I've always felt I should lead.

I always felt I could do better, based on past experience.

Rarely did I have second hand pride on someone else's work.


I have it now.

It's with @MeetKevon 's #buildinpublic mastery.

Thanks mate.

P.s. I know I need a shower & a shave!

It's Sunday evening, and I've got 2 hours to myself.

I'm doing some #buildinpublic (and maybe some #learninpublic) too.

Follow along!
Last week, I sent a mail to my email list of 150 heroes about offering marketing coaching.

5 people said yes - so, now, it's #buildinpublic time.

If you are a solo founder struggling with marketing, what is 1 thing would you like to add in the left column?

3 words only. Go! 👇
I finally got around to it!

I'm building a free course called

'Marketing For Builders'

It's #buildinpublic, baby! (▀ĖŋÄšĖ¯â–€Ėŋ Ėŋ)

Here's the outline . What would you like me to add? 👇
I feel soo nerdy that this is happening!

Creating the course material with @auser to help tech founders validate their business before building!

I've had a long day working on the cohort based course that I'm launching with @auser.

Gonna blow off some steam by... writing 'fascinations' for each key learning outcome in the course.

This is #buildinpublic, marketing, sales and copywriting practice rolled into one.

@MeetKevon It's awesome to be here!

This time around, I'm making a video course that builds on The Put The Player First Canvas and helps founders quickly make their marketing content :)

I call it: The Coffee Break Content System - and I'm super excited to #buildinpublic!

Super pumped to be a part of this the second time!

In this cohort, I'll be building out a video course that helps tech founders create content for marketing - in a coffee break!

I call it: The Coffee Break Content System - and I'm super excited to #buildinpublic!
đŸ”ĨđŸ”ĨđŸ”Ĩ 20 creators are building in public in the next 4 weeks!

They're all part of #BuildinPublicMastery Cohort 6, they will be:
🚧 building a new project
📝 sharing exciting stories & work-in-progress
🤝 meeting YOU

Let's hear from them 👇
What if I told you marketing was not a bunch of BS and wordsmithing?

What if there was an actual algorithm(s) that you could use?

I gotta pick up my baby girl from school in less than 2 hours.

My AHDH is in overdrive.

I want a smoother flow for my daily standups as a solopreneur.

Follow this tweet/thread to see what happens.

Playing Tetris to figure out how to position the canvas!

@MeetKevon Family Break Even: When you make enough money to take care of your family.

I used to call it The Infinite Runway point, but Family Break Even is way better!

It accurately describes an important milestone in my #buildinpublic journey.

If I were to launch a small cohort based course...

about validating your next product idea...

so that you'll have people waiting to buy it when you launch...

would you want it for your business?

#buildinpublic #researchpurposes
This is the kinda stuff I'm looking for on Twitter!

#buildinpublic for the win!


Also, đŸĨ” + đŸĨĻ + 🍕 - the healthy diet.
@greglim81 @WilsonKomala @MeetKevon If boyband doesn't work, we can try rock band 🎸đŸĨđŸ¤ŸđŸģ😆
I wrote a free guide to help solopreneurs & creators

design, launch and grow their business

using insights from storytelling & videogames

(in less time than the first Kung Fu Panda movie)

Get it here:


Putting up finishing touches on The Guide, and just finished writing the "What's In It For Me" section.

Here's what I got for you:

Building out the canvas for The Put The Player First Framework!

#wip #buildinpublic