Seems that my Paywall update experiment works well
New trial sales are about x2 up now
Here is what I did 👇 #buildinpublic
The stealth startup is when you work on it on vacation while your family has a midday nap 😅
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The hardest part of indie development is deciding on what project work after regular work hours.
When you should switch from the "shotgun" method and stop creating new projects to focus on already existing ones?
#indiedev #buildinpublic
I updated payment screen in the app and have to say that initial results looking good. Active trial chart grows since then.
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How to start #buildinpublic :
1) Pick a channel where your audience is
2) Chose content type you are comfortable creating and be consistent
3) experiment with a different type of content to see what works for you and stay consistent over time
It is YouTube upload day. This time about #buildinpublic
In summary, I’m happy that gave it a try
I was working on multiple projects at a time since switched to freelancing back in 2016. Now with one job and my own apps only it feels like almost not working :D
Sunday Funday! I just finished the last updates and fixes for my fasting app, so it is time to release MVP to the AppStore 🚀 #buildinpublic…
Huh, I don't see how to mix voting and picture in one tweet, so I will add a pool in the next one. Also, only 4 options are available, so whatever
The app is one more intermittent fasting timer app with custom bells and whistles. So, please help me choose the icon
Time to work on last updates for app design before release.
Live streaming the process on:
Seems that I will be a #buildinpublic and early beta advocate forever
@jeremieberduck found beta UI so busy that redesigned that 🙏
Left is my engineering design, right one from 2 design versions
This will be a busy night
P.S. I'm not adding new features, so that's fine ;)
Ok, one more build before the MVP 🚢@jeremieberduck comes back with really good suggestions for UI
Most likely I will do changes tonight and should be ready for release tomorrow. Still - no new features mode on
Sharing work early helps a lot #buildinpublic
🚢 It is no more feature day :)
It is scary to release MVP in an already saturated market but failing early is part of the game, right?
Going live on Twitch now. Hopefully that will help to focus on tasks and stop reading news.
Going live on Twitch now. Hopefully, that will help to focus on tasks and stop reading news.

Now I will work on the bug fixes and hopefully will release the app in the AppStore in the next week.
Live streaming process here:
#buildinpublic works for me really well. As soon as I started to stream my process of indie app development I have progressed.
Also, that's great to get instant feedback. Today I launched test flight beta and already have 4 bug reports to fix :)
Small feature release submitted for review 🚀
Now I can switch back to new app development.
To reach my MRR goal for this year I will need a few more apps in my portfolio.