Make a draft of the blog post

Going to share the experience of deploying a simple Go application to the AWS cloud using terraform to check if it is valuable.

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✅Check trending software technologies 2021 and 2022

It seems promising cloud computing and public cloud, automated tests, and security. Still into reading more about DevOps and simplifying it for the cloud, like PaaS

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✅ Analyse current popular simple deployment solution

Would like to check what people like and don't like in the current deployment solution for developers and small startups to understand the problem to solve.

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Investigate deployment services

Checking products for simplifying deployment and investigating new services and top ones on the market. It will provide a better understanding of developers and DevOps' current needs and pain points.

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✅ Discover and joined communities of QA, testers, Software developers, and DevOps

I need to understand the community better to discover pain points

Make a problem discovery

The 3 topics to discover:
- Test automation
- Backend as a Service / Deployment simplification / Infrastructure management
- Price monitoring and repricing

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✅ Posted first blog post on the website

Created a first blog post for the language learning app website. Gathered some thoughts about learning new words and shared the apps for this.…
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How do you usually deal with the demotivation about the project you build? When do you understand that it is necessary to stop right here and switch to something else?

✅ Made the first quiz post from the @lingifyapp Twitter

Checked and, think about setting up automation using Twitter scheduled posts as I don't have a lot of posts at the moment.
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✅ App Store app submission

Submitting the app to App Store for the first release review for the third time, as I was rejected because of the policies.

Set up a website for my app for free using and A fast and simple combination, I spend several hours customizing the template I found on Github.

#buildinpublic #landing
Trying to discover how to bootstrap the mobile app to gather feedback from potential users.
Found a good repository to learn marketing content for engineers and bootstrapers 😸

Discover how to write descriptions for the mobile app:
- Discover important and relevant keywords.
- Use the keywords a lot, keep the description simple and readable.
- Describe the value in the first sentences.
- Provide a list of important features of the app.