#BuildinPublic helps me stand by my opinion. Here's why:

You'll hear tons of public feedback when you share it out loud
Some are good, some are soso
You then need to train yourself to take it or scrap it
Over time, you know yourself better
Doing a cozy #BuildinPublic community hangout + Ask Me Anything next Mon.

Got 2 seats left - anyone wants to join?

It is at 9am ET / 2pm GMT.
The most powerful line in #BuildInPublic is ..... "I don't know!"

Come on! No one expects you to know it all, even if you're an influencer. So practice being okay saying it and you instantly 2x your authenticity.
2/ Do hashtags help?

I feel that the use of hashtags has changed. It used to work. Now it is more a thing to be part of a community.

So hashtags don't get you virality. But you can use it if you want to be part of something like #BuildinPublic or #NoCode or #MarketingTwitter
3. Stand out by being her

All workout classes look the same!

She has to differentiate, and the best way is through her own personality + thoughts.

She can film herself talking about how she designs workout experiences #BuildinPublic style.
1. Think about "outcome"

Behind these products, we're solving a problem for people.

When I first thought about teaching #buildinpublic, I built a community. And I found out it was solving a different problem.

What they need is a mindset shift, so a course is a better fit!
If you're thinking about building info products, courses, or communities,

Let me share with you what I've learned in the last 4 months:

My #buildinpublic time
If you need ideas to help you #buildinpublic, here are 3 I see you can use over and over.

Not only you'll not run out of things to share, you will also build up an authentic personal brand.

Let's see which 3
Just celebrated another cohort of Build in Public Mastery #BIPM3

I never thought that I could teach anyone anything. But hey, just like #BuildinPublic, everyone has something to share!

So proud of these awesome people who stay true to themselves while sharing their stories!
@HayzelMedia @askotzko @Jennifer_NM @timcroft @Bhattacharyaz Sankalp @sankalpdomore

When I first saw him, I was attracted by the mindfulness this guy showed.

Check out his profile pic & banner, then go to his blog - you'll know what I'm talking about.

His #BuildinPublic journey over years makes it so easy to get to know him!
Metaverse is not meta. This is!

I'm running a build in public course to show you how to build a course in public

I just added a breakdown of the entire #BuildinPublic journey of @arvidkahl building his course in public and it was ... fascinating.

Here's a snippet
@samanthademers Im so happy to see such a #buildinpublic thread from you Sam!! Nicely executed 鳶鳶
This is me #buildinpublic for my course Build in Public Mastery :)

If you're keen to join us for our next cohort Feb 28 - Mar 18, application is now open:
Why I think #BuildInPublic is entrepreneurship 2.0.

Because you need all of these:

involving people
getting feedback
filtering data points
building the right things
making friends
Talked to @MeetKevon about #buildinpublic and I'm amazed by the similarities with the art of storytelling!

Capturing daily experiences, the way of delivery it feels like both concepts intersect on every level

Meaning, you have to be a good storyteller to #buildinpublic.
Aprilynne really embraces the #BuildinPublic mindset.

Sharing her journey, ups and downs, numbers, facts, and what exactly happened.

This is all too inspiring to follow

You have to read her story!!!
My YouTube channel took off

As of today, I have:
3,759 subscribers
14.5K watch hours
$100/day recurring revenue
Countless sponsorship offers

Here's the story of my YouTube journey
If you are new to #BuildInPublic, the 1st thing you want to do is to find out why you want to do it.

- Is it for building an audience?
- Is it to have accountability?
- Is it to build up your credibility & personal brand gradually?

Knowing the answer will get you far.
@mvarghese5 @anyonecaninvnow @jayclouse @CreateGrowRep @wes_kao @gaganbiyani @elifozgecanhiz @ramsri_goutham @ArbalestPartner @katherine_roan @g3Mo Wow Melvin this thread is amazing! Truly #buildinpublic style.

And I learned a ton from you!

Thanks for sharing your learnings with all of us!

Alert: course creators - this is a must read :)
Biggest struggle of #BuildInPublic: finding the effort to document & publish.

What's your one small tip?
Your goals dictate how you share #BuildInPublic stories.

> To establish brand share views & provoking ideas
> To establish friendships share struggles & mistakes
> To connect with audience share thoughts behind product & feedback