Aaaaand there it is!

My first dollar earned on Gumroad. And I got 3 of them!

#notiontwt #notion #buildinpublic
Gumroad page ready.

Launch announcement ready.

See yall in 7 hours 🔥🔥

So my Gumraod page is up and running.

1st product is uploaded. Now, onto copywriting! 💪

Launching on Monday 🚀

As some of you might know, I am taking on a 5-in-5 challenge. Publish 5 digital products in 5 weeks.

How am I planning to do this? 👇 #buildinpublic
As I'm considering using @bubble for my next project so if I get picked for this then you'll be able to see my progress.

Might also simply just #buildinpublic if I don't get picked
We’re searching for Bubblers new and old to #BuildInPublic on Bubble and take their audience through the trials, tribulations & ecstasies of developing a web app. Interested in joining our coalition? Share your details via the form:… #buildinpublic #nocode
Does anyone else find the checkbox's position on @bubble to be confusing? Especially at a quick glance.

When laid horizontally, the checkmark is right in the middle between 2 options.

#NoCode #UI #uiux #buildinpublic
If its not meant to be used in any real way, why share it then?

Well, I decided to dive into #nocode web development after I found the platforms by posts from communities like @indiehacker, #100daysofNoCode by @hainingmax, or the #buildinpublic movement.
Since I started dabbling in #nocode web dev, I've been thinking about a project I'd be interested in doing.

Think I've got an idea now.

So here is a simple quiz builder I just made on @bubble . This will be one of the functions in the upcoming project.