Didn't know HTTP 413 until today - Body exceeded 1mb limit !

Reason: trying to save an base64 image over the wire !

Adding a stripe subscription to nextjs app today.
Let's do it 🤛
I'm contemplating using @supabase instead of @vercel as vercel hobby tier only supports 10 sec timeout.

Any idea @supabase edge functions timeout period?

Talk to Naval Ravikant -…

I have used OpenAI, @pinecone & @LangChainAI

You should be able to query documents/websites using natural language.
Will someone pay for this?
@neondatabase It's been 2 weeks since I raised a support request, and I haven't received any answer yet.

Yes - I'm on the free plan, however, if the support is not quick, why would someone upgrade to Pro ?
Need 1 more follower to reach 100 😀
@LangChainAI streaming response with @vercel's nextjs functions 🤔

I don't think can use edge func because it doesn't support @LangChainAI

However @vercel mentioned a few days back to support streaming in non-edge func.

Doesn't seem to work for me :-(
The weekend was very productive. Learnt about integrating the tech :

- Langchain
- Pinecone

A few ideas that I'm playing around with are
- Create a chatbot for a website
- Integrating zapier with LLM
#buildinpublic #langchain #pinecone
I tried asking GPT about analysing my video,and it does it very well, anyone else tried it ?

Here is response #buildinpublic #OpenAI #GPT
Weekend was fantastic
✅ Workout
✅ Stripe integration
✅Family time

Spent around 5 - 6 hours this weekend to add a new feature and integrate stripe.

Taking mini-steps

Stripe question => I have bank account maintained in Australian dollars, if I accept payment in USD, do I lose more money due to conversion rates ?

Is it good to have one bank account per currency ?

For my app, I got 153 users in less than 90 days, is it good, should I add pricing ?

I have never done this before and thinking if someone might pay for it ?

ControlNet is amazing, I generated this image from another photo of mine, the exact pose, however, my fingers are not accurate.
I'm exploring text2image side of AI now after listening to @dannypostmaa's interview.

How come the same prompt generates vastly different results in lexica vs dreamstudio ?

Left => lexica, right => dreamstudio

People in Australia => why @stripe asks for ACN (Australian Company Number), I'm a solopreneur and don't have ACN, I have TFN and ABN instead.

Integrating stripe for the first time, how to make sure user has paid before showing the results ?

One way is to check on redirected page about session id but sessionId can be invalid. Do I need to validate sessionId with stripe with another api call ?
I have a mad respect for people who work during the day and indie hacking after hours.

Even though its EOD, I need to finish the pending tests in order to achieve a sprint goal.

I need to be more efficient!

Any ideas where AI can be utilised for property investment ?

I see people invest in properties based on banks advice, reading blog posts etc. #buildinpublic
Friday night goal - fix mobile viewing of

Waiting for kids to sleep 😴
Then learn about tailwind and fix ui.

Anyone can give a feedback once I fix ?