One week until #wwdc23

Use this week to clean your to-do list and calendar, to be ready to follow news from Apple and play around with new libraries.

No, this week is not great to ship new features for your indie iOS Apps :)

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@matteo_spada Well, I was on and off with indie development.
I published a few Apps and didn't touch them for a while, just added a few features occasionally.
In the summer of 2021, I started to take this more seriously, started streaming, #buildinpublic and results came almost immediately
By the way, this post is not only about youtube. You must sell the video to the audience; the same applies to any other product.

If you can build a product, great. Learn how to market and sell it, and you will be unstoppable.

Here is my secret on how to get any startup to ramen profitability fast:
Grow your food.

Badum! πŸ₯
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Okeyish #buildinpublic month

πŸ‘ MRR is growing, even without new products or updates

πŸ‘Ž Apple didn't provide access to the API for the new App, so that's on hold
At least I tested my app-launching framework

I'll share more details in the newsletter
March MRR looks good, but I'm a bit confused seeing the difference between @RevenueCat and @ChartMogul numbers.
RevenueCat process transactions, perhaps that is the right number.
Anyways, that's about 10% growth πŸš€

I invited GPT-4 to be a co-founder of my indie App, MVP, is just released.
I'm providing $100 of the marketing budget and 4 hours of programming weekly.
GPT-4 should come up with a business and marketing strategy.
I'm just doing whatever πŸ€– will decide
Day 1
I would like to release Apple Watch and iPhone versions only, but iPad was supported in the first version of the app and I can't remove it anymore.
So, the App works on iPad but looks weird. I really don't want to spend time on that now.

The morning part of the work is done. I needed a settings screen on the Apple Watch as well.
Ok, no more features.
I'm 🀏so close to MVP release.

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I decided to add an Apple Watch target to my fitness timer app, but in about an hour, I managed to make most of the app work as well.

I had bad memories of watchOS 2, but with SwiftU it is not bad at all.

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Instead of chasing more downloads and sales for my indie Apps, I'm focusing on building systems and daily habits that could constantly produce good results.

Actions could look the same, but mindset and focus are completely different.
I'm trying to systemize my part-time work on indie apps:
β€’πŸ’­ Product Idea 1d
β€’πŸŽ¨ Design & requirements 1d
β€’πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» MVP 5d
β€’πŸ› οΈ Test Flight 10d
β€’πŸš€ AppStore 5d
β€’πŸ“ˆ Grow 3d
β€’πŸ’°Β Monetize 5d

Starting first 30 day sprint on Monday
Last night I spent about 15 minutes on new feature implementation and almost 3h on AppStore optimization.

Often I open the calendar App to check the current day and date. Now the current date is highlighted in the Habit Tracking widget.

#buildinpublic 🧡
Most of the wannabee indie developers fail because of a lack of consistency and not because they don't have good ideas or a perfect marketing plan.

I know that well because I abandoned, failed, or just didn't start multiple projects.

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I tried to ask midjorney to create a few fancy icons for my habit tracking app, but so far, everything looks too abstract.
Perhaps I will stick just with different colors for the already used icon.

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January was a busy month.

I spent most of it launching the new App, which didn't add any revenue yet. All the other Apps performed well, and I have the second-best month from the last 12. #BuildInPublic #indiedeveloper #indiedev

More details here πŸ‘‡…
Part-time indie mornings are busy - fixing features and adding new bugs :)
Starting the next month for the habit tracking widget will be less bumpy 🀞
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Small Habits App:…
I just uploaded a new video.
My Indie iOS Developer's year in review.

Is passive revenue from apps possible? Find out

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I learned to program and started a freelancing side business while working full-time in product management and had a family and two kids. That's how I did it.

I'm still using this approach to work on side projects and building my indie Apps.
I got the first reports about revenue from AdMob ads in Small Habits App.
1,01€ for the first day looks promising, but 0,02€ on the second day is just ridiculous.
Interesting how it will look in a longer time perspective.

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