Heya #buildinpublic!

Today I'm experimenting with shorter pay walls. What do you think?
Heya #buildinpublic #indiehackers

In a couple of hours, I'll go live on ProductHunt for the first time! Wish me luck!
Nobody told me this, but there are two types of #entrepreneur

If you are going to start on this journey, you should carefully pick which one you want to be

Here are the choices, as well as the price of entry for each 🧵

#buildinpublic #startup #indiehackers
Heya #buildinpublic!

I've been busy doing a Mr. Worldwide cosplay, and translating MoodBites in a billion languages

What's everyone up to today?
Heya #buildinpublic!

A while ago, I built Krush, an app that helps you set goals and share your progress with other users

With the New Year right around the corner, it's never been a better time for setting goals and sticking to them

Get it here
Heya #buildinpublic!

Some of MoodBites' users reached out and told me it was cumbersome to log foods

So I put my thinking cap on, and came up with a new flow for adding food

This should make it much easier to keep track of your meals!

Check it out at!
Heya #buildinpublic

I've been learning lots about Marketing and Copy Writing lately by reading, watching courses, and talking to users

Turns out I was targetting the wrong type of user all along!

Here's my attempt at using my messaging to target my actual audience. WDYT?
Heya #buildinpublic!

Lately, I've learned a lot

I've been learning some basic Marketing and Copy Writing. I also talked to my users

I understood that I was targeting the wrong group of people all along

Now, I'm trying to change my message a bit. Here's what I currently have
Yo #buildinpublic, here's a marketing tip

Use bitly to track how your different marketing channels are performing

You can use a landing page with redirects to not look spammy (bitly can have a shady rep because of spammers)

Hey #buildinpublic!

Turns out that my fancy Screenshots were converting worse than my previous ones! Imagine the disappointment

My theory about why this is -- people get confused by the weird layout of the screens

So, I took that idea, and remade them. Whatcha think?
Heya #buildinpublic!

I am sensing a distinct lack of landing pages lately, so I decided to go ahead and address that problem

Check out!
What’s good, #buildinpublic

Here’s a useful list of places where you can post your projects, and get some traction…
@ArkYouCent @investinganna Not at all. I’d say that 90% of the #buildinpublic community is in the same boat
@mth_HB Both! Luckily #buildinpublic let’s me do them at the same time
@AntoineMesnil Thanks Antoine! The #buildinpublic did a great job of drilling the idea that I should ship fast into my head 😄
Heya, #buildinpublic! is finally live!

Know that moment when you match with someone HOT, but don't know what to say?

That's now history!

Your personal AI wingman is here! Stand out with creative and unique opener lines based on your match's interests!
Heya #buildinpublic!

Just finished pushing the last commit for, now waiting for approval from Google

In the meantime, just one decision remains -- what logo should I pick?
@jebraat Nah, I’m actually going to use to write an article for me and call it a day

Lol, just kidding

I’m essentially going to do the #buildinpublic thing on Reddit. Showing off screens for Flyrt, trying to build hype
@thatroblennon I find the idea of “multiple twitters” fascinating — @arvindhsundar first introduced this concept to me

The fact that every clique of Twitter have their own customs blows my mind for some reason

#buildinpublic is all about sharing small wins. Images with fancy backgrounds help
@ikoichi Joining the #buildinpublic crowd has probably been the best decision I made as an entrepreneur. It’s done a tremendous job of normalising success (and the behaviours that go along with it) for me