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Hi #buildinpublic 👋

My website now compensates for all the CO2 emissions generated from it...

Using @treenation “Net Zero Website” service

To Know more, read here…
Thank you #buildinpublic
To every single person building in public:

👉 Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your work, it inspires me and so many others
👉 Thank you for giving feedback on my projects and allowing me to critique yours
👉 Thank you for being a member of such a positive community
Found the mistake and it was just a line change.
Forgot to convert the time into the correct timezone.😅

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Still didn't work after that😪

Same code with same database was working on my machine, but not on server

The reason was my system timezone was different from the server
Asia/Kolkata vs UTC

Changed my system's timezone to UTC and the error is replicated 😁

Changes deployed and it's still not working 😪

Let's hope logs will help

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I think I fixed it. 🥲

Just pushed the code, also added some logs too. Let's hope it will work🤞

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And it's happening again... 😪

Code is working in my machine but not on the server 😭

#developers #buildinpublic
Goal of the week

1. Fix mobile notification script for message sharing

2. Build static public page site that shows @treenation trees and co2 count stats

Let's see how it goes 👀

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make something
wonderful and put
it out there...

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As soon as I thought let's start something productive and mac decides to go on force update 🥺

What are you people working on, tonight..?
Final touches to the next short post...

Spoilers: It's going to be **funny** 😝🙈

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“Sometimes you need to stop looking, zoom out, and change the perspective to find the right answer.”
– Purva @dreamyyinn

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Knowing how to solve is not important, knowing that you can is.

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@MeetKevon Today's second-best learning was actually the first to come. 😅

And it was from a friend @ListenIDGAF_

“If we want to do something, we gonna start it. We can just sit on, complaining about not being able to do it.”

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“If you get enough small wins and then look back in time, you'll see how far you've come”
@MeetKevon said it right.

Accumulated small wins weigh more than a big win.

“Target small and just ship”

My best learning of today.

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Best Kick start kit for entrepreneurs
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10 website so good for entrepreneurs, you'll kick yourself that you didn't knew sooner: