I will share the discount coupons for my products tomorrow. Limited edition!

Girişimzel, the 11th week's newsletter has been published!

“An Indian Series, a Biographical Movie, an Advertising Documentary, 2 YT Channels, and more #11” #buildinpublic #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship…
I used to have a t-shirt brand. I will use the information I learned there in my illustrations. :)

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Was it cool? 😎

Coming soon, new illustration pack

#buildinpublic #illustration
I started designing a new illustration package. What a sweet package.

It has "Cute" in its name. But I don't know if I should put "Sweet". 🤷‍♂️

Other designs:

#buildinpublic #producthunt #indiehackers #illustration
I was going to make a roof brand for my design products. I give up. I will share them all under my own site. It wouldn't be bad if I refreshed the site a little bit. :)

I'll email you when I release new products.

I also often share discount coupons for my products.

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#buildinpublic #producthunt #indiehackers
As such, I don't feel like doing this job.

(Böyle olunca beni bu işe küstürüyorsunuz.)

I combine all my design packages under one roof.

My Designs:
- And new designs that I will add soon

Yes, I finished my freelance job. Now I can look at my products. My biggest products with a future:

I will create illustration packs. Because it sells. :)

I've been adding new easter eggs for a while. And I added #WillSmith as the new easter egg. If you enter the site from this link, when you click anywhere, there is a slapping sound. :D