You know it's weird. doesn't have much traction yet. Yet. But the more I work on #marketing it, telling people about it, presenting it, and the sales around it, the more I'm convinced of it's veracity, of it's righteousness of purpose. #buildinpublic
So weird to be watched at my day job. And my site is having a major issue. I wish I could jump up and run out. But from now on I’ll be carrying my laptop with me to be able to watch my site. #buildinpublic
So I've just started to market seriously and I have quickly found that you can get caught in spreading yourself too thin very quickly. #Marketing is about creativity and production. But it's also about discipline, focus, and consistency. #buildinpublic
Tonight everyone was out having fun and I felt great and I wanted to do it too. But I was like "It's time to make my dreams reality" so I went home to work. And I'm glad I did. I want to be free so bad I can taste it. So that's what I'm going to do. #buildinpublic
All right. Goals for the day:

1. Workout
2. Get some work for my employer done
3. Finish automated marketing (stage one) for
4. Finish automated marketing (Jupyter notebook 2)
5. Set up social media accounts

#marketing #buildinpublic

I've had to learn not to figure everything out by myself. I have an #AWS account and pay for the support which I never use. However if I'm having conflicts between S3 redirects and CloudFront distributions I'm not using 24 hours of my time doing that. I'm asking.
Stay tuned. #buildinpublic

I'm really excited to start my marketing journey. Really excited to add this ESSENTIAL SKILL (!!!) to my toolkit.
Mini #LifeHack to #buildinpublic: It's Friday night. I want to party to blow off steam but I want to work too.

#Hack: Work Friday night and go out at after midnight. You're too tired to work now anyway (usually). Now you've got socializing in so now you can work Sat and Sun.
I've also starting writing some code to automate some parts of my marketing plan and starting to put together some video content as well. I've been looking forward to this part of my journey for some time. It feels really good. Stay tuned. #buildinpublic

Hey -- if I'm going to place ads on my website and I don't want to use Google Adsense what would you suggest?

#ads #advertising #Monetization #advice #SoftwareDeveloper
I love how #AWS forces you to grow up. It's like "yeah. you're going to have to implement exception handling if you want to scale."

The price of scaling is your code has to grow tf up.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic

I'm done with the basic programming section of I could program more but the goal isn't to program at this point. It's to fix bugs, optimize a bit (download speed is too slow) and then to start marketing!

But this is a big milestone.
#buildinpublic -- I'm really excited, not just because is coming together (that too) but because it's really giving me a shot at crafting the kind of life I want to live: being at home working on a project I'm passionate about.
#buildinpublic startups are all about continuous learning but not about learning what you want. Rather it’s about what the company needs. I saw a book on Math and Neural Networks but instead i opted for the course on #email #marketing. Like Dylan said: you get what you need.
#buildinpublic. It’s amazing to me how great my life is right now. I’m not where i want to be yet but I code in the daytime, I code for myself @ night and I’m about to begin my #marketing journey in earnest. #excited

Learning to code on AWS was a big investment (11 months) but it was one of the best investments I've ever made.

I now sit and think, well, if this doesn't work I can build something else. I can just build whatever I want.

I've always wanted to be a creative.

It's so strange. I love my more and more. I just love it.

Today I was using it at work to peruse the news and it was just perfect. If I wasn't building it I'd be using it more.

I just don't want to stop working on it.


I say "Be smart. But don't be clever." I hate clever b/c there's trickery in it. Smart -> everyone feel good. Clever -> everyone angry b/c you tricked them.

This is the story of a clever person.

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The pure excitement i feel building and the adventure i feel as i build and see next steps is unexplainable. The feeling of having your own fate in your hands is incredible. Just incredible. So #Grateful

I've got three more steps to make before I go from CodeLand to MarketingLand.

I'm eager to get to MarketingLand. I will always be a citizen of CodeLand but MarketingLand will allow me to express my personality and creativity in a different way.