We've been bootstrap building our B2B decision-making and strategy software for 4+ years now. Been a long #buildinpublic and sometimes hard road and we're ready to share and win over more early adopters. Game to shake up your boring old Excel workflows?
We've been bootstrap building our B2B decision-making and strategy software for 4+ years now. Been a long #buildinpublic road and we're ready to share and get more early adopters. Game to shake up their boring old Excel workflows?
As a bootstrap startup, there is a constant pull between thinking too small and acting too small. Anytime I am looking at a big decision - I’m constantly gut checking whether I’m thinking too big, too small or acting from a place of fear. #buildinpublic
Here's to all of the devs that pull off a two-week task in three days - flawlessly.

#buildinpublic #nocode
For the #buildinpublic crowd... are you seeing the benefits of posting your "Day 300" tweets/updates (engagement, connections, etc) or has it become more of an accountability exercise?

Stopped doing this months ago...
Close to launching a Project Event in whatifi. Allows a decision maker to collect upstream revenue and expenses into a single group. They can then spread out multiple instances of that group along a timeline to model financial scenarios
Curious. Pick one.
1. Hard software to learn and use but more robust and powerful
2. Easy software to use but a bare bones feature and function set

Think Canva vs Photoshop

#buildinpublic while building remotely. Just met two of our developers in person for the first time. One has been with us for almost a year. The other 8 months.

Life has changed but people still find a way to build cool things and make their dent in the world.
πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€Always be launching.
Latest early-release of is live (desktop only).
June 2nd #buildinpublic video update
βœ… super close to pushing staging to app!!
βœ… great call with a rep from a 150 person Fractional CFO firm
βœ… June newsletter ready to go
βœ… final testing on Group, Instance and Customer Transfer Event
βœ… prepping for @CollisionHQ
May 31 #buildinpublic video update
βœ… full release of Group Event (ability to group and segment data in ways you simply can't do effectively in an Excel spreadsheet)
βœ… tons of docs, videos and onboarding updates
βœ… booked 3 meetings with Fractional CFOs to discuss runway models
Can you spot the day that Googled re-crawled my site?
May 24 #buildinpublic update
βœ… continuing to model financials for early adopter gaming company πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
πŸͺ² crushing bugs
βœ… updating in-app onboarding and walk throughs
βœ… working on new explainer video
βœ… building spec for a Segment Event
🎯 stable version EOW
May 23 #buildinpublic video update - alpha of our Instance Event
βœ… worked on docs using @NotionHQ and
βœ… testing Instance Event
βœ… building example Scenarios for library
😩 finding more critical calculation bugs
🎯 stable version EOW
πŸš€ onboarding a CFO
May 18-20 #buildinpublic Updates
πŸš€ 5 stellar demo calls
βœ… 1 Fractional CFO onboard
βœ… 1 funded Gaming startup onboard
βœ… new UI 90% done
βœ… Instance Event in alpha
βœ… Updates to other key Events
🎯 Release next version in 3 weeks
🎯 Work on documentation
May 17 #buildinpublic Updates
βœ… possible collaborator to build out a whatifi for #financialadvisor
βœ… networking; attended @HoltXchange Vancouver Pitch Event; several early adopter leads
βœ…πŸͺ²πŸž squashing bugs like mad
😩 a bit hungover
@pupeno @johndsaunders @loom Most of these are user updates specifically to some of our early adopters. Some highly customized.

I also use Loom for some of my #buildinpublic updates.

For knowledge base, I use Camtasia, so I can edit, add push ins, and make them more presentable.
May 14-15 - #buildinpublic weekend update
βœ… progress on our first newsletter
βœ…πŸš€ new "Solo Business" signup (paying!!)
βœ… testing new UI
βœ… spent time on our @SaaSAcademy Growth Map
🎯 update Lead Magnet
🎯 write followup funnel emails
βœ… researched competitor's sales funnels
May 13 - #buildinpublic video update - UI/UX work-in-progress

βœ… v1 of new UI is live and testing
βœ… 5-star marketing day. Don't underestimate LI direct outreach
🎯 stable release by end of May
🎯 add "early access" CTA to website
🎯 book flights and AirBnB for @CollisionHQ