I have added a new chatbot for midjourney, you can now ask questions about midjourney docs !…

Should I still pursue this side project or move on?

How to generate tarot card images for a side project?

Tried DALE and Stock photo images, DALE is very poor and Stock images are pretty expensive.

Any pointers?

#buildinpublic #tarot
I jumped on the latest trend too, and made a few QR codes for local cafes on Macbook M2 locally using automatica111 !

Happy to share if anyone wants to know the steps to setup locally!

I think should work on the non-AI idea, the last 3 projects have failed miserably!
Don't get me wrong, I learnt a lot but not earning a single $ is a bit disappointing.

I have lost momentum in the last few days, both of my side projects didn't make any money.

I know its a learning, but spending weekends and nights after work on something which doesn't become successful hurts.

Added streaming support to
@LangChainAI supports @vercel serverless edge functions now which makes the chat experience smooth.

Waiting for Palm API now 😀

Don't have any obvious ideas at this point!
Adding lifetime payment option in findrGPT, and found that Stripe only triggers `payment_intent.succeeded` event and not `checkout.session.completed`

I want to launch on product hunt.

Ihave never done that, is there any playbook that I should follow to get the best results like time of day etc?

This weekend I'm improving few things on
1) Render pdf side by side with chat
2) Show page numbers so that users can directly jump onto the specific page.

I'm using @LangChainAI with @pinecone deployed on @vercel
Here is a video of the upload PDF feature of

I have uploaded an Uber receipt and it was able to give me exact answers.

Should I validate the idea first before building more features for ?

I don't have a single paying customer yet.

I was thinking to add PDF rendering as well as navigating to exact page in document

Today I made PDFLoader better so it can answer questions accurately.

Some necessary features in few weeks:

* More options to signIn
* Streaming
* Limited char limit for pdf on a free plan

Can't forget marketing - need to make posts on Reddit and medium. SEO?
Is it possible to store vector embedding locally ? I don't know and doesn't think so.

I use @pinecone to store it.

I work full time and have 2 kids, the max I can spend every week is no more than 8 hours.

How can I make a competing product with full time indie hackers ?

I bought domain suggested by @steventey’s DomainGPT.

Now time to build it.

If you have bought the domain from Cloudflare but deploying it on Vercel, make sure to use SSL/TLS encryption mode to full.