Reddit can be a good source of onboarding new customers but you can also use it to validate your idea 💡

Check out this thread by @heyimsunflower on how you can use reddit for marketing and also for validation of your idea . 👇

💡 Reddit Marketing/Validation Strategy 💡

I've posted four Reddit posts.

They got 10k+ views and dozens of comments.

My product's link was plugged into all of them.

Here's how you could replicate this to validate/market your solution

(🤏🧵 with examples 👇)
In this video @garrytan & @aaron_epstein provides valuable feedback on the websites of various AI startups.

Let's dive into its insights and recommendations for optimizing user experience and driving business success.

Reddit can be a good channel for marketing and driving traffic to landing page.

Reddit hates direct marketing so try to provide some values and add your product link to it passively.

You can checkout this thread for more 👇

💡 Reddit Strategy

• Try to stir a discussion about the problem your product is solving
• Choose a niche subreddit as the bigger ones are ruthless in terms of moderation
• Plug your product link subtly and passively and follow up with DMs to comments

How do you choose which is good for your startup 1 time payment or subscription? 🤔

The biggest reason for the closing of six degrees was it was way ahead of the time.

2001 total no of internet users was 7.6% of population.

2022 total no of internet users was 69% of population.

Being very early to the market can kill or win for your startup.

This man is the reason why you are using social media 🤯
Hey Indiehackers 👋

How many unpublished ( or unfinished ) project you have ?💭

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Focusing on a single product can indeed enhance early-stage startup success. It allows for targeted resources, market fit, and innovation.

However, diversification can mitigate risks and tap into different customer segments, offering potential growth avenues.

Death to early stage start-ups that I’m seeing too often:

Developing >1 products.

This increases the odds of failure significantly.

Early stage companies need to do 1 thing well.
Recent experience has shown me that far too many people underestimate the significance of this truth.

Ideas may be the starting point, but it's execution that matters today. And if we truly strive for excellence, it's what will carry us into tomorrow.

“Ideas are yesterday, execution is today and excellence will see you into tomorrow.”

- Julian Hall

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“Ideas are yesterday, execution is today and excellence will see you into tomorrow.”

- Julian Hall

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Hey Indiehackers! Which is the best way to get customers for b2b saas 💭

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Hey Indiehackers! How do you Find an Idea For Your project? 💭

" Building product is easy.
Building company is hard "

Everyone should read this thread for once #buildinpublic
Today is my last day leading @Codecademy after 12 years.

@ryanbubinski and I went from a prototype we hacked together in 3 weeks…

To a business with more than 50m users that we sold for $500m+.

Here are a few things we learned turning a breakout product into a great company:
Being a solopreneur or indiehacker is very hard.

You have to do all the work.

Excited to introduce Userwise, the ultimate feedback management solution!

With Userwise's AI technology, effortlessly collect, analyze & optimize feedback.

"Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to enhanced customer satisfaction!"

Absolutely agree! As The landscape is evolving conversion rate optimization has become even more critical. With platforms locking users in & traffic becoming scarce, maximizing every visitor is vital.

" Adapt and thrive in this dynamic digital landscape! "

Conversion rate optimization has always been important but in the next few years it will be even more crucial.

As platforms lock their users into their own ecosystems driving people to your website gets harder and harder.

While social media has always been like this now Google……
Hey Indiehackers! It's Sunday.

Are you working today or taking a rest from work? 💭

If you're working, then what are you working on? Share with us! 👇

Customer feedback is a treasure. It's astounding how often it gets overlooked.

Remember, your customers hold the key to unlocking valuable insights, improving your product & growing your business.

Embrace their voices, listen intently, and adapt accordingly.

Ignoring customer feedback means missing out on untapped potential.

Make a commitment to actively seek & leverage feedback to drive innovation, build strong, customer-centric solutions.

"Customer feedback is the compass that guides businesses towards success "

A well-polished MVP can make a significant difference in capturing user interest & driving conversions.

Balancing quality with a streamlined feature set is key. Building a strong foundation is very important.

"prioritize excellence over janky offerings."

An MVP should be small in scope, not in execution

I’m going against the IndieHacker consensus on the topic, but the MVP should actually be well polished

You’re not supposed to put out a load of janky crap, plaster a paywall on it, and call it a day

Not because it’s morally……
Great advice! If you're struggling to generate revenue, it's crucial to focus on the right actions.

Don't get distracted by unnecessary Activities. prioritize activities that directly impact your growth.

Keep pushing forward and success will follow!💪

If you’re stuck at $0 MRR..

• Add dark mode
• Build more features
• Ask friends their opinion

DO the following:
• Send 100+ emails/day
• Create content showing the value you provide
• Hangout where your subscribers hangout