Interviewing possible technical co-founders. One here on the Pacific West Coast (my time zone) and one in Europe. Possible outsource dev to Eastern Europe. Who would you hire? #buildinpublic #startup
Open call for SaaS startups struggling with pricing, funding, runway, growth and churn projections.
We'll help you run multiple "what if" scenarios - for free.
Looking for early adopters and case studies to test our low-code financial modelling tech.
Raise your hand if you've ever launched a major software release, on schedule, bug free w/o any last minute "oh.. I'm surprised we didn't catch that..." comments.

#startups #buildinpublic
Know a Startup that needs help with their financial runway?
Launched a campaign where we build SaaS startups a custom "what if" runway forecast - for free.
Includes staffing, product pricing, growth, churn, revenue forecasts and funding raises.
Link in comments.
Less "product" and more "relatable problem". Work-in-progress mockup/update to our explainer/promo video for our website. Product screenshots are temp, no audio or subtitles yet. #buildinpublic
Weekend #buildinpublic - revisiting our explainer video again after reading Building A Story Brand - with more focus on being the guide (not the hero) and more human/less about the tech.
Super early days but starting conversations about being a possible acquisition. "Dog food" our own financial scenario planning software and share the process here on Twitter?

Might take the whole #buildinpublic world and one-up it into #acquireinpublic
Most startups have zero clue when they will run out of runway. So they can't course correct, lean in, double down or brace to survive a crash landing.


Fear. Ignorance is bliss.

But knowledge is empowering. That is how you lead. That is how you land.

Scary mental shift... hiring our first marketing and biz dev co-op student from UBC.
Our bootstrap startup journey has been all about code. Years of it. Realizing that my inability to focus on marketing is now our biggest barrier to success.
We've been bootstrap building our B2B decision-making and strategy software for 4+ years now. Been a long #buildinpublic and sometimes hard road and we're ready to share and win over more early adopters. Game to shake up your boring old Excel workflows?
We've been bootstrap building our B2B decision-making and strategy software for 4+ years now. Been a long #buildinpublic road and we're ready to share and get more early adopters. Game to shake up their boring old Excel workflows?
As a bootstrap startup, there is a constant pull between thinking too small and acting too small. Anytime I am looking at a big decision - I’m constantly gut checking whether I’m thinking too big, too small or acting from a place of fear. #buildinpublic
Here's to all of the devs that pull off a two-week task in three days - flawlessly.

#buildinpublic #nocode
For the #buildinpublic crowd... are you seeing the benefits of posting your "Day 300" tweets/updates (engagement, connections, etc) or has it become more of an accountability exercise?

Stopped doing this months ago...
Close to launching a Project Event in whatifi. Allows a decision maker to collect upstream revenue and expenses into a single group. They can then spread out multiple instances of that group along a timeline to model financial scenarios
Curious. Pick one.
1. Hard software to learn and use but more robust and powerful
2. Easy software to use but a bare bones feature and function set

Think Canva vs Photoshop

#buildinpublic while building remotely. Just met two of our developers in person for the first time. One has been with us for almost a year. The other 8 months.

Life has changed but people still find a way to build cool things and make their dent in the world.
πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€Always be launching.
Latest early-release of is live (desktop only).
June 2nd #buildinpublic video update
βœ… super close to pushing staging to app!!
βœ… great call with a rep from a 150 person Fractional CFO firm
βœ… June newsletter ready to go
βœ… final testing on Group, Instance and Customer Transfer Event
βœ… prepping for @CollisionHQ