Time to wrap up the day after some #BulmaCSS fun! Wishing you all a restful night and a fresh start to the week ahead. Let's tackle those new projects with renewed energy and enthusiasm! Good night, everyone! #MondayMotivation #GoodNight #buildinpublic
Calling it a day on this productive Monday! We're signing off to recharge for another day of coding and innovation.
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Sleep tight, dream of code!

#BuildInPublic #IndieHackers #Goodnight
#buildinpublic late at night #release with new features
- copy to clipboard with keyboard shortcuts
- new fonts, now 3 to pick from
- better user feedback when processing large files

Just finished a script that allows me to save articles to an SQS queue.

Now tomorrow to build the ingestion piece and wire it up to the front end.

Then I'll be able to update the main site with save functionality.

#code #goodday #goodnight