Great advice If you're struggling to generate revenue, it's crucial to focus on the right actions.

Don't get distracted by unnecessary Activities. prioritize activities that directly impact your growth.

Keep pushing forward and success will follow

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If you’re stuck at $0 MRR..

• Add dark mode
• Build more features
• Ask friends their opinion

DO the following:
• Send 100+ emails/day
• Create content showing the value you provide
• Hangout where your subscribers hangout

Outsourcing may seem tempting, but when it comes to marketing, you can't take shortcuts. It's a skill you either learn or risk failure.

Embrace the challenge, educate yourself, and master the art of marketing.

There's no 3rd option on the road to success.

You can't outsource marketing.

You either learn how to do it or fail.

There is no third option.
Instead of constantly jumping from one project to another without completing the previous one, try focusing on a single project at a time!

It allows you to dedicate your energy, resources, and increase the chances of success.

Agree or Not 💭

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All Indiehackers! Repeat this 100 Times

I will not start another side project
I will not start another side project
I will not start another side project

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Startups do come with risks, but it's important to recognize that the weight of regret often surpasses the fear of failure.

Betting on yourself & taking the leap to start building can lead to incredible rewards and personal growth.

Startups are risky but the risk is worth it because regret is much heavier than failure so please bet on yourself and start building.
This guide is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to #buildinpublic.

It's a journey that combines validation, audience-building, and focusing on product development.

this practical guide on building a product in public! It's an excellent roadmap for aspiring creators .

A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide

How to:
• Validate your idea 👩‍🔬
• Build an audience 👀
• Give your product the best chance at success 🚀

... all while focusing most of your time on building!

⚡️ A thread 🧵 ⚡️
Hey Indiehackers, share on what are you working on?👇

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Hey Indiehackers! Which approach you choose to launch new product

👉 1st do a marketing ( for joining waiting list ) and then build MVP.


👉 1st build MVP and then do a marketing

Which do you prefer and why ?💭

Imagine the power of generating a product video effortlessly, just by providing your landing page!

With AI capabilities, you can now do that very easily

The possibilities are truly endless. 😲

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Hey Indiehackers ! How did you get your 1st paying customer ? 💭

Share your stories & strategies 👇

Let's inspire each other with our journeys and celebrate those exciting milestones together! 🥳

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If your SaaS does not have a dark mode, then you are not an indiehacker

True or False? 🤔

(Added dark mode to USERWISE)
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Hey Indiehackers! Share one mistake you think everyone should avoid while building an MVP? 🤔💭

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Hey Indiehackers! Do you actively involve your audience in decision-making processes, such as feature prioritization or roadmap planning? 💭

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Hey Indiehackers! What do you do when you are on a break?

Me - watch movies

You 💭

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Hey Indiehackers, are you building your product or SaaS with the intention of being acquired, or are you building it because you love to work on crazy ideas?💭

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Passed the 50 follower mark yesterday! Just wanted to say...

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Hey Indiehackers ! What you do to increase your productivity?

Me - i take a small break from work

You 💭

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Hey Indiehackers! Do you work on your projects or take a break on Sundays?

Me - I work on my project on most Sundays.

You 💭

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Hey Indiehackers! How many unfinished side projects you have ?

Mine - 1

You 💭💭

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