Great #buildinpublic post right here!!
My site now gets 2k+ visitors per day via Google 🀯

When I started doing SEO (last year) I had no idea what I was doing

But turns out, it's not that complicated

Here's everything I didπŸ‘‡
What is building in public?
Just published our first take on what #buildinpublic is:
This is a fantastic course.
Recording the last lesson for @meetkevon's #buildinpublic course on @AlpeAudio.

Super psyched to release the last lesson, lots of great topics - dealing with self doubt, motivation, goals, idea theft...
"Over time, I come to notice there is a framework to help people early in their journey get started. Because people struggle with the same problems and issues"

@MeetKevon's building in public audio course coming to @AlpeAudio super soon 🀩
Did someone mention #buildinpublic?

Course by @MeetKevon coming this week πŸ‘€
#Learninginpublic & #buildinpublic!

We recently shared our 'Example story finder' for anyone who needs some creativity, and here @guy_hadash our CTO shares how hosting a #next.js app on #AWS worked.…
This is a great question by @NSKolios.
We happen to have a course on the topic 😁: Applied Market Research!

But until then - can #buildinpublic Twitter help out? Maybe @arvidkahl has some tips?
Have tips to keep user surveys accessible & valid?

Re identifying the needed number of respondents: I figure I need a few hundred.

Re ensuring questions aren't leading: I try to ask about existing habits rather than 'would you want X'
#buildinpublic @_BuildInPublic_ @AlpeAudio
Let's get the support going for this #buildinpublic project by @NSKolios
I started a product development course. They told us sharing publicly is key to accountability & motivation. Not sure it'll work though because (1) I don't know how to use Twitter and (2) will assume no one hears me.
Another builder #buildinpublic on #14DayPM πŸš€
Last year I paid for a year long gym membership. You know how this story ends.

I went 4 times and that was it.
I paid for an entire year.

Over the next 14 days I'll be building and sharing a product inspired by my experience. Feel free to follow along!
New podcast alert!

The Mountain Pass ep 4 - how do startups grow to 10,000 users?

We #learninpublic and #buildinpublic so here are our mistakes and lessons learned and what went well!……
Who doesn't want to start off the week with helping a friend out?

We just launched Alpe Audio on Product Hunt!

Show us some love and support πŸ‘‰…

What is Alpe Audio? Well, for that, we prepared an amazing video you can watch on PHπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚