#buildinpublic, can we trust what a customer says he needs?
✨ Books give wings to the mind —

As a solo-preneur, the best investment you can make is to extend your knowledge.

Here are 11+ books selected by the best #buildinpublic founders you need to read ↓
Distractions are everywhere. #buildinpublic founders, how do you keep your attention high?
#buildinpublic what’s the habit your the most proud of?
This morning I had a problem with @supabase for backend.

I wasn't able to connect to my db anymore.

Just wanted to share that the customer support is awesome 🎉👏

The difference between a product and a business is an appropriate audience.

Double your traffic or double your conversion, which do you prefer?
✨ Day 4 of building in public

🎉 New feature: You can now choose to undo every self-retweet after 24h, so your profile remains clean.

#buildinpublic in one GIF, how much do you love your product ?
#buildinpublic which one do you prefer?
@_justlilian Looks really sick! Clean, minimal and focused. 🚀
What do you think of this slight color change with a darker background? I forgot to adjust the box too (sorry) but I would use a darker color for the box too for better contrast. 😊

Background color is #222.
⚠️ Update Alert has a brand new dashboard, where you can cook your own feature-set

✨ what do you think about it ?

#buildinpublic did you ever experience the imposter syndrome ?
I just released Sidebird, a minimalist tool that retweets your content while you sleep 🎉

Free access to anyone who join during the alpha !

I'm looking for some feedback 😎
✨ On Twitter, you prefer following someone who is …

✨ It's been 5 days I retweet my content 12h after it's posted, and honestly I feel like a #growthhacker rn 😅

I'm curious, have you ever tried this technique?
🌱 What a day to be alive !
👉 Any plans for today ?