 342
Avg. Eng rate - 6.8%
Followers - 18

I'm extremely satisfied with this result!!

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I just canceled my Spotify premium!!

Out of multiple premium features,
I used only 2.
No ads
Offline download

Rest features I haven't used till date,
High definition songs( no much diff w/o HD)
Group sessions

Learn from Spotify.

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How to validate our startup product?
Please suggest.

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Just hit a major milestone of 100 tweets🐦🐦! It's amazing to witness the progress firsthand and share it with all of you.
10 days since I started. Impression & engagement screenshots will be dropped.
Stay tuned for more updates!!
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Want to create an exclusive paid online community?
Want to deliver content directly to the user's selected platform like telegram, whatsapp & twitter?
Then try,

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Emotional moments, when building a start-up

1. Product launch
2. 1st 100 traffic to our website
3. SEO works
4. 1st paid customer
5. Content gets engaged
6. Positive feedback

Comment your emotional moments.
Critical skills to succeed in your prod journey

1. Basic understanding of programming
2. Data Analysis
3. Forecasting & Measuring numbers
4. Storytelling
5. Sales

Add If I missed anything.

Why does the Canva website builder have a very bad navigation bar??
& moreover, the position is not fixed.
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As things are automated/ increased speed, people are losing patience.
Are you one among them?
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Received feedback on our site from a potential client that he is not getting clear messages from our website, how exactly will we add value to him?
So, I'm working on setting clear messages on our site.

Attaching both new & old screenshots
Love it or Hate it
WordPress is for our rescue.
#buildinpublic #wordpress
What all platforms do you use to generate more leads for your saas products??
Please comment.
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