My brother (@0xDACA) and I worked on a fun project tonight, inspired by @yoheinakajima : Coding Agent that follows the Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology!

You write the tests - and the agent runs in a loop until it creates the feature properly!

After ~2 months of working on - I'm moving away! Working with the beta testers' made me realise pursuing this idea further is not what I want! But more importantly - I was trying to use it myself daily, and it wasn't much useful 😅

London -> We are organising an emergency GPT4 Hackathon in *London*

Drop your details here if you're interested. We'll be back with more details ASAP -->…

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I'm hosting an emergency hackathon for the release of GPT-4 in London, UK 👇
The most needed improvement of LLMs is a larger token limit. This is currently the biggest bottleneck of almost any GenAI product trying to go to prod

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For those using ChatGPT API - how do you handle the situation when it stops halfway through the answer programmatically?
When it happens in the UI, I just write "continue" and it takes off from where it stopped, but not sure how to detect this behaviour with code.

Currently working on making Deepen a native app, and “chat with yourself” feature.

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I released my first ever production app back in 2013. I didn’t know the concept of “loops” in programming, so I had 200+ stages of if-else statement to initiate the game in the right level.
if level == 1
else if…

The app still got 100k downloads… Just ship it!
It feels like you're not really a #buildinpublic AI-builder if @Scobleizer is not following you
Man, take out the fact that this is Elon, this guy is really one of the best #buildinpublic people on twitter right now
More work team completed over night:

- Removed height penalty affecting tweets with pics/video
- increased # of recommended tweets
- Better tracking of dropped tweets
- Removed filter causing false negatives
- Removed penalty if user follows author
- Improved reach of retweet
@danshipper @BenjiFisher15 @naude_luke Still trying to figure out the right UX layout for the "New Session" screen. Any suggestions are welcomed.

We do need to have the "Save" button on top of the "Send" one because this is what determines when to start analysing the data
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Here is a video of the interactive journaling feature.

Journaling with GPT-3 will be a game changer for mental health and well-being.

DM me or @yamcatzenelson if you'd like to help us and join the beta testing!

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Here is a video of the interactive feature.

DM me or
if you'd like to help us and join the beta testing!

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We are finally releasing Deepen for Beta testers - still very early, but we are very excited!

- Write new entries
- Interactive session with AI to help you express more
- Analyzing the entry to different metrics
- Graphs/Insight page
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I also hope to #buildinpublic, but I found that I am not so good at it. Any recommendations will be welcomed!
And, I'm looking for Beta testers - feel free to DM!
I also hope to #buildinpublic, but I found that I am not so good at it. Any recommendations will be welcomed!
A new article about Deepen, a project I'm working on. The article explains it at length, but in one sentence, the idea is to have a platform that will open a new way of interacting with one's Self, by leveraging Generative AIs.