Yes I will make a sex app tracker for couples. #buildinpublic…
The benefits of sex are many: It boosts your immune system, burns calories, lowers blood pressure, eases pain, keeps your mind sharp, and may lessen the risk of heart attack and prostate cancer.
One thing I noticed when I tried @ezoic's DNS, it will make your site slow to get the latest updates. 😅 #buildinpublic
So my first site is not yet approved by @ezoic . Is there any best alternative you can recommend? #buildinpublic #advertising #network
Going through the @ezoic setup now. It's not straightforward... 😅 #buildinpublic
So I made a local Davao City listing site in 2021 and haven't done any update since then. 😅 But amazingly, organic growth has grown so much! 🌱 #nocode #buildinpublic…
So this is my crazy idea of looking for a non-technical co-founder for my next startup! 🚀 There's 1 candidate already! Let's see how this goes! 😅 #buildinpublic…
So yeah I just found a non-tech co-founder. Let's see how our idea validation goes. #buildinpublic #localproptech
I think Gcash as a payment gateway is a good start. #buildinpublic
Why? Simply because a local knows the local market... 😅 No rocket science whatsoever #buildinpublic
Here's how I'm looking for a co-founder in our local community. 😅 #buildinpublic
@KwantBuilder @glideapps Oh the process, also asking around my local community on Reddit and also here thru #buildinpublic
@KwantBuilder @glideapps Well I don't know yet. I'm still asking around a local community on Reddit. 😅 And also looking for a co-founder #buildinpublic
Let's try to look for a co-founder in public #buildinpublic
Trying not to do it alone this time #buildinpublic
Trying not to do it alone this time #buildinpublic
@xbrandonpowell I still don't know that's why we still start from scratch... #buildinpublic
@xbrandonpowell No it's free marketing already 😉 I haven't seen 2 founders do #buildinpublic so that would be interesting 😁