Hello @OlegSotnikov_ 👋, Curious to know what are the concerns of devs in @appmaster_io ? Btw, I'm not a developer. #nocode #buildinpublic…
I often encounter #developers who express concerns about the limitations of #nocode platforms like AppMaster for creating complex products. Allow me to clarify five common misconceptions about AppMaster and similar platforms 👇
@appmaster_io For now, all I can say is... I think I just had love at first sight with @appmaster_io 😍 #nocode #buildinpublic
Hello #NoCode Community 👋 I just discovered @appmaster_io and it looks beautiful! 💕 Surprised that I haven't heard about them in this space. 🤔 Will try it out and tell you more! #buildinpublic
Has anyone tried the new @supabase auth in @flutterflow ? 😁

I already enabled Google auth in supa but there's no action for it in FF - only Email as shown below. 😅

#buildinpublic #nocode #lowcode #saas
This means that I have to design everything myself again which is my weakness. I miss @glideapps 😭

But on a good note, this means I have more control over User Experience with @flutterflow and I don't have to worry about data limits. ☺️ #buildinpublic
If I understand this correctly, the Stack in this photo doesn't mean that it is a combination of Row and Column layout.

The Stack here means the widgets can be stacked together to create an overlapping effect.

You are welcome! 😹 #buildinpublic
How to learn a new tool? Start with their docs. You are welcome! 😹 #buildinpublic
Seems like @Firebase Firestore's Free Quota is much better than @supabase which is 500MB database. 🤓

✅ Was able to add some decent layout with text and buttons.

Next, I need to learn how to show modals or sheets in @flutterflow 🤔

#buildinpublic #backtobasics #nocode #lowcode
Thanks to @HariniLabs for introducing me to @rowyio which makes working with @Firebase much easier. 🫰 #buildinpublic
Thanks @flutterflow for this diagram! This makes it easy for me to understand NoSQL particularly, Firestore Database. 🫰 #buildinpublic
My building in public spirit is back! 🔥

I don't know how to use @flutterflow yet and I heard that it sucks because there's no @supabase auth.

But whatever. Let's go! #buildinpublic #nocode #lowcode #goodbye @glideapps
I'm pivoting my SaaS small bet business model from subscription to one-time payment soon...

Let's see how this goes. #buildinpublic…
🚨 Major update! To be more affordable for serious home owners, I'll be available in the @glideapps template store soon! 🛒
Here's the truth: I build @joinhappyhome for our own personal use. Simply because we will definitely need a simple system to help us improve our health, wealth and our relationships at home. 💜

Read the whole story here:…

#buildinpublic #glidewriters
@buildinpublic I've been building in public this weekend. But why you no retweet me? 🥲 #buildinpublic