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3a. Know where the tough part is...

When starting a project, it's good to have an idea o where the difficult parts are. Where do most people quit? From there, what will you do differently than the rest?

Might even be good to ponder: where/when will you quit?

Was listening to the latest @IndieHackers podcast with @ThisIsSethsBlog.

Jotting down 3 takeaways that might be useful in my #indiehackers #buildinpublic journey! (also adding my own take)…
Been building through a few rough days recently, which got me genuinely thinking:

#buildinpublic, what struggles / problems are you’re tackling today?

Let’s share some real stories for once. Hopefully this gives us #indiehackers the lil’ push that we need today 💪🏻

I’ll start:
Been a lil' bumped working on, mainly cos I haven't figured out distribution. But, will stick to making progress everyday, regardless how tiny.

So today's progress is revamping our demo image, check it out 👇!

(👀 landing page maybe?)

@ThePeterMick Thanks Peter 🫡

I’m a founder-turned-product manager, my day job’s in the web3 space. Am always building on the side, currently building

Always great to see folks in the #buildinpublic community!
[5/N] Give this new feature a try at and let me know your thoughts! As always, feedback is welcome 🙌

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[4/N] In the end, I combined #1 and #3 to get the following:
1. A text box to preview your annotations. Click on it to copy to clipboard.
2. A checkbox to zip your annotations as a .txt file along with your image file.

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[3/N] Here are a few options that I came up with. You can see that each of them checks only 2/3 of the criteria above. Not ideal.

[2/N] I knew that the user flow has to check the following in order to be intuitive:
✅ One-click copy to clipboard
✅ One-click to export both image and text
✅ Easily see what you're copying/exporting

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[1/N] In the spirit of #buildinpublic, I'll share my thought process when building this feature.

This feature was requested by quite a number of you, which made it rly meaningful to be working on this 🥹

(Some snapshots of your feedback)
🚀⚡️Feature update: You can now easily export your annotations in!

You can:
1. Copy your annotations to clipboard
2. Export as .txt file tgt with your annotated snapshot

Check it out, it's rly easy to use 👇

(Also, a 🧵)

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#indiehackers #buildinpublic fam, need some help re metadata tags for 😭 Been at it for ½ a day now.

Seems fine on FB, Whatsapp and IG. But Twitter, LI and Telegram aren't displaying properly. What's going on? displays all ok.
imo, *sounds* and *haptics* are commonly overlooked when designing great mobile #uiux. Recently realised that Twitter's pull-down-to-refresh comes w a nice lil' audio feedback.

What other apps do you think have nailed their audio and tactile UX?
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@cutajar86 Hmm, insights… I’ve learnt NOT to be too quick to kill an idea/MVP. Sometimes it takes time to iterate while trying to get as many eyeballs on your launch as possible. Give your prods a solid chance before pulling the plug.

Keep #buildinpublic posted on your launches!
To all #indiehackers,

Do y'all work towards building the next unicorn 🦄, or do y'all #buildinpublic to launch 10 products asap, hoping that one sticks?

What's the mindset here?
@aliszu @that_igor_ @TakoTreba @DamianSkotzke @MrNick_Buzz @d4m1n @marvr_ @poppacalypse @pierre_Jacquel @sveta_bay @Matt_heyqq @marc_louvion @DanKulkov Thanks for the mention @aliszu ! Indeed landing page vs MVP is always a chicken and egg issue. Hoping to get some insights from the #buildinpublic community 🤝
Genuine question.

Which should come first? A landing page without a working product, or a working MVP without a landing page?

I went with the latter for But am starting to wonder if I should have done the former.

Literally the main reason why I've built It makes annotating on my snapshots 10x faster. Hence the lightning logo ⚡️

Completely free to use for now, @ohsnapp_co. Hopefully it saves you some time as well!

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If your startup idea can help people save time, execute it without wasting any time.
#buildinpublic fam: when and how did you realise that someone out there actually found what you’re building useful? Is it as simple as someone being willing to pay for your product?