#buildinpublic @laradircom

✅ Refactored profile form with @filamentphp Form Builder
✅ Fixed two small bugs
✅ Updated moderation backend for new profiles
#buildinpublic @laradircom

✅ Sent 17 personal emails to developers contacted by businesses asking for feedback (and received feedback from 2!)
✅ Updated profile form with select for the country instead of the free text input.
#openstartup January update for @laradircom:

📈 49€ MRR (first paying customer!)
💼 8 new businesses
🧑‍💻 40 new developers (391 in total)
✉️ 54 messages sent

The design for the stickers is ready. Do you like it?

We'll use the stickers to welcome @laradircom developers, but I will probably give a few away on Twitter 🎁

Who is in?
#laravel #buildinpublic…
Tinkering some drawings to create new Laradir stickers. You'll love it 😎