@dev_bre those days are over. Only useful as a way to connect with a community like #buildinpublic, but it won't give you more visibility
@_justlilian awesome analysis. Hashtags are mostly useless but it can work if:
- it's actively used by a community like #buildinpublic or #100DaysOfNoCode
- you don't use too many to avoid being flagged as spam
- you're a small account <1k followers as it can boost your visibility
@_justlilian @adamlyttleapps hashtags don't really work anymore, better to use keywords from the topics page. But for #buildinpublic and a couple others that are community based and non-spammy, there might be an exception πŸ€”
@felix12777 except for #buildinpublic it seems hashtags are mostly used by spammers