What was my biggest win in May?

I closed a $3500 list building deal with a client (2 month min) 💪🏻

Not the managed deal type I wanted but it’s a start.

I’ll use my database to source the leads 👀

Let’s see if their reps can close🤞🏻

Summary of month 9 since launch:
- $51,108 rev since launch
- 1.7k+ unique users to the product website
- $8,771.23 net THIS MONTH after stripe/bank fees
- 7 new subs
- 1 managed list building deal at $1750/m (2 mon min)👀

Is the money in the execution or am I missing something?

This prompt generates great reviews of companies in the db of my saas..

I created a SOP for a va to follow that will:

-find/add new keywords
-generate content with gpt
-create drafts in wp with min 90/100 rankmath score

Let's see the results in a few months😆

No B2B prospect cares how many months you spent building your product.

All B2B prospects care how much $$ they'll make using your product 💪

It’s still surreal that employees from a company like google see value in my saas and have been a subscriber almost since launch..

Many other public companies subscribe (longggg approval process though 😂)

A friend on here did a launch on PH and things started great...

They got a dm with a proposal to get them into the 1-5 slot for the day for...


If people are offering this kind of service....

How can we trust the results on @ProductHunt ?

Building a B2C product?

Don’t bother…

But if you insist you need to ask yourself this 1 question:

Can people on Tiktok promote it?

If not - DO NOT build 👀


@levelsio and @Davidjpark96 have proven this is the way to scale

Their proof 👇🏻

First time founder?

Don’t spend a week building a new feature multiple customers haven’t requested 😆

What my prospect looks like after I’ve chased them for 3 months and they’ve finally subscribed to my saas 😂

When I first launched my saas (niche version of zoominfo for the marketing industry) I had an idea..

I’d create lists in g sheets - 50-70 leads with full info and ~1000 leads showing first/last name - all other data points took people to stripe payment link..


It's better to ship something and start talking to potential subscribers..

Instead of building more features no one will ever use!

I left my 9-5 over 7 years ago

Since then I've generated millions in rev, lived all around the world and watched my kids grow up (now 3 of them)!

At the time, it was the most stressful decision of my life

As I look back- it's the best decision I've ever made 💪

New trends are distracting!

Instead of chasing shiny objects..

Improve another B2B product that’s ALREADY in the market w paying users

Find 1 consistent complaint current users/subscribers continue to complain about..

This is your quickest route to profit💰🖨️

But hey at least you shipped something 😆

🚨AMA with Chris Prucha @Chrisprucha

Chris is the cofounder @NotionHQ..

Ask your questions below and Chris will answer them!

If you’re stuck at $0 MRR..

• Add dark mode
• Build more features
• Ask friends their opinion

DO the following:
• Send 100+ emails/day
• Create content showing the value you provide
• Hangout where your subscribers hangout

Yesterday I spent a few hours..

-Buying new domains
-Setting up new emails
-Warming new emails

I haven't let things get this bad before 😭

I documented the process for a colleague to do this moving forward 💪

Rep/placement must be high for cold email to work💸

Do you want to build a product but don’t know how to start?

Find a niche -> find the leader in it.

Look at the complains for the product on g2, capterra etc and solve that 1 problem..

Best part:

You’re solving a real problem that people need a solution for💪🏻

Building a B2C product is a waste of time

Don't believe me? Check out this chargeback my friend David got for his product (I USE AND LOVE IT)

It takes the same time and effort to sell a $247/m B2B product as a $9/m or $19/m B2C product!

Prove me otherwise..

This is my monthly Stripe/banking system rant:

I’ll never understand how someone “didn’t initiate a purchase” when it’s required to input your card information and input info into SEVEN fields.