Added custom questions feature to the Chatbot. Someone requested this feature😄.

✅Host on your server
✅Trained chatbot with your own data
✅Use your own OpenAI API key
✅Full source code access
✅Lifetime access for a one-time fee


Getting this kind of email can turn my day around! It brings me joy and excitement 😄🥳

Take a look here👉-

🔥I added markdown formatting for Virtuo(

Also a new role for code explanation🔥😄.

I was literally amazed by its responses😱

I shortened Virtuo's intro video and added text to make it more concise

I shortened Virtuo's intro video and added text to make it more concise😄

@ErezHod Looking forward to learning more about your #buildinpublic side-project. Good luck!
Updated the UI of Virtuo GPT chat-

I got the idea from another product👀. Here is the new one with the old version too😁

#buildinpublic #ChatGPT #AI
Just made the first sale of Virtuo🥳 -

Preorder is open😁. Only 20 people can get this Lifetime offer for only $9⚡️

#buildinpublic #AI #chatGPT
Localize your text from the textbox. I think it can help solopreneurs with customer support🙄

Preorder -

#buildinpublic #AI #chatGPT
Generate tweets with the help of AI from the textbox😎. No tab switching😅

Preorder is open😄-

#buildinpublic #AI #chatGPT
Little use case of my new AI project Virtuo. You can use it on any website🚀

Preorder is open😄-

#buildinpublic #AI #chatGPT
Every indie hacker is busy creating their side project or new startup with #ChatGPT. So I also thinking to make something using it😄.

#buildinpublic #openai
I just finished the #code for the basic WordPress plugin of Notificationpro( Primarily for pixel code installation. But want to make it more functional🚀