✨ Built the sleep entry management system (adding, editing and deleting sleep entries)

I don't know who needs to hear this but version 1.0 doesn't need a dark mode

✨ The Baby Sleep app now has basic sleep tracking functionality (hooray!)

- Sleep timer can be started and stopped
- Sleeps are logged and graphed

Interface leaves a lot to be desired. But at this stage my focus is functionality and release.

Just listed on @flippa

Eager to see how it compares to @microacquire

@philipbrown People in my life stopped listening to my wacky ideas. But I found a captive market with #buildinpublic 😂
✨ First stages of the Baby Sleep interface are taking shape

To save time I'm recycling the code from my Intermittent Fasting app. It's a similar app in principle. Instead of tracking a fasting session we're simply tracking baby sleep cycles.

✨ Added “Beautiful Unicorns” visualisation to Baby Sensory app

With music created by my 10 year old son in his therapy session (Special thanks to Melbourne Music Therapy)

— We spent Saturday night designing the visuals together. Amazing father/son bonding ❤️

✨ I've designed the style guide, branding and colour palette for the new Baby Sleep app

Design is more than just pretty colours...

It's a visual metaphor...

Baby Sleep is:

- Nurturing, caring and loving
- Supportive and trustful

The secret to rapid success:

— Build quality
— Build fast
— Build value
— Build in public

Then get outside… go for a walk…

Inspiration happens *away* from the screen 🤯

✨ Over the next 2 weeks I am building “Baby Sleep”

— An app for tracking baby sleep cycles for new parents (with 0-12 month olds)

My goals:

— $0 budget
— 14 days to launch
— 1+ subscribers this month

This thread will track my process—

Let’s go! 🎉

“Build it and they will come”

Should be:

“Build value and they will come”

Momentum is the lifeblood of your app:

1. Build for release 🚧
2. Get revenue 💰
3. Get feedback 💬
4. Think of new features 💡
5. Repeat ♾

Don’t over complicate it…

Just keep building 💪

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✨ July 2022 top 5 downloaded apps from my iOS app portfolio

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
✨ I shipped "Sleepy Time" visualisation to the Baby Sensory app. (And the update is already live on the App Store 🎉)

Tested and approved by my son (5 months old) 👶

#buildinpublic #indiehackers #indiehacker
I enquired about purchasing the domain for #buildinpublic makers…

(think linktree but for projects)

…but the guy wants $24,500 USDT for it 🙄🤡
✨ Adding a sleepy time visualisation to Baby Sensory app

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