Here's my idea for Nights & Weekends S2.

Thoughts? Would love any feedback ✨!

cc: @_buildspace

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All done, and off localhost 😁!

You can play around w/ my GPT-3 writer that explains anything and everything like you're 5 (link in tweet below) -- lemme know what you think!

Shoutout to @_buildspace

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Got my web app hooked up w/ @OpenAI.

You can get explanations of any complex stuff, technique or formula, in a simple concise way, like you're 5!

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Working on the idea + frontend for my GPT-3 writer now ✨


@_buildspace #hypetrain #buildinpublic
Tinkering more with AI, because why not!

I'm going to build my own AI writing assistant w/ @_buildspace -- kicks off on Nov. 27!…

#hypetrain #buildinpublic
Scheduled my #indiehacking project launch on @ProductHunt in the coming week!
Took longer than expected due to some stuff I had to do manually vs automated. Anyways, better late than never!
Watch this space for updates! Now, onto my main project👨‍💻

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