So for my @nocode_weekend project, I'll try to add 2 new and cool features to @joinhappyhome

1. ⚡️ Insights - Intelligent analysis on how to improve home finances.

2. ☺️ Happy - Intelligent home assistant

Both powered by @OpenAI thru @glideapps integration.

Waiting for @nocode_weekend 's launch pad doc 🚀

This is my first time and the plan is to just have some fun! 💜

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This is literally what just happened to me. 😅

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Join Us From March 17-19 👇
While most indie hacker are crazy over ChatGPT-4, me doing marketing for @joinhappyhome thru memes ✨

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Exciting news! I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my Happy Home app in just 2 weeks, and the best part? I did it all without a single line of code! Join me in making home to be the happiest place on earth. #HappyHome #BuildInPublic #GlideWriters
I've fell several times in building a SaaS business. 🤕

But when I saw this visual, I thought that maybe building a SaaS business is also like a baby learning how to walk. 👶

It's ok to fall but there's no choice but to get back up and try again. 😭

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You will never forget the first steps
Partnership. Yes sir! 🫡

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E.g. our online store sells wedding hankies.

So we partnered with an online florist who did a lot of arrangements for weddings.

When they sold wedding flowers, they recommended our hankies. We did the same for them.

It worked like a charm.
Will probably experiment on Google Ads for @joinhappyhome. Yes sir! 🫡

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Which platform should you use?

Well, it depends on your business.

If the product has search intent, Google tends to work well.

For innovative products, Facebook or Instagram tend to work better.

Experiment and find out what works for your business.

But remember the catch...
Ok focus on blog and Youtube. Yes sir! 🫡

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P.s. Why did I say blog, YouTube etc?

Because platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they're great for building a brand but unreliable for traffic.

At any time they can shut you down, and even if they don't it's a constant treadmill of creating more and more content.
Action items next week 😅

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Box 1: Long-term Traffic

The best way to fill this box is by creating content.

Publish a podcast, video, article etc. and everyone can find it via search. It takes time to index with search engines, but then it flows forever.

It could be generating sales for years!
Great advice here. ✨ Now I understand how important traffic / audience and marketing is. 😅

I need to focus on these areas next week! 🫰

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Whatever your business is


I've learned from building multiple seven-figure businesses that it all depends on ONE thing 👇
Quick insight from the soft-launch of yesterday. 📈

I understand, LinkedIn folks are busy and hard working people. 🫰

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While everyone are launching "Powered by AI apps".

Me 👇 #buildinpublic
Being able to know our home's financial state is crucial to having a happy home. 💜

Don't let our hard earned money fly away! 💸

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Doing a Bullet Draft from @glideapps Community Writers Cohort 1.

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But it sucks that due to this circumstance, I am forced to not open the app to public as I cannot afford to have more records because it is limited. 😭

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