✨ Just received the most comprehensive App Store rejection for Follow Tracker:

– I need to provide clarification (a test account wasn't sufficient)
– Twitter authentication needs to happen in-app (currently loads safari)
– Need to add AppTrackingTransparency

✅ Backend is finally done

It started as a simple app to learn the Twitter API…

Then it became an app for tracking followers…

Now it's a tweet analytics and audience analysis app…

All in a single month… My brain is fried 😮 #buildinpublic
✨ Version 1.0 of Follow Tracker has been submitted to App Store Connect for review. May the review gods have mercy upon my code.

✨ Ranking #1 for "Learn Tarot" in Google Play 🎉

I've found releasing for free is a great way to rank highly on the app stores (even for competitive keywords)

In 2023 I'll be building new features and monetizing

✨ Much happier with the final look of "Follow Tracker". Today the design is flowing 🎉

✅ A few more onboarding items to finalise
✅ Dropping the "Growth" tab for v1.0 (have plans to make this a resource for growing a following)

Then it's ready to ship!

I have the pre-release jitters for "Follow Tracker"

A year ago my #buildinpublic updates would get a like (or two at the most)

Now, as my audience grows, I feel my perfectionist nature resurfacing
Yesterday I discovered viral tweets make for meaningless Twitter analytics graphs 🤦‍♂️

✨ Before shipping I've added logarithmic charts to Follow Tracker with the option to switch

✨ Pushups Counter moved up to #1 position 🎉 #buildinpublic
✨ Audience insights engine working beautifully:

— Tracks recent followers
— Influencers & Top Fans
— Keyword Matches
— Low Hanging Fruit (easy to convert to followers)

Plus! A powerful tweet feed to engage with your top followers to build stronger connections

Elon is learning what every #buildinpublic indie app developer already knows:

Apple is a kingmaker. The rules are not fair. But it's their game.
✨ New users acquired dropped below the 30 day rolling average for the first time since the app launched

@MartinDamyanoff @adamc0dez Watch the #buildinpublic hashtag. So many passionate people sharing their journey
✨ The follower insights engine is taking shape nicely:

– Track your top fans
– Highlight recent influencer interactions
- Highlight follower growth opportunities

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been building my new “Follow Tracker” app… #buildinpublic

My goal is simple:

– Learn the Twitter API
– Create a powerful (yet simple to use) analytics tool
– Focus on audience growth
– Build a powerful insights engine

Here’s my progress so far:
✨ My Baby Sensory app desperately needs a monetization rethink:

– Averages 2500 downloads/month
– Ranks #3 in USA for "Baby Sensory"

❌ Failed attempt: Created a spinoff app (baby sleep tracking) and deep linked in the app

Result: Converts poorly 😢

✨ I've built the "boring" bits (aka the twitter api backend and analytics)…

Next week I'm training the "insights" engine to find growth opportunities

✨ ASO Tracker launched quietly last week on iOS to my mailing list:

✅ Reached 83 in developer tools
✅ Ranking #1 for "track keywords" and "keyword analytics"

Sales: $0

I guess this is expected when all the early adopters were given FREE lifetime offer 😂

✨ I’m building "Follow Tracker" an analytics app to GROW your audience on Twitter…

I'm giving away FREE annual access to early bird subscribers (valued at $99) 🎉

How to claim yours:
1. Retweet this tweet
2. Comment "👋"
3. Check your DM’s for the secret link