Building an online product in a nutshell:

1. What should the MVP include?
2. Set a deadline
3. #buildinpublic
4. Landing page + early users
5. Improve
6. List on communities like @gumroad and @ProductHunt

What should I doodle on next?

#nocode #creator
Get started with @NotionHQ :

1. Build your workspace
2. Design your personal website and portfolio
3. Learn to setup and link databases
4. Create your Notion template and sell on @gumroad
5. Build your first automation with @zapier

#notion #nocode #buildinpublic
Here's documenting my Twitter journey again.

It's been a very quiet 4-5 months for me and I'm trying to build it up again.

Twitter is a serendipity engine and it's very important to stay active and deliver value.

📈 February 2021 Twitter growth:…
I'm building my @NotionHQ planner in public to teach you how to design and launch digital products.

If you want to sell your own Notion template, follow along.

There are 4 parts to the build & my playbook is open to all.

Stack: @NotionHQ @canva @gumroad @carrd

I am inspired by @shafghaz who is not only a talented no-coder and operations expert but also embodies the spirit of the #buildinpublic movement: courage, conviction, transparency, giving. Team @bemicrobrave are proud of her.
@thisiskp_ @jqsirls Wow, this is awesome, KP! Loving all the #buildinpublic stories <3