Building in public is a tool for progress. ⤴️ #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic - a tool for managing budget, expenses & debt for homes with #dataanalytics. Why? Not properly managed finances could cause unnecessary friction from the members of the family. Home should be the happiest place on earth. ☺️🏡 #happyhome
#buildinpublic - a home budget, expenses & debt management tool. Why? Not properly managed finances could cause unnecessary sadness at home. For homes to be happy as it should be. 🏡
Hope it's not too late to join #MakeoverMonday 2023! 🫰 #buildinpublic #vizinpublic
#MakeoverMonday 2023 is starting with an exploration of climate change and Global Radiative Forcing, courtesy of @noaa.

Get the data here (MM website to be updated soon) -…
My first day trying out Forex Trading. 😅

Been doing some trial & error which ended up as loss. 🤷‍♂️ But that's ok. I learn much by doing. 🫰

Keep learning. Let's grow! 🌱

#buildinpublic #learninpublic #forex…
GM to all who already bought a domain for a new product idea that's not yet validated! 😅 #buildinpublic #lookup #cutecat
Time to start another #buildinpublic journey this 2023! Follow me! 🫰
Hello! 👋 I'm Joey Taleño. Expect my contents to be revolving around #data #analytics #product #startups and #jesus 🫰 Follow me or Unfollow me. 😅 #buildinpublic
I just bought a domain and secured the Twitter handle for a new product idea this new year! 🥳 #buildinpublic

How's your new year so far? 🫰
2022 Year in Review: Work Edition

Jan to Mar - I tried to build my own SaaS using Bubble, a no code tool for building web apps. It was a passion project of mine, a Product-Founder Fit. It had a less than 100 users by #buildinpublic in Twitter. However si…
I may pause this idea (web scraping app made in @anvil_works & @ScrapyProject) for now as seems like there are lots of things to consider when doing #webscraping 😅 #buildinpublic #failinpublic
#BuildInPublic 🫰 Happy to share that is now an official partner of Metabase 🎉 Metabase removes the complexities of creating reports and dashboards so you can focus on getting value from business insights fast! ⚡️
I think I have a personal use case for ChatGPT now. 🫰 #buildinpublic #dataengineering #productanalytics
So I asked from the @anvil_works community if it's possible to make my idea of web scraping marketplace using @ScrapyProject . Told them I'm doing a #buildinpublic 🫰
#BuildInPublic 🫰 Don't let this crisis stop you from making a data-driven business. Getting started in Data & Product Analytics doesn't have to be so expensive. Let help you save some cost without compromising the quality. ✨
#BuildInPublic 🫰 I already submitted 2 testimonials to Metabase and I'm just waiting for feedback. Keboola is new to me so I have to spend more time learning it through their Data Academy. And I'm blessed for the immediate trust given to me by PostHog &…
#BuildInPublic 🫰 Previously, I took a shot by asking for #testimonials from recent clients that I'll be using to apply for Metabase's partnership / experts program and here you go. Thank you so much for the gifts @Samuel_Weaver, Rico Mok &
#BuildInPublic 🫰 While working on getting more clients & partnerships, I'm also using my time to update my some parts of my website. So instead of just showing the logos, I re-designed it in a #DataArchitecture format. So far I'm happy with it. ✨