It's now possible to add highlights from a webpage to Klippper
And it also works for PDFs!

#notion #buildinpublic @NotionHQ
@NotionHQ Just added a new feature to prevent duplicate links in your @NotionHQ databases!

The extension will automatically check if you already saved an URL

I started working on a new little project!
It's a @NotionHQ Web clipper called Klippper

With 3 P because you are going to save a lot of Pages!

#buildinpublic #notion
👋 If you're like me and like using emojis, I built a new page on to quickly find them!

💾 It also saves the ones you use the most!

I found out that one way to reduce your bounce rate on your site is to set up your analytics correctly 🙃
It went from 80% to 55% 😅

If you are using @nextjs take a look at this example…

📬I came across a list of directories to share your newsletter… @inboxreads @InboxStash

If you have a newsletter associated with your product, it might be a nice way to have some additional backlinks!

#buildinpublic #newsletter
The 1 first step was to be able to generate an image for every job offer.
To do it I used the node-html-to-image package and connected it to an API route that return the image.…

2/3 #buildinpublic
The last 2 days I worked on automating job posting on the Instagram account of @RocketCrewSpace…

Here is how I did it 👇
1/3 #buildinpublic
I worked on improving the Hero section of @RocketCrewSpace to target the "Space jobs" keyword.
Let's hope it will help to gain more organic traffic in the coming weeks!

Before After
I just replaced the Axios lib with the Fetch API, and react-select with react-select-search to reduce the build size of @RocketCrewSpace

With only those 2 changes the First Load JS went from 155 kB to 125 kB!
I hope it will improve the Web vitals score a little

👋I made a post on Reddit to recap my progress on RocketCrew in the past month!…

I found a new way to share @RocketCrewSpace with engineers using Reddit!
There is a subreddit called EngineeringResumes where engineers ask for advice about their resumes.
So I DM the authors with the site.
For now, I received really good reactions!

I came across this article about @canva backlinks strategy. I have started to do the same for @RocketCrewSpace to see if I can increase the number of backlinks!

A little tip if you want to improve your lighthouse performance score with NextJS.
Disable the prefetch on <Link prefetch={false} ></Link>

I just improved the performance score of 20 points with this for RocketCrew 🤯

#buildinpublic #Nextjs
👋I wrote a little article to show you how I approached web scraping for RocketCrew.…

Just released a UI improvement for the location filter on
Only countries with available job offers are now displayed!

#buildinpublic #Jobs #space
I shared some updates about RocketCrew on Reddit if you want to take a look.…

RelativitySpace retweeted a post from @RocketCrewSpace and the account gained 17 new followers :)