I'm coding an editor to programmatically add markdown syntax to text inside a textarea element.

But it doesn't seem to persist when I preview it.

It only persists if I interact with the textarea (kb/mouse) after.

Seems like an obscure bug. Anyone have a clue?

I recently made this new feature for Lifelog that I'm pretty proud of - Markdown preview.

Most text editors show preview after clicking a button, or opening a diff page.

Mine shows up once you hover cursor outside the text area.

WDYT? Confusing?

@DmytroKrasun Would be interested to hear stories about your ads experiments! #buildinpublic
There's few places on the internet where I feel safe to experiment and fail.

Even within #buildinpublic Twitter, I hold back some.

That's why I'm happy to have built a thing that others feel safe in.

It may not be a sexy SaaS, but it's a safe haven for us.
"To me, Lifelog feels like a safe space for experimenting, and writing that I considered as works and thoughts in progress. I never feel that pressured to completely polish something before posting which allows me the room to do it daily without anxiety creeping in." - @atsaotsao
"Build your best self in public" - love this!

#buildinpublic v2.0
Tweet your doubts, internal pep talks, positive affirmations, worries, and celebrations.

If they matter to you, they'll matter to someone else, too.

Don't just build in public. Build your best self in public. We'll cheer you on! πŸ‘
I don't need the book but RTing to celebrate and to share this lovely giveaway from 2 of my fav #buildinpublic friends!

This is amazing 🀩

I crossed 4000 followers recently, thank you so much for giving me your attentionπŸ™

To celebrate 4K I'm giving away @meetkevon's fantastic book - "Finding Joy in Chaos" to 4 people randomly

To win - reply with "Joy"

Like and RT to increase your odds

24 hrs
Not sure why it took me this long to create a tweet button for @golifelog, but finally did!

Also simplified landing page copy to just:

"A writing community for creators to develop a daily writing habit. Just 100 words a day."

No jargon. Back to basics.

βœ… NEW features on Lifelog

🐦 Tweet share button on post page. Now you can tweet out your post right after you published!

Thanks to @ZaneDickens for the idea!

More features πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡
@thebrianto I see. All wrong guesses lol. Yeah community is huge for me too. I also do #buildinpublic, which is not on the list
@threehourcoffee @HuaTweets @empirepowder @poppacalypse @ouraring Heh yeah we're global so it's all async. Just post when you wake if you like the public accountability.

We also chat and share tips about sleep, waking early, and #buildinpublic at 5am
PS: Started a 5am club for creators & indie hackers to #buildinpublic in the AM together . Join us πŸ‘‡…

Crossing the chasm to a 4-digit maker streak today, on @GetMakerlog

Yet I feel like I’m only getting started.


Today I celebrate πŸ”₯999 consecutive days on @GetMakerlog.

There’s no other streak I kept up for this long...

My goals for September:

🎯 Hit $100 MRR on @golifelog (cont'd)
πŸ’― Start #100daysofmarketing, #tweet100
πŸ”Œ Build on the organic growth of Plugins For Carrd
πŸ–₯ Complete home desk setup

August wrap-up:

πŸ’΅ Revenue:
– MRR: US$60 [No change]
– One-off revenue: ~US$1515


Some social distancing rules in Singapore were eased up today on 19 Aug.

So leveraged on that occasion to build another feature for Safe Distancing SG (link in 2nd tweet).

Learning: Use current events to drive adoption.

Really liking this growth hack!

So blew up. My first ever product that went viral!

Why did it go viral? How?

I did a launch retro to reflect on what I believe led to the viral success for this tech for good product...



πŸ’‘ Got an idea:

Anyone interested to co-start a 5am club for indie hackers/creators?

Probably a Telegram group. Chat async about:

πŸ›Œ Sleep biohacking
πŸ”₯ Early AM productivity tips
🀝 Public accountability
πŸ™Œ Mutual encouragement

#5amclub #buildinpublic