[10/N] 3 days later and I realised that I've been using the wrong hashtag wtf. It's #buildinpublic goddammit. Rookie mistake.

Repeat after me:
7/ PS: @figma @MiroHQ if you’re seeing this, know that I LOVE your products. I wish y’all had this feature so I didn’t have to build @ohsnapp_co 😂 I’ve got more feature ideas, let’s chat if you’re down!

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6/ Here’s my suggestion: you’ll probs be better off using @ohsnapp_co, @Figma and @MiroHQ all together, depending on your needs!

Positive sum, never zero sum.

4/ Heck it, another eg (my fav). Your friend sends you a snapshot of @BTS_twt asking, for the 100th time, what are their names. You paste the snapshot in @ohsnapp_co, label their names, send it back. Done.

3/ E.g. You’re testing your webapp in the browser, the button should be blue instead of red. You quickly take a snapshot, annotate in, send it to your dev. Done.

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2/ But both products serve 2 VERY different use cases.

If you’re looking to easily annotate on an image and share it *anywhere*, use

If you’re leaving comments on your designer’s frames in @figma, stick to Figma!

1/ Annotating using is similar to that in @figma. Click on the area you wish to comment on, start typing away.

This is intentional. Our users are familiar with Figma and the flow is intuitive. There’s no need to change it. But…

Since @ohsnapp_co’s launch, I’ve been asked a few times what’s the difference between using vs Figma / Miro for annotating your snapshots.

Great question! Here’s how I see it. A 🧵

#buildinpublic #figma #productmanagement