What's the best way to launch a quick #buildinpublic project landing page?

Many recommended & @framer. Any more to check out?
Really my favourite part of this book. βš›οΈ

Always come back to this… when I’m feeling unmotivated or feeling like my progress isn’t amounting to anything.

#AtomicHabits #buildinpublic
pASsIvE inCoMe 🀣🀣

For those working with ML & AI.

Is it hard to do tasks with macOS M1?

Finding it has compatibility issues with many packages.

✨ TryOnClothesAI πŸ‘•

new #buildinpublic AI app:

1. Upload clothes
2. Upload model (yourself)
3. Generate preview

alpha version but a simple working prototype.
very excited about this project!

πŸ‘‡πŸ»Watch quick demo πŸ‘‡πŸ»
absolute bamboozled when i see 15-18 year olds #buildinpublic, hustling & making $4-5k MRR

when i was 16, my friends paid me $5 to change their report cards 🀣🀣🀣
#buildinpublic -ing a wardrobe AI app:

Working with GAN and ML models, definitely something very new for me.

Anyone worked with things like FashionGAN & DeepStyle?

Am lost and don't know how to start
Starting a new AI project today #buildinpublic 😍
I love the #buildinpublic community bc it's extremely helpful and supportive

...but don't take it false validation for your product

The only validation that counts is paying customers.
Any AI apps lets you try on clothes?

Grab an image of yourself + image of clothing = you in new clothing


my new #buildinpublic app seemed like a great idea in my head

but once i built it, i lost interest, because i didn't really understand the core of the problem to be solving it.

i did however stayed true to my promise and delivered a mvp within 7 days.
Wow, this came at a perfect time!

Free $500 credits on @render 😍😍

Thanks @marckohlbrugge for hard carrying the #buildinpublic community!
Keeping my #buildinpublic promise to myself!

✨ Resync ✨ - async meetings made easy!

Try Beta for free πŸ‘‡πŸ»

🧠 Ideation in 2 days
πŸ›  Developed in 4 days
🐞 Beware of bugs

Let's see how this app does!

Ship more, fail more! 🍜
Got some advice from fellow #buildinpublic indies to write an article to explain what my app actually does.

So here it is, read here: πŸ‘‡πŸ»…
thanks everyone. #buildinpublic family really is the best. i went to shoot some hoops and feel alot better πŸ€

will come back stronger tomorrow
hi #buildinpublic fam

how do you guys balance your day job with indie hacking?

trying to churn out 1-2 hours before & after work but sometimes i'm just dead exhausted & brain dead πŸ₯Ή
@xstevenyung @TauriApps Nice! that’s what #buildinpublic is all about man keeping each other accountable :)
#buildinpublic update:

✨ Resync ✨

Auth completed, one step closer to launching MVP within 7 days.

@auth0 really does work wonders!

Look at how little code is required.

Magic πŸͺ„