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202 subscribers and counting!

Feedback is always appreciated :)

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Who's consulting with SMBs and corporate to optimize business operations using AI and automation (possibly nocode)?

Would love to know how you guys started!

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Been trying to do some paid acquisition for my newsletter. Refind works great, actually, I'm very positively surprised.

Plus the quality should be higher than other sources, I think. We'll see.

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Dear creators/artists/designers,

If you're using AI in your work, how are you doing it? What would be your biggest issues right now?

Asking for a friend

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New issue is out folks:…

We talk about a very real dilemma for generalists: breadth or depth. How to manage our curious and divergent nature with the need to gain *some* depth when needed?

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@heyShosan The #buildinpublic hashtag is usually a good bet. also hi :)
How do you go back into your rhythm after a cutoff? Any tips?

These last 7+ days were quite tricky so now I gotta go back into my flow.

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Hot off the press, the new issue for The Gneralist Thinkbox! We tackle how system thinking can help generalists frame their work(s) in a chaotic environment!…

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For newsletter operators with less than 100 subscribers: what's your approach to growing your audience?

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As a generalist, I love the challenge of connecting seemingly disparate ideas and disciplines. System thinking helps me make sense of the chaos and find creative solutions.

Dear builders, would it make sense to start a partnership/reselling business if you had the opportunity instead of having to build/develop the product entirely on your own?

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Building in public can be a powerful way to gain a following and generate buzz for your indie hacking projects. #indiehacking #buildinpublic #marketing
Does your Twitter activity dip every now and then?

And when that happens ho do you kickstart it again?

The 'Being a Founder' equation sometimes is very simple :


Should I publish the first newsletter issue now or schedule it for some specific time tomorrow? Not sure it matters that much but I'd like some feedback from newsletter operators?

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I'm working on an experiment that I intend to share publicly soon. I'm just looking for some early feedback.

Would you be interested in getting early access?

Like and I'll DM you when ready!

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Sound mind in sound body. What's fitness/overall wellness habits of our fellow builders?

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Announcing : 12 Startups in 12 months!

Inspired by the amazing @ShuPhoon, I'm aiming to "ship" a project every month while having an FT job 🤷🏻

Expect semi-random musings and hopefully some wisdom as I go through this :)

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