7 highly-rated apps that are on my to-try list. What other apps am I missing? A thread 🧵

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#buildinpublic have y’all ever considered building traditional, “boring” businesses? Selling t-shirts, opening a bakery, distributor-model biz.

In our hyper-saturated world of saas, maybe baking a bomb-ass croissant is what users truly crave 😂 🥐
My hunch is conversion rates for podcast ads are close to 0.

Might have a solution for this. #buildinpublic
@bubble vs @webflow vs @framer , what're the pros and cons for each? Which should I use?

I want a quick way to get a landing page up, then (hopefully) build the MVP if response is good. I typically use NextJS Typescript and Chakra UI for MVP.

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@willtests Our dream MRR looks slightly different, but gradient nonetheless is tru #buildinpublic
Reason why #buildinpublic is such a great community. Folks here genuinely wanna help. Thanks for a tips @MrNick_Buzz !…
Oh, man. this is hard!
If I started all over again,

👨‍🎨 I would focus on what I know better (design) from day 1. I struggled in the initial days with "how to talk/share" about all my projects!

🗓️ Be consistent and show up every day. Interact with small accounts on a daily……
@MrNick_Buzz WOW thanks for taking the time to actually answer this properly sir.

One thing that stood out was replying to people instead of writing new tweets, have been hearing that advice a lot. Never occured to me!

I’m sure others will find this useful. #buildinpublic wagmi
#buildinpublic #indiehackers gang, I'm thinking of auto-updating my banner image with live stats, new followers, heck it even a live to-do list of what I'm working on.

This might be cool for engagement!

Any quick and easy tool to recommend?? 🫶
@MrNick_Buzz Very inspiring for most of us here in #buildinpublic 👊🏻 is there anything you’d do differently if you were to start over?

Do you have any resource for newbies on how to get started? I’m sure lots of ppl will find that useful!
We have too many devs trying to start their own startups and not enough devs joining existing ones to help grow them to a meaningful size/impact.

Can’t rmb where I read that. #buildinpublic #indiehackers, thoughts? 🤔
🚀🚀 Annotations in @ohsnapp_co are now easily editable! Simply click on a text box to start editing.

Looking to annotate on screenshots waaay quicker? Try for free now!

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Thanks for stopping by, hope this helps the #buildinpublic and #indiehackers community!

I'll be summarising lessons from other #entrepreneurship podcasts soon, follow me to stay updated! 💙
3a. Know where the tough part is...

When starting a project, it's good to have an idea o where the difficult parts are. Where do most people quit? From there, what will you do differently than the rest?

Might even be good to ponder: where/when will you quit?

Was listening to the latest @IndieHackers podcast with @ThisIsSethsBlog.

Jotting down 3 takeaways that might be useful in my #indiehackers #buildinpublic journey! (also adding my own take)…
Been building through a few rough days recently, which got me genuinely thinking:

#buildinpublic, what struggles / problems are you’re tackling today?

Let’s share some real stories for once. Hopefully this gives us #indiehackers the lil’ push that we need today 💪🏻

I’ll start:
Been a lil' bumped working on, mainly cos I haven't figured out distribution. But, will stick to making progress everyday, regardless how tiny.

So today's progress is revamping our demo image, check it out 👇!

(👀 landing page maybe?)

@ThePeterMick Thanks Peter 🫡

I’m a founder-turned-product manager, my day job’s in the web3 space. Am always building on the side, currently building

Always great to see folks in the #buildinpublic community!
[5/N] Give this new feature a try at and let me know your thoughts! As always, feedback is welcome 🙌

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[4/N] In the end, I combined #1 and #3 to get the following:
1. A text box to preview your annotations. Click on it to copy to clipboard.
2. A checkbox to zip your annotations as a .txt file along with your image file.

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[3/N] Here are a few options that I came up with. You can see that each of them checks only 2/3 of the criteria above. Not ideal.