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73 button widget.
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I thought my product was almost finished, but I am discovering the fault of the product like crazy. Morale was broken. I was going to prepare the landing page images today, but it looks like it will pass with debugging.

#buildinpublic #notiontemplates
Only 8,870,912 combinations can be made in the button. ChatGPT says. :)

#buildinpublic #notionwidget
The payment system is working. I just need to set the limits for the packages. #buildinpublic
I started to upload local codes into I'm getting the Notion widget site stand up! #buildinpublic
Widgets are gone. CSRF Token has also been added. Other security systems and logic bugs are fixed. Not long now! #notionwidget #notion #buildinpublic
I am making #Notionwidget tool. I plan to finish the last widget tomorrow. #buildinpublic
I've been developing Notion widget tool for 5 months! #buildinpublic
The current button theme infrastructure is very bad. I haven't been able to solve it. That's why I have to rewrite it.

Finally, I was able to finish the widget editing feature that I have been struggling with for 1 month. I pained a lot until this happened. Bugs are out. For weeks, I fixed bugs or tried to solve logic bugs. And this feature is finally over.