@DanKulkov Marketing isn’t my struggle point, I’m on the opposite trend where dev is new to me.

However, my struggle is even though my target audience is in the fitness/nutrition industry, my twitter is all #buildinpublic friends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

….but i’m not sorry bout it
Few small, but important, Micro improvements:

- Significantly improved the app speed via AWS Edge
- Added Uptime Status Monitoring (
- Created @MicroHQ for customer support
- Tweaked the steps graph (UI improvement)

I know @KilianPoulinTW uses @chargebee, any of my other Indie friends also use Chargebee?

What has been your experience so far?
Micro cool feature:

Micronutritions chart: you can select and deselect which macros you want to display in the chart so can isolate the macronutrient you’d like to view.

Summer is a crucial time of the year for the fitness industry (everyone in dat summer shredding mode)

Which means it’ll be ideal to leverage that ASAP in marketing campaigns for Micro.

Time to kick things into high gear.

Have to ship ASAP! πŸš€ #buildinpublic
@heymattia Haven't tried it before! Going to open it up when I get back home, it looks awesome.

Since I've joined the #buildinpublic community I think I've joined and found 20+ new tools and websites 🀣
How Micro's Weight Trend area graph looks after inputting weeks of data.

Deciding if I prefer this UI approach (with dots indicating data inputs that show weight and date/time on hover), or the financial stock portfolio straight link graph look.

Whatcha think? #buildinpublic
Sneak peek at our weekly macro tracking page for the beta release πŸ‘€

Still in MVP β€” lots of ideas for adding tons more features and UI πŸ™Œ #buildinpublic
@HeyImYossi Yes! I posted a tweet yesterday asking for help and had a flood of the #buildinpublic community offering their help. Taking time out of their busy days to help a fellow indie dev. I love this community.
Micro updates:

- Shifted to PostgreSQL
- Added sign-up, login, and update user API w/ profile photo.
- Schema for the target daily macro table in progress.

Have to fix the code so that it runs faster on mobile. Then have to figure all this out on the frontend πŸ˜…

How would you recommend adding dark mode to a web application running on React and Node.js? #buildinpublic

It was inevitable πŸ˜…
Happy Monday!

Latest update on Micro:

- app deployment is finally complete!

Next up for this week:

- adding user capability and storing their data in a database
- integrating memberstack to the site

getting closer and closer to releasing our beta πŸš€

(2/2) He also gave advice on how to clean up my code and optimize it better.

I've now made a new friend, broke through a roadblock that was driving me crazy, and learned so much. Instead of letting ego get in the way.

It's worth asking for help when you need it. #buildinpublic
Trying to figure out deploying Micro. Planning on Heroku via Github. Have to figure out how to sync up the MySQL.

As a career marketer, it's funny being in the dev world and watching youtube videos on basics of how to deploy.

Feel like a fraud πŸ˜‚ but I'll get it! #buildinpublic
Tear my navigation and hero copy apart! Don't hold back.

- Buttons go to sign up page
- Free demo goes to calendly page
- Micro brand colors are black, white, gray, and highlighter yellow

[Hero image not shown]
Database bug is fixed!

Almost done with @webflow website (so easy to use, I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before!)

Started on @memberstack this morning.

Next stop: linking it all with the Micro web app πŸŽ‰

Then I can finally ship the beta! #buildinpublic
Little set-back with database bugs that weren’t saving the daily macro targets properly, should be fixed by Monday.

- explore @webflow and @memberstack to implement user login, auth, etc.

It’s getting there πŸ˜„ #buildinpublic
@MeetKevon @mike_lyndon @arvidkahl Woah! I didn’t know that! Buildinpublic community has been so valuable for me since starting on Twitter!!

I was nervous to even give it a try, but #buildinpublic was thankfully one of my first introductions and it made me feel very welcome πŸ€—