Working on a personal blog using Nextjs, tailwind, and Notion API 👀

Would you be interested in a source code?

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Day 9 of 14 #buildInPublic

✅ Today I connected the chat flow, going from the user profile to the private chat

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Day 8 of #14DayCodingChallange #buildInPublic

✅ Today I implemented on the backend and we are able to push messages via WebSockets 🎉

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Day 7 of #14DayCodingChallange #buildInPublic

✅ Today I was setting up database tables for making chat possible

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Day 6 of #14DayCodingChallange #buildInPublic

✅ Created FE components for chat module
✅ Setup on BE
Day 5 of #14DayCodingChallange #buildInPublic

✅ Made a page for editing developer profile
✅ Connected it with the developer profile
Day 4/14
I was working on the developer profile detail page and came up with this layout

Should be day 6/14, but I skipped the weekend 😅

Had some time today so I refreshed a list of open startups that I made before 👉

Do you know of any other open startups that I could add? 🤔

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Day 3/14
The goal for today is to work on the filtering

✅ Listing design done
✅ Made the filter bar fixed

I'm working on the filtering right now. Wondering what should be filterable in the filters?

Most of the job boards have level, work type, location & timezone, tech stack ...

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I didn't have any user images for the mocks, so Dall-e created a few cosmonauts riding on cute kitties for me 😄

Btw what do you think of the card design? 😄

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Day 2/14
Yesterday we did the basic landing page.

The goal for today is to build with the list of devs. Here is a mockup of something that I have in mind:

👉 On the left: filtering
👉 In the middle list of developers
👉 On the right, a place for a CTA button

Day 1 - Standown #buildinpublic

✅ Deployed a simple landing page with a simple explanation 👉
✅ Backend scaffold done

I'm using NestJS + PostgreSQL with typeorm.

What stack are you using?

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The reverse job board for javascript developers is live 👉

I made just a simple page with a wait list for anyone who would like to join a beta! 🙏

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Lately, I have really enjoyed working with @Railway. I deployed the backend for + a database with a few clicks. 🔥

Plus they offer 5$ free credit per month! 🤩

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In the next 14 days, I'll be building a reverse job board for Javascript developers.

The idea was inspired by - a reverse job board for rails developers.

And I wanted to create something similar for the Javascript space.

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