Ideas how to #buildinpublic w/o social media:

- print progress posts in local classifieds
- write a letter to your favorite developer
- write on a chalkboard hung outside your door
- put app updates on coffee shop bulletin boards
- relay your MRR reports to spam callers
@PereAyats Sir due to step 3, do I have to build in public via email??
Hey, everybody... this guy wants to get to 10K.

Let's get him to 20K!

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Can everyone pls just get me to 10K followers so I can pretend to my parents that I'm important on the internet 🙏

I'll do 3 FREE 30 min niche site audits for anyone who shares once I hit 10K - anyone who shares is entered and can win 🔥

"spend money to make money"

Example: @Spotify 's $280M #Marketing budget.

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Whenever I see founders and indie makers insinuating that running ads are "beneath" them... I chuckle a little inside 😜
David Torras is killing it with @laradircom.

- planted the seed
- promoted it
- new developers every month
- crossed the threshold of FIRST PAYING CUSTOMER!

#thisistheway #buildinpublic #php #laravel…
#openstartup January update for @laradircom:

📈 49€ MRR (first paying customer!)
💼 8 new businesses
🧑‍💻 40 new developers (391 in total)
✉️ 54 messages sent

#buildinpublic spotlight: @gocuratedLA

- newsletter only about local LA news.

- When other apps & newsletters target the world, do the opposite.
- Expertly serve a niche audience.
We've launched on @ProductHunt! | Hopefully our rocket engines don't give out:…
Love this tip!

Or use a password generator for var names.

Example: "$2mZF = bAZ8($nXRc);"

#cybersecuritytips #buildinpublic
Programming tip: always use one-letter variable names; it saves space and makes your code more efficient.
Awesome newsletter content.

Suggestion: break sections into individual emails and change send to weekly.

First ever startup update email: shipped ✅
Great innovative idea:

Security based on age/intelligence level.

Possible flaw: a young child can accidentally click the correct answer in 3 push-button options.

Solution: Make it a fill-in-the-blank with a three-digit answer. 900 possible answers.

Settings screen on Baby Sensory app will now be hidden behind a child lock…

Fellow parents – you are welcome 😂
I did that this week.

Me: I have 3 important tasks to do that will greatly impact my projects and they need to get done.

Also me: let me search out articles on SaaS advice (that will in no way help me get my tasks done.)

Reading books about building startups is my favorite form of procrastination.
I'm not the CompSci Masters dev at Google.

Not rising to CTO / COO of a big company.

Introvert. Plugger. Swiss-Army-Knife dev.

Finding my path.

Your goals should start with lifestyle, not money.

Filthy rich & burned out sucks.

Moderately wealthy & free is amazing.

- focus on marketing
- focus on marketing
- focus on marketing

Cool extra, "nice-to-have" features won't make my sites grow.

UPDATE: using Cloudfare's Free proxy for websites fixes the issue. Now I can use any host I want.

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Like every other dev on the planet, OpenAI GPT now helps me to brainstorm ideas.

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Someone on Reddit had trouble getting their users to give feedback.

Here's their email and my mock-up of a better solution.

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@mauro_codes Until you learn that competitors mean market validation.

Popeyes was a donut shop that copied KFC.
Walmart and Costco copied FedCo.

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Sometimes negative feedback provides the opportunity to improve.

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Update: added all world languages after a few devs noped out of the profile setup when they couldn't find their language.

(I thought the top 50 would be sufficient. I was wrong.)

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