What is a piece of advice you haven't seen all over #BuildInPublic Twitter?

It seems like most "advice" posts are more or less repeating the same stuff. 😅
Let's #BuildInPublic a local tech consultancy, shall we?

This is a brainstorm thread pulled from my @golifelog post on Monday which you can find here:…

Huge thanks to @SimonHoiberg and @jasonleowsg for the motivation!

Let's get into it. 👇️
It's absolutely unreal how much value @SimonHoiberg adds to the #BuildInPublic and SaaS communities.

A ten minute video that can save you a lot of frustration:

Reaching $1,000 MRR in one month.
And now the journey has a YouTube channel!

Here is where I'm going to be documenting my journey to financial independence. All of the investments, all of the businesses, all of the products, I'll be logging them all here #BuildInPublic style!
1.5 years. $250,000 in new income external to my day job.

Building financial independence in public.

Breaking FIRE down into a science.

That's what #HackingFIRE is all about.…
Well, @MeetKevon called me out, so here's my launch!

I am writing a book on developing web scrapers using #Python. You can literally buy this book for free (for now) as it's in progress, and you will receive the final version for free once I'm finished……
This whole book will be published using the #BuildInPublic philosophy (thanks, in part, to people like @MeetKevon ) and I'll be keeping Twitter up to date each time I publish a new version.

I'll also be updating my newsletter as I write more!…
Of course, there's @csallen , the founder of @IndieHackers . His platform has grown to become one that pushes #BuildInPublic to a massive audience through his newsletter and social media platform. I can honestly say I've learned more about startups from IH than anywhere else.
5 of my favorite developers that #BuildInPublic in no particular order:

@jasonleowsg - Jason develops the outlet for one of my favorite new habits: @golifelog for daily writing. I've written on lifelog every day for the past 10 weeks and it's become an amazing habit.
I need both pieces, the main app and the test framework, to use the same file parsers... so I make the file parsers a submodule of both the main application and the test framework, and voila! #BuildInPublic
The biggest reason I needed submodules though is I've got my work-in-progress main application that depends on a handful of Python libraries I use for file parsing. However, I also have a test framework built out that *also* depends on those same parsers. #BuildInPublic
One thing that I'm learning fairly quickly as I'm working on @malparse is that so much of working on a complex project with tons of interlacing parts is finding out how to organize a bunch of disparate Git repos.

So today I learned how to use #Git submodules! #BuildInPublic
Git submodules allow you to create parent-child dependencies between multiple different git repos.

For me, I have multiple front-ends (the ComingSoon landing page, a test dashboard front end, a work-in-progress app dashboard, etc.) and multiple backends. #BuildInPublic
Working on a video for my channel right now talking about why I love #BuildInPublic and one of the five reasons I chose is that you increase the feedback loop by creating an audience that is constantly giving you constructive (sometimes) criticism and ideas.
This is why I build in public:

- I share what I build
- Someone asks a question what is it
- I answer
- He gives feedback to improve it
- "Why didn't I think of it?!" 🤦‍♂️
- 10s later the new 'feature' is up
- Rinse, repeat

Imagine this over months..Your product UX will 10x…