Is my Twitter bio any good?

Using the word "unfuck" - do we like that? I don't mind swear words but I know others do. It's memorable at least. A tiny bit unoriginal?

@MeetKevon this is your wheelhouse :)

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I'm doing FREE #buildinpublic reviews of people's landing pages & sites (etc).

"Tear downs" but without the performative negativity.

No obligations, just a bunch of expert tips to improve conversions in a thread 📈

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@SikiraAmer @EmmeMaker @EngagementBuild It's looking great!

Let me know if you'd benefit from a #buildinpublic website review vid!?
“Deny me bread, air, light, spring, but never #buildinpublic for I would die.” ~ Pablo Neruda
@mikeunstop Hey Mike. Looking good!

In the spirit of #buildinpublic would you like me to give you my Conversion Rate Optimisation advice for TT? I do it as a Twitter thread or vid tagged #conversionconsult.

Useful for you (I hope) & exposure for me.
@TiiaAurora Yeah all that macho “Quit Netflix meditate and eat a raw gazelle before dawn or you’re no-one” bs. I guess it’s more “hustle Twitter” than tech Twitter but they overlap. Mostly #buildinpublic Twitter is supportive, helpful and delightful though.
Thanks for reading – if anyone has :)

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Here's a review requested by @jake_pryszlak for the website

Jake clearly knows his onions and I've got raging imposter syndrome here ... but I think my point about the three names (Resreach Geek, Jake Pryszlak and Tea & Biccies) may be valid.
Here's my review vid for for @mgirkins.

Great product – but the website needs a bit more going on in my humble opinion.

Plus here's a very small thread with some thoughts I didn't have time for in the vid 👇

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Thanks Milly (@barkerdestefano) for agreeing to this #conversionconsult video for

I enjoyed recording it and I hope it's helpful.

Happy to set up a call any time if I can help out.

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This is your regular gentle reminder that shifting your website conversion rate from 1% to 2% will double your revenue or your growth.

And it's surprisingly easy to do!

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Book recommendations for productised services?

📹 I'm going to do short (& maybe funny) video website reviews

– how to boost conversions
– SEO tips
– marketing strategies
– design

🔁 Please RT. First serious response gets a free website review .... I just need to conquer my self-consciousness.

As I gazed into the bright, laughing eyes of my 2 y.o this morning, I thought I can harvest this numinous moment for some decent #buildinpublic content.

Here's 635 things about business I learned from my daughter's emotions 👇🧵

Only joking – some things are still private
Why not look at your landing page right now and improve one thing?

Your SaaS marketing site is there for one reason and one reason only.

❌Don’t clutter it up with elements which are not central to guiding visitor towards registration!

Look at it now.

What could you safely remove (or move to an inner page)?

Do you know the conversion rate of your website?

If not then DMs are open. We’ll figure it out together.

No charge.

It’ll be the most useful ten minutes of your week.

(RT to help the uninitiated.)

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🙋‍♂️ Got CRO questions?
💰 Keen to avoid a costly redesign?
👊 Hit me up with your URL and I'll review it, on Twitter, for free.

#Webdesign tip (from 20yrs exp):

When presenting design work, the following matters more than the work itself:

- where & how you show it
- what the client expects to see
- how it is framed & described
- the specific feedback needed

Don’t just email a PDF!